Valentine’s Day Special: What is True Love?

Happy Valentine’s day 2020: What does True Love means?

When True Love calls

It is not every day that you hear about true love. The world today is filled with a lot of love stories, but most of them are sans love. Love sure is turning rare by the day and true love definitely is seen in 1 out of 100 cases. Forget about love in the sense of romance, love is being ripped from other relationships as well like parents, siblings, and even Mother’s love is losing its sheen.

So what is true love

So What is true love?

Imagine Romeo and Juliet ready to die for each other, or for that matter Shiri and Farhad, who thought of embracing death than living without each other. True love is sacrifice or rather seeing or doing everything to see the other person happy, in simplistic terms. Loving selflessly without any motive would be one way of putting it.

And how do we really feel love is becoming rare when every corner is filled with a love story? Well, love stories are countless, but the love is gone, in a week’s time, forget lasting for a lifetime. And what’s more mobile phones have taken over other forms of love as well, a mother-child for example. A mother no longer feels that calling for her child, in front of the mobile calling. A wife is more interested in a date with her mobile than her husband who incidentally shares the same feeling. At least their feelings match on some subject otherwise most of the time, its about arguments and ego battles headed towards a dead end.

Valentines day special

Valentine – a day, celebrating love – 14th Feb, Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated with soaring emotions for its promise of providing true love. Also called Saint Valentine’s Day honors one or two early saints who were named Valentinus.

Valentine’s Day is a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of love in many parts of the world. There are numerous stories of martyrdom which also includes impeachment of Saint valentine from Rome as he performed weddings of soldiers who were forbidden to marry. In essence, the world acknowledges this Saint’s efforts to unite people in love. Although there have been many Valentines after that. Christian martyrs were named Valentine.

And the world celebrates this day mostly as a romance or love of a man and a woman. Boyfriend-girlfriend, wife-husband, or just potential couples testing their waters. All in all its love for the opp. sex. And many a time, the underlying purpose of this love is not as pure as Saint Valentine may have wanted it to be.

This is mainly because we are turning materialistic by the day and social media and mobiles are hitting us hard. People are turning into self-obsessed zombies. It’s strange how much can one love his own self- turns out endless. Have you seen people changing their DPs every hour or Instagram posts several times a day with a new avatar of that same person? Well, there you have a SOZ. So what makes people so self-obsessed, in fact to such an extent that you cannot see anybody?

Well, it is the time I believe, the time has turned every one to prioritize themselves over everything else. As warned by our ancestors and Masters, here comes the terrible Yuga where relationships will vanish in thin air. Although all is not lost and we still have those who are holding on their values firmly and believe in the power of humanity, they might be less in number but they surely are.

Love these days is all fake or rather need-based

Love these days is all fake or rather need-based
Photo by Cheewit Dtit App from Pexels

And in these commercial times, this day has gained all the more important due to the potential to lure customers. And these customers are more often than not our fairer sex buddies. The ones who are a big market for almost every product out there.

So this day sees every outlet glorifying love and red reigns supreme. If this is just it, it’s still okay, but it doesn’t stop here. The glorification has reached an extreme end. Where even school-going children have fallen in this trap.

And what’s more, this is the time, when young boys and girls go all out to attract each other, sometimes to way more than they are supposed to. This has almost turned into an official meeting ground for all the couples. The ones married are out there with cakes and bouquets for their loved ones. While it’s lovely to express your love, but not when it’s more of compulsion or just a date that you are supposed to abide.

So what are we missing here?

Valentine's Day Special: What is True Love?

The main point that is missed in this whole red drama, is its celebrating love as a universal feeling. Not just the man and woman thing. Your first love, your parents deserve this day the most, then your children, your friends, siblings all are bound by this wonderful feeling. So why leave them out? In fact, Love for God should be the first in the list above. The one who has given us this beautiful life in this wonderful world deserves the first mention and then the rest. Thankfully people are waking up to the true meaning of this day and finding ways to celebrate this day differently. There are some communities who celebrate their friendships, some propagate celebration the day in honor for their parents, some have renamed the day to “True love day” dedicated to every creation of God out there!

True Love Day it is!

And out of all the different versions we love the last one the most. Why? Well, why not? Why not dedicate the day to God and to every creation of God. And this way every relationship is included on its own. And one kind of gets reminded of God’s gifts in his life in the form of these wonderful people or other creations like pets etc one has in his life. And the organization celebrating the day as “True Loveday” is Dera Sacha Sauda, a socio-religious organization based in Sirsa, Haryana. And the Master Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has been the mind behind this version. And considering that all the followers are called “premise”, or lovers of God and humanity, this is just another day.

True Love Day it is
Photo by Tristan Le from Pexels

So guys and gals, agreed that you want to make the most of this day, and not let anybody ruin your plans by mentioning rules or even mentioning anybody else than the one you are thinking about. But remember, your life is complete because of all these “other” relationships and friends and so keep them in your memory on this day too and most importantly keep your parents in your loop. You are the result of their prayers and this very moment they are praying for your well being whether you are with them or not. Remember this always, and you shall always know the right thing to do. Love all universally and this will be a true celebration of this day. Hand over a rose to every person in your life, who has made your life beautiful with their presence.


Better still, Love selflessly and truly. Keep fake out and every day of your life shall turn into Valentine’s day. Isn’t that wonderful? So Go ahead and embrace life with True love.

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