Top 5 Companies Pay You To Chat Flirt and Text Online

Hey guys, What’s up!! You must have heard about online work from home job opportunities where you’re required to sign up and get paid for each task done. Some of you’ve already earned handsome money online, some of you still searching for a good work from home opportunity.

If you’re still looking for an online income source where you can earn money while chatting, flirting and texting then you’re in right place where I’m gonna list about top 5 companies that wants to pay you to chat, flirt and text.

So let’s talk about these companies or website where you will be paid for chat with men and women sure. If you’re interested then read more…

Websites or Companies that pays to chat and flirt online

If you’re ready to make money with these websites and companies by funny way while flirting and enjoying chatting with men or seeking for an emotional void then you must join on these following companies listed below.

1. GetChat

GetChat is a social network based Android and iOS app that allows user to chat and text throughout their platform while making good amount of money. It is easy and simple to use. If you do like work from home opportunity like this then you can start immediately.

You simply need to download the official GetChat App from their website. Register and Log in via app and start chatting and calling your friends to make money.

There is some demographical restriction to earn money with GetChat. Use VPN if you’re outside of USA, UK and Europe. You will be get paid via PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, you can create one on

2. Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is an online chat service with men that allows women to make a phone call and text messaging while getting paid for this. It also offers webcam chats for you who are pretty much comfortable with video call chat.

You’re your own boss there. You’d get paid only when you do any of these above mentioned task. If you don’t want then you’re free to not to do. If you’re from UK and Europe then you can participate to earn decent money while making phone or video call with men. Mainly this task is only for women.

This company pays $2 for every minute you spend while chatting and flirting. You will be paid through direct deposit and bank transfer only. Interested? Join here,

3. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks, probably the most popular chat website that allows men and women to flirt or date on their platform while women earn decent amount of money for every minute they spend with men.

If you’re a men and seeking for emotional peace and void while chatting with women then this website would be best choice for you.

To earn good money from FlirtBucks you should maintain following skills:

– Good conversational skills while doing fun.
– Typing skills and free to talk about anything.

However, if you’re women and want to earn money doing chatting or having fun, you should be at least 18 years old.

This company pays through PayPal only and you can withdraw twice per month. Interested? Join here,

4. DreamLover

DreamLover is an online dating website /or company that allows participants to chat and flirt. They are mainly focusing on women who acts like models and can send photos through text messaging. But you don’t need to worry because you will be not forced to send your own photos.

Here you are your own boss and nobody force you to do anything against your privacy. If you want to earn enough money then you have to spend enough time. DreamLover allows women who are at least 18 years old and the good thing is anyone from all around the world can participate on their platform.

You will be paid via PayPal only.

5. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund, this is another chat website that allows women to chat with men for extra money. You can simply work from home while doing chat and making your men feel loved.

Men are looking for women on MyGirlFund, who they’ve found online will do chat and women earn money spending time via chatting, flirting with men.

This website prohibits you from revealing your personal information so privacy is guaranteed. You will be paid via PayPal.

Final Words

Want to work from home and get paid while doing fun without any kind of investment? Then I would recommend you to start immediately to earn money working comfortably from your home. There are so many ways possibly anyone can earn money online but you will be paid decent amount of money while working on these companies. Don’t waste your time just move on forward to get your live expenses.

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