Top 10 Freelancing Jobs Resources

Top 10 Freelancing Jobs Resources

Want to leave your day job and looking for work from home based freelancing jobs which you can start from the comfort of your own home?

Whether you are looking to gain more professional development opportunities and love to work from home and build your career in freelancing sector which has been discovered by millions of people and getting professional freelancing benefits then you should move on.

Many professionals and experienced freelancer lifestyle is changing in this marketplace while more professional seeking opportunities to build their career as freelancer.

As a freelancer, you will need to find out the right freelancing platform, establish an awesome portfolio of past work and prove yourself through the free or paid tests providing by freelancing marketplace to showcase your skills  which helps you to convince and attract the employer to accept you. Don’t bid higher rate on any job when you just settled to have your first job. If you are newbie, work for some project with lower rate and gather more strong portfolio which will work for you to increase rate later on.

Top 10 Freelancing Jobs Resources

1 . Upwork:

Upwork is the one of the best freelance marketplace with more than 1.5 million clients and every type of freelancer. Previously it was named as oDesk which changed to Upwork later. Upwork offers both short and long-term projects, fixed or hourly project work for expert level and entry-level engagements. If you are seeking for more professional development opportunities then Upwork will be best freelance marketplace for your career.

2. Freelancer:

Freelancer is another top online jobs marketplace with millions of projects which allows freelancer and employer engagements.  Freelancer allows you to compete with other freelancers in contests to prove your skills. If you are competitive and confident at your expertise then it’s a great way to showcase your abilities and attract many clients.

3. Guru:

Guru is one of the popular online freelancing jobs marketplace where you easily can showcase your past work experience and  get daily job-matching feature which makes sure you do not miss out any good opportunities. Guru work room lets you easily manage all your work. You can easily find work and start engaging with employer.

4. PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour is another great platform where freelancer can focus for web based projects. If you are a designer, web developer, SEO specialist or have expertise on any web based programming then People Per Hour is the best freelance marketplace for you to work on projects.

5. 99design: is another freelance marketplace where designers can engage with employers through their design. 99designs has contest where you compete with other design freelancers to win the contest started by employer for his / her design projects. It’s a great platform for talented designers to prove their ability.

6. GetACoder:

GetACoder is another freelance marketplace for those writers, web designer and programmers who are passionate and competitive at their own pace. GetACoder offers millions of small projects from where you as freelancer can choose work to do.

7. SimplyHired:

SimplyHired is a perfect freelance marketplace for people from sales to construction workers which most other freelance platform do not offer in their platform. There includes a blog with hiring tips, with a company directory and location-based search.

If you are a designer, programmer, student, moms that work from home as well something in between who are looking a platform to work on can join and work which they are perfect with.

8. iFreelance:

iFreelance is another platform who accommodates some of the usual suspects of the writers, editors, coders etc. with freelance marketers as well. Unlike any other freelance marketplace, iFreelance do not charge any fees so you can keep your 100% earnings and withdraw too.

9. Project4Hire:

Project4hire is another top level freelance marketplace which makes it easy for their freelancers to identify any jobs through their hundreds of project categories.  You can choose any jobs from its categories which suit your skills and without scanning through large number of posts. It’s a great platform for designers, coders and many more.

10. Craigslist:

Although most of the people see craigslist as a platform for selling and buying things, actually its a great source of freelance jobs. Anyone can easily do this type jobs who has minimum knowledge of how to post ads and attract customers for clients. You can easily browse for local offers or search by major cities if you prefer working remotely staying at home.


All of these home based freelancing jobs site has good reputation from all around the world by employer and workers. I highly recommended all of these above job site to give them a try to understand what works better for you.

Join any of these freelance jobs marketplace which suits your expertise and start working as well get paid for your effort. If you have any question feel free to ask below this post so we can get connected and share our experience in the community to learn more.

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