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Technological developments have resolved and continue to face many pressing issues. We are all surrounded by technology and we have drastically changed our everyday life, making it easier, better and easier. Technology has not only been responsible for improving things, but also for some of the great challenges facing the world.

Today it is surrounded by smart devices. These technological miracles are getting better every day. Devices are becoming smarter and we need better platforms and architectures to effectively support digital transformation. To make the most of and contribute to technology, it is always good to follow the latest trends and predictions in this area.

Some of our suggestions have not been used often, others may be ready to go. What we are really looking for is a technology or perhaps even a collection of technologies that will have a significant impact on our lives.

Some of our suggestions have not been widely used, others may be ready to go. What we are really looking for is a technology or perhaps even a collection of technologies that will have a significant impact on our lives.

For those who love technology, it was a bit down. Although we should not turn our backs on the challenges of the information age, it is understandable to cherish a few things that simply make you say, “That’s pure!” It is easy to hope to see something that dazzles you so ambitious that in a decade it could just be unbelievable.


Computer aiding photography

When I say computational photography, I use it to refer to the wide range of ways in which engineers work with software to improve digital cameras. Large high-tech sensors and fine-grained glass glass surfaces are not at risk of being replaced when it comes to the best possible reception. But software solutions allow new techniques and continually improve small affordable cameras.

Apple and Samsung use software (and dual lenses) to create extraordinary depths in their phones, and even great directors such as Steven Soderbergh and Michel Gondry have decided to shoot with iPhone this year.

Meanwhile, the Google Pixel 2 camera received our recommendation for superior HDR processing, incorporating a wealth of AI features in the camera software that will be more useful. And Andy Rubin’s main phone has consumed a lot of energy for his dull camera, but software updates have helped him over the past few months to improve it.


Self-driving cars

Talking about self-driving cars has been around for so long that it’s almost banal. Nobody seemed to be interested in the fact that Waymo had officially left the test riders behind the wheels of his auto-driving in Arizona in November. This is a big deal. Waymo launches a self-service taxi service on the outskirts of Phoenix. For real!

Making these things public, Tesla insists that the automatic pilot feature, which offers limited self-determination capabilities, will be ready to move from California to New York soon. This means that the owners of Tesla already have a self-propelled car because the company just wants to send a software update.


Increased Reality / Mixed Reality

Virtual reality has not recovered in 2017, as some hope. He is not yet dead and Oculus hopes to bring more people to the VR with a stand-alone handset that costs $ 200 next year.

However, its isolation, lack of eye tracking and the tendency to cause nausea are important obstacles to be addressed. Mixed Reality is much more interesting than it wants to incorporate virtual objects and experiences into the real world, solving many VR problems and offering different possibilities. In 2017, we have made further progress in this area.



Adobe is the most exciting technology company that some people find exciting. Quickly, try to call the Adobe CEO. You can not do it. But Adobe has dramatically changed our world. Without Photoshop, Twitter would not be as interesting, and Premiere was at the forefront of consumer editing software, allowing YouTube’s stupid stars to publish two videos a day. Adobe products have also been used for good things I can not remember right now.

Technologies, as well as industries and markets, have reached new levels in 2017. Whether smartphones, data security or artificial intelligence – there has been significant progress and progress in technology. But that’s not all, as it can be a turning point for bigger things.

Although it is difficult to make future forecasts, some indicators last year can help us give an idea of ​​what we will hold in 2018. Below we have made the latest technological forecasts that will surely change the course of the world.


Foldable Smartphones

While the frameless displays were on display in 2017, 2018 will see a major innovation in mobile devices with foldable smartphones. Such phones with foldable displays will allow designers and scientists to innovate beyond imagination.

Smartphones become more compact and portable when folded. There are already rumors that Samsung will release such a foldable device this year.


Internet of Things (IoT) & Blockchain Revolution

In 2018, the use of mobile devices will increase to manage smart devices and smart devices such as smart doors, smart locks and smart cars with your smartphones. The data explosion, which is automatically associated with IoT, makes 5G a must for mobile service providers.

Blockchains, which have gained popularity over the past year, will be the focus of attention in 2018. Although cryptocurrency is supported by decentralized digital leaders, the prediction is that their real value in other areas will be visible alongside the growth of the digital currency.

In addition, blockchain impact will expand and transform the Internet of Things, reducing the risk of hacking as data is stored across a chain of millions of computers.computers.

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