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Top 3 Tips For Building Traffic To Your Website



Top 3 Tips For Building Traffic To Your Website

Doing business on the Internet is not much different from doing business anywhere else. If you are active and creative you will get success. If you have these two qualities it would be wise to use them to build traffic to your website. Getting traffic is not as easy as you might think.

Although millions of people use the Internet, there are also millions of offerings out there. If you want to get a share of the visitors you will really have to work hard. To get you started here are some techniques that you can use to build traffic and also improve the search engine ranking of your site.

1. The best way to build traffic is to build an interesting website!

This doesn’t mean that we subscribe to the build it and they will come philosophy. However if your website has many pages of information, then each one of those pages will be packed with words and phrases that people will find when they make searches. On the other hand if you have only published a brochure site, a website that is a mirror image of an offline introductory brochure about your company, then there will not be much spider food on your site. That is, there will not be much for search engines to put in their data base, and you will not get much traffic from search engine queries.

Another consequence in building an interesting site is that other sites will link to you, viewing your site as an important resource. In fact, this is what Google had in mind when it set up its current ranking system. A site that is informative and filled with useful information will be noted and other sites will link to it. Each of these links is viewed by Google as a vote for that site. Make your site interesting, and people will link to it without you even knowing about it.

In addition, never underestimate the importance of word-of-mouth. If your site is interesting people will tell their friends and they will check out your site. A content rich site is the first secret of building traffic.

2. Publish some of your information on other websites

This is one of the most effective ways to build traffic. If your site is full of useful material, then other people will also want to publish it on their websites. Webmasters are hungry for content to beef up their sites and their newsletters.

Here are a few places where you can offer your content (but make sure that you put your url and contact information on each article, this is how you actually get the traffic).

You can first submit your article to article directories such as:


http://www.articlecity .com/

Or, you can use an article submission service such as

3. Improve your search engine ranking with on-page and off-page optimization

While good content is an essential part of any traffic building strategy. It also helps to take steps to improve your ranking in search engines. If your content is not optimized it will not get the exposure that it deserves.

You can improve your search engine ranking by placing your important key search terms in the title tag, the description tag, in your sites headlines, and in link text on your web pages. These are the on-page factors of website optimization. If you do this successfully your sites search engine ranking for a particular keyword or keyword phrase will improve.

It is also important to work on off-page factors that are related to search engine positioning. Your ranking is partly determined by how many other websites link to you. If you have published your material elsewhere, then you will get a good amount of important links. If not, you may have to launch a reciprocal links campaign or place your site in paid directories in order to increase the number of incoming links to your website.

Creativity combined with activity is a good recipe for traffic building. Build your site as best you can, and then spread the word about it. Use these three tips and you are sure to succeed.

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How to Build Your Small Business through Content Marketing



Small Business through Content Marketing

Are you a small business owner? I am sure you are happy with the way things are going. However, there is always room for improvement, right? In the digital age, business competition has taken on new dimensions. Small businesses have the power of the internet at their disposal to level the playing field between them and larger corporations. These days, you can sell everything from Spectrum bundle deals to industrial machinery online. But without a concrete strategy, you’re just shooting in the dark. You may get lucky from time to time, but it is not an efficient use of your resources.

How to Build a Modern Business – A Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a relatively new, very vast field of interest. Your content marketing strategy is an important component of your overall digital efforts. However, it is still shocking that over 63% of businesses do not have a documented content strategy in place. So one of the first difference between you and your competition should be you having a concrete content marketing strategy. A tangible strategy means you have a roadmap, goals, and objectives to make sure your marketing efforts proceed in the right direction. But how do you create a good content marketing strategy? This blog will help you do that using the following steps:

  • Define Your Objectives
  • Set Your Key Performance Indicators
  • Research Your Audience
  • Define the Right Content Channels
  • Figure Out Types of Content
  • Make a Content Calendar

This may sound like too much information at one time but bear with me. Let’s briefly go over each step and how it fits into your larger content marketing strategy.

Define Your Objectives

The first part of your content marketing strategy is knowing what you want to achieve with it. You need to lay out the goal, mission, and objectives of your content marketing strategy. Do you want to:

  • Improve revenue
  • Get more leads
  • Get more traffic
  • Gain market credibility
  • Engagement etc.

You also need to decide what the mission for your content marketing strategy is. This involves outlining the target audience, the type of content you will use to engage them, and what value you add to them. Once you’ve done that, its time for the next step.

Set Your Key Performance Indicators

Your strategy is useless without specific and measurable goals. You need to define the KPIs for your content marketing strategy so you can measure its performance at a future time. KPIs will help you stay on track and allow you to tweak your strategy accordingly. Some useful KPIs to look at include:

  • Specific revenue targets
  • Specific lead generation targets
  • Specific email subscriber targets
  • Specific search engine ranking improvement
  • Specific shares/comments/engagement counts on your content

Research Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a key part of your overall content marketing strategy. You need to be clear on who your audience is, and how you are going to reach them. To do this, you need to do a bit of research. Here are the areas you need to focus on:

  • Demographics: Collect demographic data on your followers, subscribers, and visitors. Both web and social media analytics give you access to information like age, gender, income, education, etc. You will also need to get a feel of their interests and likes, which social media analytics can help you with.
  • Customer Feedback: To learn more about your audience, try actively inviting and collecting feedback. This will help you understand their needs and priorities and let you tailor your content accordingly.
  • Buyer Personas: These are avatars of your target audience. You need to create a persona or an avatar of your average customer to understand their pain points, challenges, and motivations.

Define the Right Content Channels

The next step is to define what content channels you intend to use. Now that you have researched your audience, you know what channels appeal the most to them. There are a number of channels like blogs, YouTube videos, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Carefully choose the channels you want to maintain a presence on based on where your audience hangs out.

Figure Out Types of Content

Since there are different types of content channels, you need to figure out what content types work best for you. You can use videos, tweets, posts, blogs, and much more to get your message across. You just need to focus on the following three things, no matter what type of content you choose:

  • Valuable
  • Shareable
  • Actionable

Make a Content Calendar

You need to lock down what you want to publish, and exactly when you want to publish it. A content calendar is essential to keep your content strategy on course. There’s no rocket science to this. All you have to do is carefully consider and plan out your content schedule. Pay attention to current events, holidays, seasons, and trends.

A winning content strategy is a matter of time, patience, and constant improvement. Above all, your content needs to be relevant, useful and valuable for it to generate an impact. There’s no easy fix to getting a strategy to work, quite unlike calling a customer service number for help. You’re on your own, but with the right tools and the right strategy, you can build, grow, and expand your business. If you have any questions about your content strategy, leave us a comment below.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How Quickly Get Ranked Researching Keywords on Google Trends?

Google is one of the largest and popular search engine who ranked website like us in their searches. You might heard about Google Trends but do not know how to use it properly to find a top class keywords to be ranked quickly on their searches then this post gonna help you step by step to teach you how exactly we do it.



Get Ranked Researching Keywords on Google Trends

Have you heard about Google Trends? Do you know what is Google Trends and how does it works? Do you know how to get ranked on search engines researching keywords on Google Trends writing an awesome article and publishing on your blog? If you don’t know but searching for information then I’m here to help.

Google Trends

Google is one of the largest and popular search engine who help to rank website in their searches. You might have heard about Google Trends but do not know how to use it properly to find a top class keywords to be ranked quickly on their searches then this post gonna help you step by step to teach you how exactly we do it.

Website Owner or Blogger can gather data from Google Trends and find out the best keywords from their respective categories to write for their audience to get top quality traffic from Google searches to be ranked quickly.

So read to know more…

How to Find Most Popular Trending Keywords?

If you’re a blogger or business owner you might need most popular trending keywords to write a blog post or news report or article to get quickly searched by millions of readers. And I’m sure, you’re here to learn this how to do it and get the best results from it. So follow these steps by steps instructions to start writing an awesome article based on trending keyword.

Google Trends – Get Started

At first, Go to your address bar and write down ‘ or search on Google writing ‘Google Trends’.

Google Trends - Get started

You will see a new page appeared through your search as shown on image below.

Google Trends - Get Started to Find right keywords

Now click on to ‘Google Trends’ title and it will take you in a new page as shown below.

Google Trends - Explore the world is searching

Next, select your desired country from right corner of Google Trends new page and write down your search term in empty field to see which keywords now on trending. You can choose the category, past hour, past day, recent week, months latest trending stories, news and keywords that is going viral and receiving millions of traffic. Now it depend on which category your website or blog related to produce the content on the same topic.

Google Trends - Latest Trending Stories

You also will discover the top talking topic of the day and recently trending topic from Google Trends.

Google Trends - Recently Trending Topic by Keywords

Also check the previous day Google Trends stats as shown image below.

Google Trends Recent Trending Topic

There is two search option: One is Daily Search Trends and Two is Realtime Search Trends. You can choose any of these to find out the most popular topic including keywords as well you can find geographical and category based popular topic selecting your region as shown images below.

Google Trends Daily Search and Real Time search trends

Choose any of the category related to your website and get the best keywords to create content.

Google Trends Tech Trending Keywords in past 24 hours

I’ve collected few Trending keywords for you guys so you can focus on these keywords and write content in your blog.

Popular Trending Keywords For Avengers Endgame

avengers endgame trailer, Danai Gurira, Endgame Trailer, avengers endgame release date, Endgame, Avengers, avengers, endgame tickets, end game trailer, Kate Bishop, avengers endgame trailer 2.

These keywords are getting searches on Google more than 1M+ time and still counting.

Popular Trending Keywords For NewZealand Topic

new zealand shooting video, new zealand shooter, christchurch shooting, new zealand shooting, PewDiePie
Christchurch, new zealand mosque shooting, new zealand gun laws, mosque, Brenton Tarrant, mosque shooting, new zealand shooter video, christchurch new Zealand, new zealand shooter manifesto.

These keywords are getting searches on Google more than 2M+ time and still counting. So write about this topic using these keywords to be ranked quickly on search engines like Google and others. There are many keywords on different category and topic which you can manually choose yourself and write content on your own.

Final Words

This is how you can find the trending keywords using popular Google Trends too. Hopefully this is helpful and this post will be useful to write and find out high volume searches keywords to write better content and get ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Thanks for read. If you find this helped you please share with your friends too.

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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing in South and Central America



B2B Marketing in South and Central America

B2B Marketing in America

The Internet has paved the way for a truly globalized arena for business. Conducting a business from one. Part of the world to another part has become easy with a click of a button. Companies all over the world. Are looking to connect to expand their reach by choosing effective partners across the globe. South and Central America is a region that has recently warmed up to the theme of the internet. Businesses are still discovering the prospects of developing ties with the South and Central American region.

A B2B market is one of the largest markets worldwide with companies like IBM and GE reportedly spending about a $ 60 million a day for goods that are required in their operation. B2B relationships are forged mainly on the basis of price and profit-making ability. South and Central America have a good reserve of natural resources. Due to this, there is a huge B2B industry thriving in the South and Central American region.

While the South and Central American region always had a strong B2B market, it is only now that it has seen a surge in B2B marketing. Companies have realized that B2B marketing is equally important to survive and grow. is one of the premier B2B trade portals that facilitate trade between Brazil and the rest of the world. You can get Brazil business directory and Brazil company list from this site as well as other companies.

There are other companies as well that can provide Brazil company database and Brazil email list of businesses and companies. Besides Brazil, other countries that are slowly catching up with the online B2B marketing are Costa Rica, Columbia, and Nicaragua. Costa Rica is a. major exporter of agricultural produce; Columbia is rich in oil, coal and nickel exports while Nicaragua.

Majorly exports coffee, sugar, and meat. The Costa Rica business directory can give you a list of. Companies that you can tie up with. Southern and Central America can be tough to crack without an able partner. If you are looking to. Expand your business in this region, it makes sense to choose an apt partner. Traditionally B2B marketing has often been done via conferences, trade shows, and webinars as well. A B2C market is a different ball game and what works for the B2C market will not work for B2B.

With the advent of electronic media, digital marketing has also made its mark in B2B marketing. Ways of B2B marketing in South and Central America. B2B marketing is completely different from consumer marketing. The consumer can be considered as. A layman, whereas in B2B marketing both the companies need to be well versed in the technical. Aspects of the products or the services. Television and Radio advertising is of no use for B2B marketing.

• Informational Webinars

One of the best ways of B2B marketing is hosting webinars. Webinars give an. option to give a demo of the product or service via the internet. All you need to do is schedule a specific. appointment with your potential partner company. Engage the services of a webinar hosting company. that will give specific coordinates to both the companies to host a webinar session. Through this, you. can explain your product and service. For Eg, if you have an agricultural product, you can source. the Costa Rica email list of companies that are into agriculture and set up a webinar with them. Webinars. Are cost effective and in fact, based on the response you can decide on the further course of action.

• Trade Shows

Every industry holds trade shows to exchange ideas and showcase new products and. techniques. Trade shows are also a good way of B2B marketing. You can directly participate in the trade. shows and get to meet a number of companies in the process. If you are interested in import alliance. You can attend the trade show as well. The best part is to find out the best companies in the respective. Region. You can get the list for Columbia from Columbia business directory. Certain trade shows also. Display the list of participating companies. So you can look at the list of companies in Columbia. Participating in the trade show and attend it accordingly.

• Advertising in Industrial magazines

This can be done only if you have already established a presence in. the region. Advertising in Industrial magazines is normally done to announce new products or. Improvisation in older versions. An article or review of your company in a Trade magazine can also help. Connect with new B2B partners.

• Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the effective tools to reach out to B2B partners. Through. Emails, you can constantly apprise your partners about new technology, new products, and webinars or. Trade shows. Confirmation for webinars or conferences is usually taken via emails.

• Videos

One of the most prominent B2B marketing tools is the video. An explainer video explaining you. Product to your potential customer is an effective marketing technique. You can integrate the video in. your website so that potential customers can have a look. Visual and audio clips always help in getting. the message across more efficiently.

• Social Media

By social media we mean business connect websites. Linkedin is an example of a business. website. There is an increased use of mobile phones and tablets which makes the use of social media. for business affordable and convenient as well. Nicaragua business directory is a good option if you. want to trade with a company based in Nicaragua. You can then look for the right professional source. via Linkedin.

• Regional Partners

The Latin American region can be tough to crack and teaming up with a local partner will brighten your chances. Sites like are one of the best sites for businessmen and companies looking to start trade in the region. On your own, it may be difficult to find the right partner for trade.

B2B marketing in Southern and Central America is relatively unexplored and with the age of digital. marketing, it is soon set to reach new standards.

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SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs Should Embrace in 2019



SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs Should Embrace in 2019
SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs Should Embrace in 2019

Photo caption: Improve your online presence using SEO

For any business owner, advertising on the web is an important marketing goal. The Internet is where consumers seek products and services. With more people using mobile devices to search for products and services in 2019, it’s vital to establish an outstanding online presence so you can reap the rewards. Search engine optimization is the only way to get noticed by Google when people are searching for your type of company. Be an online authority! Read on:

Here’s how to stay on top of today’s SEO trends:

Use Mobile Indexing

Because so many people make purchasing decisions online, Google recommends making your website responsive and mobile-friendly. With “mobile-first indexing,” Google only looks at the mobile version of your content for indexing and ranking. Therefore, the search engine will not crawl the desktop version of your site. Google prefers to rank mobile-friendly sites. Those that run too slowly on a smartphone, or aren’t easy to scroll fall by the wayside.

Optimizing your site for mobile devices will improve your ranking among various searches. It’s recommended to move from an “m.version” of your site to a responsive web design that works on all platforms. Creating a responsive design is also beneficial for your brand. If users face difficulties when browsing your pages, they will bounce to a competitor’s website.

Having a responsive, mobile-friendly web design increases the likelihood your business will get more online traffic. Mobile-optimized pages have a faster loading speed than desktop versions. Computers and laptops have bigger processing engines (which takes them forever to load certain pages).

Web developers are adapting to these changes by developing more phone-friendly sites. WordPress themes are also converting most of their designs to responsive versions. Your online marketing should also accommodate to this strategy to attract a wider audience. Mobile-friendliness can provide a jump on your competition.

Invest in Long-form Content

Content marketing continues to be a king for the year (and probably many years) to come. Providing quality, engaging content educates your readers about your brand. If they feel that you care about your customers and community, you have greater local credibility.

Creating long-form content can gather customers without selling a single product or service. It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to understand what users and search engines love. Simply put, SerpIQ shows that longer content dominates the first page on SERPs.

Top 10 results among search queries, by content length

Photo Caption: Top 10 results among search queries, by content length

The graph shows how well long-form content works with search engines. However, Google doesn’t determine rankings just by counting the number of words on a page or in a blog. According to Hubspot, long-form content is more likely to earn quality backlinks, which improves search rankings. One single, long-form piece of content is more useful to readers than several short ones.

Google alleges that most users enjoy long, comprehensive articles. When users are looking for information, search engines list sites with longer content (where people can find what they need in one place). Be aware that quality, long-form content takes a great deal of research, effort, and time to write. However, the cost of purchasing great writing (or the time investment) will pay off for any business.

Prepare for Voice Search

Statistics have shown that mobile searches are 47.2% of the world’s web traffic. Experts predict that by 2020 at least 50% of searches will be conducted via voice search — it’s a dominant trend that will grow in power.

The facts:

⦁ 76% of smart home speaker owners perform local searches once a week. 53% of them make daily voice searches.
⦁ Technavio expects the voice recognition market to hit $601 million by 2019.
⦁ 27% of voice users visit a local business after making a voice search.
⦁ 58% of consumers used voice search to find local brand information in the last 12 months.

Voice search is important because it’s gaining in popularity and is accessible to users who have difficulty typing, or sight challenges. It can help anyone search Google and get comprehensive results.

Optimizing your website for Voice Search may require a unique approach. For example, when people make voice search with terms like “when,” “how,” and “where,” your online language and keywords should reflect those ideas. For instance, if your focus keyword is “dental clinic in Ontario,” optimize for long-tail phrases like “look for an affordable dental clinic in Ontario.”

Focus on user intent and local searches to adapt to Voice Search technology. When users utilize vocal searches, their queries are different from written (i.e. typed) words. The way a person talks is different from the way s/he writes.

Establish Search Intent

There’s ongoing debate about the intent of web searchers when they type keywords. SEO cannot be successful you’re using old, “black hat” techniques like if stuffing keywords on your website pages. Incorporate keywords that deliver value to your audience. By doing so, potential customers and clients will find your business online when searching for your products and services.

When users search a specific phrase, Google wants to provide the most accurate and helpful results. Their algorithms weigh the intent of the search and not just by the keywords. If a user searches for “SEO service provider in Canada,” Local SEO Search will be among the results. Why? Because they’ve established those keywords on their page. A website with comprehensive content that answers current (and potential) clients’ questions is a necessity.

Meet the needs of your target audience, boost engagement, and increase your rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Pay attention to the quality of your website security and site speed as well. This year, websites that take longer than 2 seconds to load will be penalized. Google AMP can help you speed up slow-loading pages.

Use hyper-targeted localization - SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs Should Embrace in 2019

Photo Caption: Use hyper-targeted localization | Credit: Templune

Utilize Local Geo-targeting

Local search has the greatest impact for finding neighbourhood customers. If you’re a tree removal service in Newmarket, Ontario, you want to appear on the top results for “tree services in Newmarket.” Optimize your company’s online presence by optimizing local searches. How do you do that? Read on.

As of 2019, local search geo-targeting became more accurate. To continue with the previous example, rather than targeting a suburb of Newmarket, a local searcher’s cross-streets will factor into the equation. A precise target improves the accuracy of your potential customers’ funnels to your site.

Proximity is now crucial to searches. When someone looks online for a restaurant, SERPs may offer an establishment blocks from where they are currently, rather than a mile (or miles) away. In this case, the consumer is most likely to give their business to the closest location.

Highly targeted SEO efforts are needed for business success. When people find you online, you have the chance to convert their website visit into a sale or booking. “Near me” searches are increasingly popular, whether the user is on foot or in the car. They grew 130% between 2014 and 2015. Locally-targeted structures impact your SEO. Today, most consumers expect Google to automatically take their location into account in its results pages.

Consumers want local solutions. SEO techniques change and adapt to the search engine algorithm alterations. If you run a local business, use SEO to find the customers who want to find you.

Change is in the air, and online competition is stiff. If you need search engine optimization assistance for your business’ website, contact an expert team to help. Google “SEO” “company” and your location. Then check their references and read their client testimonials. Choose a team that is transparent and wants to see you succeed. Improve your online presence this 2019 and get more clicks, calls and conversions.

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Web Directory Submission Tips For New Blog



Web Directory Submission Tips For New Blog

The buzzword of the hour is SEO. It has transformed the architecture of sites, brought about many new jobs, and is now considered vitally important for those that want to take their online operations to the next level.

In its simplest form, search engine optimization (or SEO) is about doing everything you can to boost your natural ranking in the major search engines. The algorithm that ranks your site (despite variations across engines) is a compilation of many different variables.

There is no one magic secret or special key you can turn. The goal is really to check off as many variables as possible from that algorithm.

The kicker is that, for the most part, we don’t actually know what is contained in these algorithms that are so important to us. We can, however, make educated guesses.

And there are several aspects of SEO that most, if not all, industry professionals agree on. One of those factors is the importance of link-building.

The Internet was built upon links. Sites link to one another to guide users through relevant information. Since these links basically mean, there’s relevant information on this site, each link pointing towards your site counts as a vote towards it. These votes help improve your natural ranking, especially when coupled with a well-built SEO friendly site.

The big question is, of course, how do I go about getting other sites to link mine? Fortunately, the answer is an easy one, because there are many well run search engine friendly directories that would be more than happy to link to your site as part of their directory.

But the most popular directories receive thousands of applications to review. As such, they develop rules and guidelines for your submission. These rules are put in place to ensure that the submission and approval process can flow as smoothly as possible, as well as to help the directory select only the sites that are, in fact, relevant. And so the question returns: how do I ensure that my site gets accepted into the high-quality, top web directories?

It is very easy to adhere to the rules of a web directory with very little effort. In addition, because the editors of any directory are really looking for the same things, the rules from web directory to web directory tend to be very similar.

Count Those Characters:

One of the big rules imposed by directories has to do with the length of your title, description and keywords. If there were no limit, some people would write an essay for descriptions and cram in every possible keyword.

Let me assure you that no directory editor wants to review a site application that could be broken up into chapters! Directories impose restrictions that essentially force you to be straight to the point. You might not be able to say everything about your site, so pick the most important points and go with that.

Before you start submitting anywhere, sit back and write a few well-formulated descriptions that span 100, 150, 200, and 250 characters. One of those four levels will generally work in any web directory you come across. Once that’s done, most of the hard work is out of the way.

Now all you have to do is look for the character requirements, copy and paste your blurb of that length, and you’re all set. The same thing holds true for keywords, so prepare a few different options so that, come submission time, its just a matter of picking the right one.

Would You Approve A Spam Filled Site Application?

Do not spam your directory listings. That cant be more clearly stated, yet for some reason, people still do it. You are never going to get listed in any human reviewed directory when you try this tactic.

An example of this would be that if you sell widgets, when you submit your information you repeat the word widgets in your title, description, and keywords as many times as possible. Typically comprehension takes a back seat as the focus becomes cramming the word in as many times as possible.

Directory editors hate this and its a very easy rejection. If you think that even attempting to spam like this is helpful, you might want to think again.

If you spend time submitting to web directories with poorly articulated, spam-filled information, you are going to get rejected. You’ve then wasted a lot of your time and gotten absolutely nothing in return.

Choose The Right Category:

Web directories are sorted by topic and editors typically take great pride in ensuring that everything stays well organized.

A tiny little bit of effort on your part to choose the right category can vastly improve your chances of being listed without any delay. The reason is simply that if you are an editor and you want to approve a site, you probably only have to click one button.But, if that site chose the wrong category, then you need to edit the application to modify the category (and now the editor has to find the correct category in the hierarchy!), which takes more time.

If you are the editor sitting there with thousands of applications to process, its much easier to click the reject button than it is to start fumbling through categories. So, put yourself in their shoes and do them a favor, because ultimately its you and your site that stand to benefit when you are approved.


A successful web directory submission campaign is when you maximize your time so that you get listed in the most directories possible.

By following the above tips, you can help ensure you get approved, which goes a long way towards achieving your goal.

With everything pre-written and good intentions to play by the rules, you’ll be flying through your submission campaign in no time.

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Digital Marketing

Why Most People Don’t Use Effective But Free Online Marketing Tools



Why Most People Don't Use Effective But Free Online Marketing Tools

It is rather interesting that most people do not take free online marketing tools seriously. Never mind that there is plenty of evidence around and even more examples of web sites and online entrepreneurs who have taken off in a hurry using only free online marketing tools.

In a way this reaction is not surprising because we have been brought up in world where we have been taught to firmly believe in the facts of life. One of the major facts of life is that there is no such thing as a free lunch and nothing valuable costs nothing.

While all this is true, most people have failed to realize that the World Wide Web has arrived with its’ own unique and rather unorthodox but highly effective set of rules.

Even fewer have taken note of the fact that the most successful online business model so far has been based on the heavy use of free marketing tools and heavy spending in marketing comes later when the web site has already started enjoying some success.

A Famous Example

When Bill Gates was playing catch up on the internet after an initial error of judgement over the future importance of the net, one of the areas where he found himself way behind was in free email services. The likes of Yahoo already had millions of users when Hotmail was re-launched.

Did one of the richest men in the world go for prime time television to advertise his new free email service? Did he book newspaper spots across the states? Not really, he used a free online marketing strategy that worked like a dream. A brief signature at the end of each email sent out invited the recipient to open a free Hotmail email account. The rest is history. This simple referral marketing strategy that cost nothing took Hotmail from virtually zero users to millions in a few short months.

There are numerous other examples, but I shoe this one because it is somebody we all know rather well.

Conventional Advertising Does Not Work Online

There is one other reason why free online advertising tools are so effective. And this is based on the fact that conventional advertising as we have always know it has so far been a big failure online.

Banner advertisements with all the color and gimmickry was such a huge failure that it prompted somebody to come up with what they thought would solve the problem and become a huge success. I am referring to the much-disliked and extremely annoying pop-up advertisements. Even the so-called pop-under ads that are supposedly less annoying have not been received with much enthusiasm online.

All these options are not free and people have been paying good money for them.

The reason why conventional ads do not work is simple and yet most people still don’t get it. Folks do not come online to be advertised to. They come online, usually with very little time on their hands and looking for some very specific information. Is it any wonder that any form of unsolicited advertising, be it pop-up ads or unsolicited email (SPAM), is so annoying?

This is why informative well-written articles are such an effective free online marketing tool. Only those who are interested in the information you have to offer will read your article. And they do not mind whatever advertising you put in the resource box at the bottom of the article, because it does not look like advertising to them. Especially when they are interested in getting more information on the subject at hand.

Marketing Is No Longer That Simple

What people need to realize is that marketing online does not fall into the neat offline categories we have been used to.

For example the most successful online advertising has been PPC ads or Pay -Per-Click ads. The main reason is that these ads have been based on relevance to the information being looked for right from the beginning. We first saw them next to search engine results. Those ugly small text things that looked like they were part of the results searched. They have worked like magic because advertisers only pay for actual clicks on their ads, so results and response to the ads are easily quantifiable.

It should not be lost on anybody that these ads actually do not look like ads. More so now when the market leader in PPC ads, Google have their AdSense ads in small sites and blogs all over the net. There is even more emphasis on relevance to the information being looked for.

Free Is Actually Not Free

Then the other extremely important factor to note is that many of the most effective online marketing tools are really not free. For instance, even if you write your won informative articles to use for marketing purposes, this is a very time-consuming exercise. Time is even more valuable than money because unlike money, it can never be recovered when it has been lost. So it is just that people pay using some other currency.


Anybody planning an online marketing campaign should look very carefully at the so-called free marketing tools and options, the effectiveness of some of the techniques will surprise them.

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