Top 3 Tips to Grow a Six Figure Creative Business

Top 3 Tips to Grow a Six Figure Creative Business

Hey friend, If you’re an artist-designer photographer even any type of creative business owner or you think you want to start a creative business I am going to give you the actual inside tips on how I grew my business from a side hustle.

You know from my kitchen table hobby type business to a thriving six-figure stationery business in two years, is the hot word I guess but two years after starting my business I was able to scale and make six figures within my business all from these steps I go into way more detail on the steps.

We’ll link it below make sure you check it out but the three kinds of to get you started if you’re wanting to actually take your business seriously and hit that next revenue mark for your business.

Grow a Six-Figure Creative Business: Here is the 3 Tips for you

Tip 1

Tip number one for you is going to be master your craft so I know this is annoying people tell you to practice all of the time but this mainly with when it comes to business applies to your mistakes that you’re making so every brand new business owner is going to make mistakes.

I made a slew of them make sure you check out the episode to hear about some but instead of throwing in the towel or saying I don’t belong here and giving in to that impostor syndrome voice if you really want to grow your impact grow your revenue and stick with this creative entrepreneurship.

The thing you’ve got to make those mistakes as a whole essence and those lessons need to apply be applied to your craft so that you master it and refine it over time so every brand new business owner is making mistakes every brand new marketer every brand new creative etc is making those mistakes.

The main difference between the people who get a desk job or go back to their day job or whatever and the people that succeed and reach those six-figure or seven-figure marks is that they kept showing up.

So keep showing up master your craft and everyone you know sucks at email marketing at first or is pulling their head ahead and head out.

It’s pulling their hair out when it comes to understanding business entities that you should form or if you need a business license or not or when to pay taxes and how much and all of that we all start there.

We all have to figure it out so just remember to master your craft and that takes time and it takes applying your mistakes to your business or your creative endeavors as lessons instead of throwing in the towel and giving up.

Tip 2

My tip number two for you is going to be less is not less is actually more when it comes to being able to scale your business. So if you’re maybe hovering around the I feel strapped thin-strapped to my desk. I’m working so hard on these client jobs or these products that I’m doing whatever but I’m barely making any money like why is this happening probably.

Because it’s time for you to go after the phrase that lets us more as a business owner more is actually not more I mean to a certain extent obviously. There’s a place in time for hustle, there’s a place in time for being strapped to your desk because you’re building this thing that you built.

I’m not saying, don’t hustle because there is a time and a place for that however just doing the same thing over and over again for 60 hours 80 hours a week and it’s not working. It’s time to step maybe say no to a few client jobs or say no to doing that thing that isn’t working or that you’re not efficient in and maybe hiring somebody else to do it.

If you can but at least scale back when it comes to spending so much time on your custom work on this or that isn’t actually working for your business so that you can get that time back and really assess where your business needs that extra 10 hours or five hours even a week in order to grow.

In order to scale to the next level so less is more, I directly learned this when I was doing wedding stationery so I grew my wedding stationery business to six figures because I was able to, first of all, realize that I was booked and busy definitely booked in busy I had 40 wedding clients.

My second and third year of business I was strapped to my desk but I was like wow this is amazing people are booking me but that’s not sustainable and my reason for being booked so much was because my prices were a very reasonable rate and so if I wanted to actually grow and hit those revenue marks I had to sit back take
more time devoted to small a smaller list of clients.

So that I could raise my prices and provide them with this amazing client experience that I wasn’t able to do when I had 40 wedding clients a year. Because I was so strapped for time already and I realized that my time that I was able to pour into the client experience for my clients was really valuable.

I needed to put a price tag on that and so I increased my prices and therefore I was able to get my time back and spend the way I’m strapped to my desk but also do voting and achieving really great results for my clients.

That was a great portfolio builder and just overall taking on fewer clients per year was something that was amazing for what it was able to catapult me into teaching workshops more frequently teaching online classes and making and generating more revenue because of that as well and so for me and my experience less was definitely more.

I was able to not only take on fewer clients and feel less overworked but I was able to provide them with better results a better end product which was wedding stationery at the time and I was able to get more money at the same time. So I was raising my prices because my client experience was elevating.

Tip 3

My third and final tip for you here is don’t let your fear make your decisions. Let it fuels your decisions. This is huge, this was huge for me when I was growing to that next level in my business. I was starting to make a viable business starting to make decent money in my business and it was just kind of a place where I felt fear of before making that kind of decision to take on fewer clients.

I was afraid that if I raised my prices or if I took on last clients that I would go out of business and I’d have to go back and get a day job. However, I let that fear fuel me and I knew in my head that okay if it wasn’t working I was gonna come back to the drawing table make some adjustments and keep going but instead of letting that fear hinder me from making my next move or leveling up in my business I let it fuels me so that I was more tenacious.

I was more scrappy I was pitching my work to people to wedding planners photographers etc constantly. I didn’t just let myself stew in this fear of like I’m raising my prices and I’m taking on fewer clients this is scary stuff.

I let it drive me and it made me become more scrappy and going after what I wanted instead of letting that fear turns into anxiety and worry I flipped it around and let it turns into drive and hustle quote-unquote. Even though I was definitely working weightless because of raising my prices and taking on fewer clients.


So those are my three tips for scaling how I scaled my six-figure stationary business so whether you’re an artist-illustrator designer photographer doesn’t matter if you have a stationary business or not these five to five tips are general and can be applied to any type of creative business.

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