Echo (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa


When the first Amazon Echo was launched in November 2015, we were very surprised with what it could do and even thought it was something strange and futuristic. And here we are two years later, in October of 2017 talked about Alexa more than ever. Clearly, this device is here to stay and that’s why it’s not surprising that the Seattle Company has updated its horn.

Now, developers and companies are working hard to include skills and connect Alexa with other smart systems for home.

There is even a multitude of Echo devices: the Echo Dot, Echo Look, Echo Show, Echo Plus and Echo Spot. And they clearly set a trend, because companies like Google are now developing their own versions of these speakers.

And now, Amazon decided to update the first device they launched, the Echo. The new version is called Amazon echo 2nd generation, it is a smart speaker with Alexa.
We were able to try the new Amazon Echo 2nd generation and it was marvelous. This article is going to be about Amazon echo products review.


Smaller and prettier

The new Amazon Echo 2nd generation has 4 buttons at the top instead of two. One pair to raise or lower the volume, another to wake it up and a room to turn the microphone on or off.

However, one of the key and most notable differences of this new version is that the new Amazon Echo 2nd generation is smaller and prettier. The first generation was something big and not pretty. Definitely, it was not something you wanted to have as part of the decoration of your home. The tone was reduced by almost half.

But the new device comes in several styles and colors that you can choose yourself: light gray, dark gray, white, oak and walnut. One thing we really liked is that the case can be easily changed so that you adapt it better to the decoration of your home. If one day you prefer that your Echo has a wooden look , you simply have to change the case and that’s it. Each one costs between $ 19.99 and $ 29.99 on Amazon.



The configuration is the same as other Echo devices: you must download the Alexa application on your cell phone, connect the smart speaker with Alexa and also to the power and follow the instructions in the app to complete the configuration of the device. You must connect your Echo to the Wi-Fi of your home and from there personalize it by adding your geographical location, the sports teams you follow or the personalization of the news.

While the Google Assistant only asks you in the settings to say “Ok Google” and “Hey Google”, Alexa will ask you to say 10 different commands, including voice commands to make purchases.

To connect to other smart devices in your home, simply go to the application menu and add them from there. It is a new feature called “routines” and in it, you can create groups of devices such as the security sensor of your door and the light of the room and so, if you say “Alexa Good Night” (Alexa, good night), she will turn off the light and activate the sensor.



Regarding Alexa Calling, we noticed that our caller had better sound when we called from the first generation Echo, but the cancellation of background sound is better in the new Amazon Echo 2nd generation. With respect to the audio, we thought it was better in the old Echo than in the new one.

The new voice recognition feature is something software and not hardware, but as we wanted to compare it with the Google Assistant, we tested it and Alexa did an excellent job in determining who was talking and the most remarkable thing is that it not only gave answers (Personalized) that your answers were based on questions we had previously asked, which shows that the assistant becomes more intelligent as you interact with her.



We tested both Echo, both old and new Amazon Echo 2nd generation in the same room, side by side. The new Amazon Echo 2nd generation is not as good as the previous one in audio. The old man had a more marked bass and was more relaxed in the middle range. The new Amazon Echo 2nd generation has less bass but the treble is more prominent. So the higher the volume, the more distortion there is. If you are interested in the audio, it is better that you do not change the old Echo for the new one.

The advantage is that it has a direct connection for speakers, so if you already have a good speaker, it is easy to connect it with the Echo.



The new Amazon Echo 2nd generation comes with a one-year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. You have the option to buy an additional two or three year warranty.



We like that now the Amazon Echo 2nd generation is cheaper and compact but we were disappointed with the quality of the sound. The new Amazon Echo 2nd generation may however become a more popular device.



You can change the housing
Alexa is updated
Direct connection for horn



The sound of the call deteriorates in the new Echo
The quality of the sound deteriorated

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