What is the Quora Digest? Is Quora safe?

What is the Quora Digest? Is Quora safe?

What is Quora?

Quora is a platform to ask questions and get answered by others. It is a place to share your knowledge and meanwhile answering the questions for others. People ask the question to clear their doubts in Quora and others answered to help and clear your doubts. So basically there are many quality answers and insights contributed against the questions make by others.

What is Quora

Now you know what actually Quora does mean for you. So now I’ll let you know the exact meaning of what is the Quora digest and how does it works.

There are more than 7 answers against the question picked by us in Quora. And it does mean something that you all already know. But I want to ensure you what is the Quora digest all about here –

What is the Quora Digest?

The Quora Digest is one kind of feature which means an email sent from Quora to its existing users who already have a verified account with them and would like to opt-in to receive notifications that contain a set of questions picked for the individual user according to their interest in Quora. The answers are hand-picked with a mix of programmatically generated questions content from globally popular topics.

In the meanwhile, I can say that the Quora Digest is one of the methods where Quora sent a daily email containing a set of questions with an answer.

In another way, The Quora Digest is sent to every individual Quora user who has signed up to it. And who interested to get answered for their questions or who has an intention to follow up the questions they are looking to make a quality answer to promote their business creating a backlink to their website for Quora referral traffic.

Is Quora safe

Is Quora Safe?

My dear friend, Quora is super safe and there is no doubt of that. If you are a new blogger or affiliate marketing individual who would like to promote your website instantly or sell your product then this is an awesome platform to be picked by creating the best quality answer and linking your affiliate or website link. This is a super-duper website for referral traffic and fully safe.

The Bottom Line

I would highly recommend for each and every blogger and affiliate marketer to choose Quora and spend time to understand why it is the best and safe platform to prepare to write an answer while driving traffic to your website or sales page to get leads. Quora is one of the best platforms for sharing and gain knowledge. Quora is my first choice while Yahoo Answers also is good too.

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