Vilo Video App Review: Earn Over 50 Thousands Rupees Every Month – Scam or Legit?

Vilo Video App Review: Earn Over 50 Thousands Rupees Every Month – Scam or Legit?

Are you confused reading this post title? Thinking how it is possible to earn over 50 thousands rupees every month? Also thinking, Is this app legit or will do scam? Anyway you’re in right place to know the truth.

In this blog post review, I’m gonna explain you more about Vilo Video App, how does it works and how to earn 50 thousands Rupees or equal amount of other currency like dollars each month and whether it is legit or scam. Don’t leave here guys something great are waiting for you so read till the end.

Vilo Video App Review: What is Vilo Video App?

Vilo Video is a funny video clip and status app which can be found on Google Play Store. This is an entertainment based app developed by Mili news and founded by Jilo App. Denish Ardeshana is the developer of Vilo Video App & Jilo App is the owner. He has developed two more apps but this app is my favorite one created by him.

How does Vilo Video App works?

Vilo Video App is a funny & Status app that offers you collection of amazing & viral videos for entertainment. Watching these videos & referring your friends you can collect points, which can be redeemed for cash. There is no limit of earnings.

How do I earn money with Vilo Video App?

You can earn money watching each video completely. Each video will get you 5 points (some videos more).

There are one other way you can make money with Vilo video app and that is make Joining till 10 level. Refer your friends and get 300 points instantly and earn 15% commissions from first level only. You can work till 10th level, once you reach and all of your friends become active you will earn over 50 thousands rupees or equal money each month. In first level, you will have 1000 joining under your refer.

As example:

You will receive 10% from second level, Refer minimum 10000 by team.
7% from 3rd level, Refer minimum 1 lakh by team.
5% from 4th level, Refer minimum 10 lakh by your team.
2% from 5th level, Refer minimum 1 caror by your team.
1% from 6th level, Refer minimum 10 caror by your team.
0.50% from 7th level, Refer minimum 100 caror by your team.
0.25% from 8th level, Refer minimum 1000 caror by your team.
0.10% from 9th level, Refer minimum 10000 caror by your team. &
0.05% from 10th and final level. Refer minimum 1 lakh caror by your team.

If you can reach the 10th level and all of your referral activities remain or stay continued then you will earn daily 108,36,49,500 coins that means your daily income will be 2,167,299 Rupees (USD 30342.32 Dollar, BDT 2547480.72 Taka) per day. You can refer unlimited and earnings are not limited too.

It is very difficult to reach that level if you work alone but possible if you work like a team. If you want to join under me then use 66085 this referral code.

Now, you may be knows why I titled my post as over 50 thousands per month while per day it is possible to make money online. If you’re not ready to do hard work then it is impossible to earn 1 Rupees also.

How do I withdraw money? And what is the minimum amount threshold required to request for payment?

There are three payment processor at the moment they’re supporting to withdraw the payment which is Paytm (for Indian user only), PayPal (Only for out of India user, & Bitcoin (for all user).

You can redeem points into cash once you reach the minimum threshold of 10000 coins equal to 100 Rupees or $1.50 or 150 Bangladeshi Taka.

Why Vilo Video App pays you?

Vilo video App owner / developer earns money from Google AdSense and Paid Ads through their traffic activity over the App. And they’re paying us the small amount from it for our contribution.

Is Vilo Video App Scam or Legit?

There are many payments proof available online from reliable and trusted sources. You can simply search on Google about Vilo Video App payment proof and you will get hundreds of proof.

Few other things you should keep in mind while working online and that is nobody will pay you without any work. Even there are a lot of scammers around the world wide web you should be careful of.

So we can say that Vilo Video App is not a scam. It is legit company and you can work on it.

Download Vilo Video App here and Register now.

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