Ways To Successful Advertise Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Ways To Successful Advertise Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Ways To Successful Advertise Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

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You already know that affiliate marketing can generate a good income for your household. But, you can’t just choose an affiliate and start selling. You have to advertise the product you’re an affiliate marketer for. How do you do this?


Email Marketing

Most people don’t realize it just yet, but email marketing is the gift that keeps on giving. But, in order for success to be had with email marketing, you need to have a list of subscribers to send emails to. You can do this by offering an opt-in option for your blog or website. Entice people to sign up, offering them a free e-book, monthly newsletter, percentage off coupons, etc.

You want them to provide you with their email address. As the list grows, you have more prospective customers to entice with your emails. Don’t send them too many emails though, as this can lead to their unsubscribing. You also don’t want to promote your product in every single email you send them, as it will also have negative consequences.

The idea is to build a rapport with them and subtly encourage them to purchase the product.


Create a Tools Page

A tools page is where you list the tools used (or the products/services you’ve experienced firsthand). With this page, your visitors can quickly see what you have on hand, without it looking like a shopping page. You list the item using a link and have a short review about it.


Use Bonuses

If you really want to gain a person’s business, consider giving them the affiliate offer along with another bonus item if they purchase. This could be a discount of some sort or another product you don’t mind giving away. Consider thinking outside the box to entice your visitors to become customers. With handsome commission payouts, you have some wiggle room to offer such benefits to your visitors (and yourself).


Use Banners

Add banners to your blog or website, putting them in the header, footer, sidebar or content. Affiliate products often have two banner ads that let you choose a promote that you want to promote. Banners see the highest click-through rates for any ads or promotion created.

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