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Whose hobby and professionalism in Photography?



Mike wedding photography at church Rome

Most of the professional takes photography as a passionate career in their life. But some of them are best than others. Also there are many photographers who comes in this profession because they love photography as it is the part of hobby. Even i feel great to capture a beautiful and most of the times the feelings of a photographer comes in my mind while doing it as hobby.

In this post, I’m gonna share about a photographer who lives in Rome, the capital city of Italy. And his name is Mike. An outstanding photography expert who has the unique ideas to capture different types of picture in different place according to his clients needs. He is very professional.

You might be thinking why I am telling about Mike and not others? Yes, that’s good question and the answer is I liked his works. He is not only professional but creative who love to photography and his attention and focus to photography are excellent.

Who is Mr. Mike Kire?

Mr. Mike Kire is a professional photographer who lives in Rome, Italy. He is a good wedding photographer. Besides wedding photography he loves to photo-shoot at –

– Wedding photo-shoot;
– Engagement photo-shoot;
– Honeymoon photo-shoot;
– Family photo-shoot;
– Vacation photo-shoot.

He is an excellent wedding photographers with great experience. He has the qualifications which saves explanations.

best photographer in Rome Italy

What Mike can do for you?

If you’re living in any part of the Italy including Rome, you should be grateful to invite him to your wedding or engagement event as a photographer. He would offer you a great wedding photography session, the most well-chosen positions laying emphasis for all your merits, advising ingenious concepts for future snapshots and moving heaven and earth to make the wedding day memorable as the day is long. Destination wedding photography in Italy will definitely make a real high-res day for you.

Why do you need Mike as engagement photographer with artistic vision?

As a wedding photographer he is really a peaceful mind person with both camera and engagement photography (Rome) experience. He is the one, who able to imprint the insensible beauty.

Many people are engaged in photography but only a few manage to create masterpieces that would be in one’s recollection, evoking lively recollections and reproducing ictal positive emotions. Engagement photography requires special skills which Mike has his best to produce a great quality picture in your event / party.

Anyone able to create such photos should be entrusted with iconic memory which is one of the biggest life stories – bringing a new family into the world. He has no margin for errors. He is a great Rome based engagement photographer in Italy who taking occasion forelock on this momentous occasion. I think you should try a session with him and I believe you won’t forget that session ever in your life.

Mike wedding photography at church Rome

Proposal photography would make your pre-wedding day memorable with Mike

To surprise your dearest and loved one, you can ask Mike for a surprise proposal pre-wedding photography session to mark your day memorable. Making a great photo shooting with the best Rome pre-wedding photographer always brings happiness.

Just imagine your loved ones while you looks into her eyes making a surprise proposal while whole of the scene locked by a great pre-wedding photographer of the most romantic city in Italy.

Is that worth of pre-wedding photoshoot?

There are basic qualities for such a photo shoot, which you will remember for the rest of your life. You can ask Mike for the below grades of photo shoot session according to your needs which cost would delight you too.

– Prime grade;
– Individual approach;
– Laid-back communication;
– Nice Italian wedding photographer price.
– Pre wedding photography (Italy) is the part of your love story that will remind about the especial event.

To learn more you can simply visit Photographer in Rome website.


I can say that Mike Kire is a great professional photographer who act as a photographer in different types of photo shoot besides wedding photography. You will be pleased with his works I believe.

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4 Types of Sadqah Every Muslim Should Practice in Ramadan 2019



4 types of Sadqah that all muslim should practice

Sadqah refers to giving charity voluntarily. It means giving something to someone without expecting any reward other than pleasing the Almighty.

It is not mandatory for Muslims to give Sadqah, but it is the righteous duty of all Muslims to make a positive difference in the world. Note that Sadqah doesn’t just involve handing out Ramadan donation or helping the poor, as well as needy, even the simplest of acts such as smiling at someone, removing rocks or thorns from the path, guiding someone on the right way and forgiving people for their mistakes, are also Sadqah.

Following are the four types of Sadqah that every Muslims needs to practice in order to ensure that we promote collective good and help those in need:

Feed the Poor

There’s just something about sustenance that allows it to enable those who have it to lead a good life and those that don’t have it to suffer. You surely would have felt the pangs of hunger in Ramadan when you are fasting, haven’t you? Plus, you would have experienced how one’s emotional and physical well being is adversely affected if we refrain from food for a long time.

Now imagine the conditions of those who have to fight for bits and pieces of food and remain hungry for considerable periods throughout the year. How much pain do they have to go through because of the circumstances that are beyond their control?

By feeding the hungry, you can not only immensely benefit yourself from the rewards that Allah will shower upon you but also aid those who truly are in need. Such is the importance of feeding the ones in need that Prophet (PBUH) said: “He is not a Muslim whose stomach is full while his neighbour goes hungry.” (Muslim)

Give water to the needy

Water is integral, and without it, life cannot sustain. This is precisely why Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best form of charity is to give someone water.” (Ibn Majah)

All of us not only need water for nourishment but also to clean as well as refresh our body and soul. The reality is that there are millions of people around the globe and even in our societies that do not have access to clean drinking water. Therefore, it becomes the duty of those that have the luxury of water and can afford to provide water to help out the ones in need. Note that giving water to human beings as well as to animals and plants is considered Sadqah. Afterall, they are also the creation of Allah who need water to stay alive. So, next time around, don’t even think twice before providing safe and clean water to others.

Help out Orphans

Children are our future. They are the ones who are going to carry our legacy as we did of our ancestors. Hence, they must be encouraged and nurtured so that they can find their unique path to success in life. Remember that children, especially when they are really young are quite susceptible. It is their surroundings and the people around them that shape them and help them develop skills, attributes, and even their attitude that in turn set them up for life.

While parents are solely responsible for their children and they are the ones who take care of all their needs, there are numerous children out there who don’t have the luxury of parental support.
Who should take care of the children who don’t have their parents to look after them, provide for them, groom them, and make them respectable members of the society? Don’t orphans too deserve the benefits that all children who have their parents get?

The points is that Orphans really need our help. Hence, these children should be considered the responsibility of the entire society, and we must all protect them and raise them like we would raise our own children. As Prophet (PBUH) said: “Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer.” (Muslim)

Extend a helping hand to widows

It is not a hidden fact that life can be extremely cruel without one’s partner, primarily when one depends on her partner for financial as well as moral support. Such is the case of most Muslim widows. Once their husbands pass away, they are left alone to suffer both emotionally and financially. With no where to turn to for help, widows
Therefore, if the Muslim Ummah can come together to support widows either by giving handouts or helping train them to get in the job market and even by employing them, then such acts will be greatly rewarded by the Almighty.
Plus, it is not a hidden fact that women bring a diverse skillset and attitude into the workplace that can really come in handy for companies. All that needs to be done is give the widows a chance to prove themselves and the entire community will benefit as a result.

The Takeaway

Sadqah has been given immense importance in Islam so much so that both Allah and Prophet (PBUH) have encouraged it. By giving Sadqah one can not only help promote equality and ensure social welfare but also purify one’s soul and get closer to Allah. What’s even better is that Allah generously rewards all good deeds, which are a foolproof method of attaining His blessings as well as mercy.

It must be pointed out that not everyone is privileged enough and in the worldwide Muslim community, which includes over a billion individuals, many are oppressed and stuck in circumstances that are beyond their control. This is where answering Zakat appeal and generously giving Sadqah comes into the picture. Hence, all Muslims should give Sadqah and act as a beacon of light for as many people as they possibly can. Even a small good deed can make the day of someone or solve someone’s problem. So, don’t think of any good act as small and meaningless. Just go ahead and help others as Allah will in turn help you.

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Tarot Court Card: Tarot Spread for Your Love Partner

A good Tarot Reader never gives false hope or leave a client feeling disturbed,”
― Leslie Anne Franklin.

The personality cards are often referred to as the Tarot court cards. 16 in number these cards are grouped on the basis of similar families.



Tarot Court Card

“A good Tarot Reader never gives false hope or leave a client feeling disturbed,” 
― Leslie Anne Franklin.

The personality cards are often referred to as the Tarot court cards. 16 in number these cards are grouped on the basis of similar families.

As per love tarot card reading for singles, these cards are divided into four groups of four cards each compromising fours of each Queen, King, Pentacles, and Swords.

Each group different of characteristics, but that does not mean that free tarot reading for love life can predict the specific traits of a person but to a certain extent they can provide a substantially accurate idea of the dominant one.

Keep Reading Further to Learn About the Court lover cards for love Reading

The Kings of Tarot cards with the love Potentials

Often considered the top of the deck, the kings are physically and intellectually powerful as per tarot card reading love predictions.

These cards have defined set of preferences, behavior, habits and are highly focused and attentive.

  • Kings of Wands: People falling under this category are highly passionate and attentive. You get irritated easily with a sudden flare-up in your temper; however, that does not last long. Charismatic, strong-willed and assertive, you love trying new things in life.
  • King of Cups: Your open-hearted and gentle nature makes you a thoughtful and sweet personality. Out of your harmful habits, drinking is the most prominent one. You prefer a routine love life and avoid trying anything new.
  • King of Swords: Your authoritative and focused nature makes you a highly sharp and witty person. You are excellent at expressing your emotions and usually end up making lifelong relationships. Depending on the circumstances you can either take or lose control for a better love life.
  • King of Pentacles: You enjoy others company but tend to show-off at times. Working hard and partying harder is one of your life mantras. As a lover, you are highly considerate but have difficulty in displaying your emotions towards your partner.

The Queens of Tarot cards with the love potential

This mainly consists of women of all ages including the married ones and singles. Your energy is highly likable and is reflected with equal intensity.

  • Queen of wands: Your extrovert and aggressive nature make you a big personality. You are destined to be in the spotlight and achieve professional success. If reciprocated well, you can become a loyal friend, and as a lover, you are highly passionate and romantic.
  • Queens of cups: Loving, creative, good listener and attentive are few of your prominent characteristics. Your decisions are usually based on how you feel rather than being rational. Your emotional quotient helps you connect easily with people around you.
  • Queen of Swords: With your intellectual and perspective nature you are not readily available for everyone, but those who can cross the walls will discover your true nature, often loving and well-balanced. As a lover, you are exceptionally needy.
  • The Queen of Pentacles: You are highly practical and helpful in nature. At work you are one of the strongest support pillars and are highly reliable. You make a pragmatic and enthusiastic lover with a particular inclination towards your sexual needs.

The Knights of Tarot cards with the love potentials

As per, free love tarot reading, this category comprises of single men in their twenties/thirties.

  • Knight of Wands: Highly liberated and lusty, the knight of wands cannot be faithful to anyone and are always seen jumping from one relationship to another. Well, like a lover you desire for each and everything, but at times you go way ahead.
  • Knight of cups: You are the most romantic types of all. For you, a good impression always helps in building a long-lasting and sustainable relationship. You are both adventurous and tender.
  • Knight of Swords: Characterized by your impulsive nature, you will fall in love very quickly and will come out of it even more rapidly. As per free love tarot, you will have a series of romantic relationships, but if you learn to apply breaks, things might turn in your favor.
  • Knight of Pentacles: Believed to be the sexiest of all court cards, you enjoy a natural inclination towards sex. Your ruling element earth makes you a highly dependable, faithful and loyal lover. He always ensures doing things which makes you happy and content.

Tarot pages and their love potential

This category usually comprises of young individuals who have just started to learn about their love potentials.

  • Page of Wands: You have just started with your journey of romantic adventures and are enjoying it thoroughly. However, as a lover, you are always seen hopping from one relationship to another so be sure of your choices before you get into a relationship with them.
  • Page of Cups: Mostly virgins, you are never in a hurry when in a relationship, and choose your partners very cautiously. Your emotional and immature nature makes you quite nervous. Try and learn to be confident to experience a fruitful relationship.
  • Page of Swords: Being the most logical, you think rationally before starting a relationship. You know what exactly you want and choose your partner very wisely. However, your young age put you on the trendy-edge with low experience.
  • Page of Pentacles: With your common-sense, you are the most likable partner. You ensure that everything is in place before you get involved in a potential relationship. You are quite enthusiastic, but patience will help you go a long way, feels your free tarot reading for love life.
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A complete guide to understanding the eligibility and process to get a residence visa in UAE

There are a lot of ways in which you are eligible to apply for a residency visa in UAE. If you are planning a company formation in UAE, you are eligible to apply for residency visa as well. But there are a few other ways also in which you can apply for a residency visa and get it in time.



the eligibility and process to get a residence visa in UAE

A complete guide to get a residence visa in UAE

Everyone out there is looking for a good lifestyle. Somewhere you can have all the facilities and live peacefully. But the sad part about the good places to live in be that they are very expensive, this act as a bifurcation allowing only the rich people to have a more comfortable lifestyle. But one of the countries who is developed and is welcoming for people all around the world is UAE. It has all the resource, good infrastructure and everything that appeals a person providing him with every necessity of life. This influx of people around the world into UAE may be motivated by a number of reasons. But most important reason of them all is that they have established a business in UAE.

Living where your business work is very easy and convenient, that is why people are moving to UAE not only for the business but also the good living conditions. That is why it is important for all the free zone company owners to understand what they are supposed to do in order to get residence visa both for themselves and their family as well. Because if you have a business in some other country you cannot live in your own land away from your company, and if you are to live in some other land you must bring in your family as well to avoid any difficulties in your life. Having said that, let us now start considering how we are supposed to get a residence visa for UAE and what are the important things that are to be done by the people living in other countries.

Having a job in UAE

There are a lot of ways in which you are eligible to apply for a residency visa in UAE. If you are planning a company formation in UAE, you are eligible to apply for residency visa as well. But there are a few other ways also in which you can apply for a residency visa and get it in time. These include the conditions where you have a job in UAE. If you have a job in UAE then you are allowed to have residence over there as well. As far as bringing family is concerned you can only think about doing that if you earn enough to feed them. No developed countries allow people from other countries get in their land unless they have some means to support them. If you have someone who has a good salary and is able to feed you, you can apply for residency visa as well.

Studying in UAE

Another way to apply for UAE residency visa is to get enrolled in one of the colleges or universities over there. Every country has special flexibility in laws for the students who want to come in their land and study. UAE has one of the best education systems because of the large investments they make in their education sector. But there is one thing that makes the pursuit of education in UAE somewhat difficult. It is the language barrier for the students. Since people from diverse back grounds come into the country, their languages differ and this makes it difficult for them to pursue education. But if you have the language of requirement then you do not have to fear. Apply for an admission and soon you will get the residency visa as well.


Being a freelancer might not sound as a career to many people but it is something that can make you rich in a small period of time. The need for different services is increasing day by day and the service providers have a lot of scope. Many free lancers are preferred because they work better than their counterparts and also they have lesser rates. This is reason enough for UAE to encourage people to work as a freelancer in their land.

This freelancing is not an unchecked business either. There are permits and licenses that you have to obtain before you start working full time as a freelancer. And as soon as you get the permit or license you will be able to apply for a residency visa as well. This is another option for the people who are looking to move to UAE in future. Start a small scale freelance career and as soon as you can, apply for the license and then the residence permit. It is a very easy way to get started.

Business owner

This one is quite clear for anyone who wants to apply for a residency visa. UAE welcomes the investors with open arms and it is easier for them to get a residence permit as well. There are many business options that you can choose. There are people who look out for business setup services in Dubai. This makes UAE not only the best location to work in but also to live in as well.

If you are a business owner or have a partnership in any company in UAE, you are eligible to apply for a residency visa. You can even bring in your family too because it is allowed for the businessmen who hold good businesses in UAE. You would be able to provide them with a better life style and everything would come out easily for you. This is probably the easiest easy way to get a residence visa in UAE.

Buying property

If you have property in UAE there is no way that you cannot get a residence visa for yourself. You have to make sure that the property that you own must be more than AED 1 million and then you are good to go. As soon as you own this property you can apply for residency and you’ll get it soon enough. It is easier and convenient than all other options.

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