Top 5 Data Entry Online Jobs Websites in 2020

Top 5 Data Entry Online Jobs Websites in 2020

Online data entry jobs are a method of income source amongst all other types of jobs available online. If you are one of them looking for a part-time or full-time home-based data entry job seeker who will be fulfilling your needs can post your available job opportunity requirements on these listed websites. These websites basically work as a medium between freelancers and employers.

In this post, I’m going to tell you the top 5 data entry online jobs that pay weekly via PayPal. And I am ensuring you that you will be benefited if you learn more about these data entry jobs online.

Top 5 Data Entry Online Jobs Websites that Pay via PayPal

Here are the top 5 best data entry online jobs websites listed below that pay you via popular online electronic payment gateway PayPal. Let’s dive into it –

Data Entry Online Jobs
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1. Clickworker

The first one is Clickworker where you get paid to do all kinds of data entry type stuff images categorization, tagging, you have spreadsheet type stuff, you have things involving maybe Google Docs, you have surveys product data management, web research all kinds of stuff, etc.

They have all kinds of different things that you can do as you can find there in some of the categories that they have and they pay you for all kinds of small tasks. Usually, each task will not take you very long and you get paid via PayPal or you can get paid as part of a single euro payments area if that applies to you with a valid bank account.

As far as how often you get paid after seven days of the assignments being completed. So weekly that you get paid that next week after you complete the assignments. So make sure you are in the right country as they have the US and Germany on the list only.

What you want to do is click earn money as a click worker. You can read more about it they have an app as well that you can check out on the Google Play Store and iTunes as well where you can check up on your jobs, get your payments done, and all of that through the apps.

And again some of the things they do web research, app testing, photography proofreading all kinds of data entry, and easy type of work.

2. OneSpace

The second choice of mine is OneSpace. You can go through the process of getting approved in start working with OneSpace website that lets you get paid via PayPal at least weekly.

To do data entry type work in one space and again this is a place where they have all kinds of micro tasks type jobs just like Clickworker. They have data entry writing research categorization all kinds of stuff you get paid via PayPal after your tasks have been reviewed and completed.

You can get paid within one to seven business days after completing each task. So you can get paid faster than a week that’s just a very maximum amount of time. It can take is seven days so you can kind of go through on their website and see what they have available as far as what kind of stuff they’d offer.

It’s very similar to that type of stuff that you find on you can sign up at quirk station for careers or work station for freelancers. If you’re looking for work you can apply.

3. Figure-Eight is another website which used to be known as CrowdFlower. You can get a type of data entry stuff as a contributor just like many of these others. You’d be like an independent contractor where you are kind of like a freelancer. You work when you have a chance you take jobs when you have a chance and you get paid via PayPal.

They have daily checklists of different tasks that you can do and they do pay week and to sign up you can just scroll down to where it says here to the task and then you can sign up there where it says here to task under the social media icons in the bottom right of the page.

You can also go to and click sign up now or see how it works they also have all that stuff on there for you then you just create your account. They have frequently asked questions and all of that.

4. Sigtrack

Sigtrack is another online job website for data entry job seekers to work from home and get paid via PayPal. They do require you to prove that you’re in the US and also they do require dual monitors windows 7 pro 8.1 plus or Mac OS 10 point 11 plus to get started. So pretty much the latest Windows or Mac operating system 20-megabyte internet speed is OK.

If you need to test that for free you can go to just click Go button and it will test your internet speed and then you can also you know just check your plan on your bill and you should be able to have at least 20 MB internet speed that’s fairly common especially in the US which they require you to be in the US.

They pay you weekly via PayPal and your earnings get split with accuracy verifiers so obviously you need to do a good job. The better you do the more money you’ll make.

You have spreadsheet type stuff you have word processing and that’s pretty much what it is you’ll be an independent contractor that helps process voter registrations petitions those types of things are what you’ll be working on most. So you can just go straight to and click getting started and then you can walk through the process of doing that.

5. Microworkers

My all-time favorite website for data entry online job is called which is very similar to something like quick workers where people post all kinds of tasks that you can do that have to do with data entry micro-tasking, data categorization, research images all that kind of stuff.

So you have all of these different things I’m about to tell you. You have product comparison landing pages, image annotations, match companies transcribe, image quality ratings. All these different things you can do there pretty much that’s this type of stuff that they offer. So people will post jobs but you can accept different jobs and you can get paid via PayPal once you complete them and do a good job.

And of course, you get paid weekly as well and you all you need is a ten dollar payout threshold. So really to be
technical you do need to hit that threshold within a week to be paid weekly but you should be able to do that no problem with you know one or two of these tasks a week. So they have all of these different things that I’m telling you.

They have all these different types of tasks that you can do and you know if these kinds of things are what you want to do this easy type of work then you can sign up at and you can just do that at the very top of the page before it says register.

The Bottom Line

As far as a typing test goes you may need that as well so just make sure that if something has to do with transcribing stuff using a lot of spreadsheets those types of things your word per minute typing speed is something you may need to know. So go to if you want to do that just click how long of a test you’re going to take, what you’re going to type, and then click start typing test.

You can get a free score on what your work permit typing speed is and your accuracy usually companies want something like 50 words per minute typing speed and about 95 percent or higher accuracy.

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