WaIoT – smart IoT no flooding system

If you’re a home owner and wants to make sure that your home stay secure while you’re on vacation at long distance from home then you should use Internet of Things (IoT) things for no flooding system.

What is WaIot?

WaIot is an IoT based home automation service for the intelligent management of water supply start-up by E-labor@ Srls. It is an innovative start-up that operates in the data processing, information & communication technology services sector.

It is a start-up home automation that has store in the official WaIoT website where they sell smart home products. They’ve available WaIoT Full Kit for home management system which can be purchased from store. Also they’re going to launch more product soon.

WaIoT Full Kit

Products included till launch are:

1. Basic Kit v 1.0.
2. Smart Power Outlet.
3. WaIoT FlowStop.

Together it calls WaIoT Full Kit.

How does WaIoT works?

Installling WaIoT home automation system in your home make sure for maximum security and savings related to the absence of damage by flood. It only connects the FlowStop module to your hydraulic line downstream of the main meter and hub to your internet router.

WaIoT – no flooding system based on Internet of Things

If you’re travelling thousands kilometers far from your home and feeling insecure for home because of flood then no need to be worried. WaIoT will be at your support as it is always connected to the internet to ensure maximum security.

WaIoT make sure that they learn more about you and know how to behave and what about your concerned. They contact you directly on the app and ask you some questions related your concerned to understand your organization and what decision it must take in these conditions.

We all know that water can be more dangerous when it flows without any control from a broken pipe or an unclamped tap in an apartment or office or home.

There are two fundamental causes of losses, which can be caused of damage if not properly detected and contrasted which are:

– losses from broken gaskets;
– breakage of dilapidated or defective pipes;

When a building flooded, a home or office owner expectedly spend thousands of Euros to cope up for necessary repairs. A simple analysis conducted on the US market gives the following estimates have been proposed:

– Restoring floors and / or parquet;
– Restoration of plasterboard coverings;
– Basement damage and flooding;
– Renovation of the bathroom facilities.
– Exploded tubing replacement.

To get the quotation for above proposal, contact WaIoT.eu

How to find the best WaIoT configuration for your home?

WaIoT has the system which is compatible with all systems, brands and types of water meters. It is possible to choose between various WaIoT configurations, choosing to control only the water flow up to monitor the energy absorption of your appliances.


WaIoT – the no flooding system – is an intelligent based IoT anti-flooding system that works for you.

WaIoT has the best solution to avoid extra large expenses to implement protection for your home, apartment or office. I would recommend WaIoT as one of the good rated start-up home automation service provider that ensure your maximum security and savings on demand basis.

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