Tomoson Review – What is Tomoson? Online Jobs

Tomoson Review – What is Tomoson? Online Jobs

Work from home jobs is one of the most favorite trends online right now. There are many bloggers & influencers looks for an opportunity while a brand searching for bloggers or influencers to promote their products to increase sales and reach more clients.

If you’re an advertiser or blogger, you must read this article without missing any important steps as it gonna give you some valuable information you don’t know before.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to work from home then I must tell you Tomoson would give that platform to earn money. A brand you would get much exposure and you’re own boss to choose the right influencer in the minimum budget to reach your customer.

In this article, I’m gonna tell you about my personal experience with I will also review it honestly so you guys can figure it out easily.

Tomoson Review: Work From Home Online Jobs

What is

Tomoson is one of the third-party based top influencer marketing platforms that connect both influencer and brand in the same platform. A brand provides a product for testing and an influencer promotes products through their social media channel to reach more customers for the brand to make extra money for living. is the official website of this influencer and advertiser platform which is registered and operated by Tomoson LLC that is located at 7204 W 27th St. Suite 220 St. Louis Park, MN 55426.

My Personal Opinion about

I’ve personally learned about Tomoson last April 2019 probably. I’ve worked for several Brands to get paid to write reviews and promoted products post via social network and other media as well. I have earned $140 in two tasks.

I was amazed when I’ve withdrawn the first payment from Tomoson in my first month of joining. I’ve got paid via PayPal and then exchanged via Paymentbd.

What Task I had done?

One of my first tasks was Morning Pep Pure Birch Xylitol Keto Diet Friendly Sweetener Review which I’ve completed through an honest review via paid review writing, review on YouTube and sharing that creation via social media channel. I took a one-month time frame to complete this task but I had completed it in 22 days only.

I had received payment in between 3 days after Brand has done the verification. It was a great feeling to serve Brand like this. I had completed some other Brand works well. I am basically writing paid reviews, paid YouTube videos, copywriting, re-writing, brand promotion to make extra money. Tomoson was my best choice as an Influencer and still a lot to do.

How do I join in Tomoson?

It is very easy to join Tomoson. It’s free and you don’t need to pay any joining fees. There is a simple application form which you need to complete to get started. Then you need to verify email for confirmation.

Next step, you need to edit your profile & add your blog or website and all other social media channel to your Tomoson account media kit. Also, you can save the time frame and price for each task you wanna complete successfully.

What are the requirements to make money on Tomoson?

There are no minimum requirements but you should have at least a high-quality blog, YouTube channel, Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, Pinterest profile to be eligible to apply for the campaign.

More you have website traffic and social media followers are more chances to make money about $100 to $1000 per month. It depends on quality traffic and followers based you have to generate a high-level income range.

A small fan-based influencer income will be less than a medium fan-based influencer and a large fan follower based influencer could have made more than $3000 per month.

Also, you have to keep in mind that audience retention is very important in your social media channel and blog. If there is any false information provided you; your account may be blocked or terminated. So make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Should I apply for all campaign?

It is very important to apply for a campaign you’re qualified for. Don’t apply in those campaigns you think you can not complete accurately. Also if you’ve already applied for any campaign and later felt you can not verify it then remove yourself from the campaign before Brand accepts it or otherwise you’ll have to request your Brand to be removed from the campaign. Most of the time, Brand don’t remove and that make your account get locked or terminated. You need to make a support ticket with the required proof if you think your account should not be terminated.

What about Tomoson customer support?

They have a very good customer support executive who connects you after you’ve made any support ticket as soon as in 24 hours. You can ask a question or make any dispute or report about the business you feel you should. Also, there will be verified through account and campaign to judge you by them. They will get you the exact details if you need to.

How to get paid and withdraw money from Tomoson?

As I’ve earlier discussed it, I’m repeating it again here as follows:

  • Get paid to write an honest review after testing the product.
  • Get free product for leaving honest feedback to Amazon / BestBuy.
  • Get paid to write a review, unboxing, YouTube review.
  • Get paid to promote review/post on social networks.

You need to add PayPal for payment withdrawn. Add PayPal to your account in the ‘Edit Profile’ section from the account dashboard.

Tomoson Payment Proof

Here are the payment proof from my dashboard. Check it out for clarification:

Tomoson Payment Proof

Is Tomoson Legit or Scam Conclusion?

To understand the facts how scam spread all around the web, you need to realize some important things which are:

  • The website act as third-party that connects brands and influencer that do not pay.
  • The website not registered under any authorized authority.
  • The website does not follow international and its own national rules, law & regulations.
  • The website does not have customer support or does not respond.
  • Website locked account immediately when you’re about to withdraw your hard-earned money and so on.

As the above things are very important to judge a website or company to start work with. If they do not above things and pays regularly as well immediately after each task completion and follow all rules and regulations then you can start work from home with them without any doubt.

From my point of view and honestly, I’d highly recommend because it pays me regularly and customer support of them is excellent. I’d mark it as 100% Legit.

Is good for advertiser or sponsor to promote products via Tomoson influencer?

According to my research, there are some lackings in Tomoson. Many advertiser are complaining about its service because they feel the support team does not respond enough to them when it comes to payment issues. But Tomoson is one of the good influencers and advertiser medium that should be opened to worldwide product tester as it is based in the US mostly which is not good for its future.

Tomoson Reviews & Ratings

According to our opinion, Tomoson is the most popular platform for the U.S influencers. But it has very low ratings on Sitejabber with 8 reviews that indicate most of its advertisers are dissatisfied with their business policies. It is ranked 140th among the other influencer marketing platforms in the online world. Their customer service is excellent according to my opinion as an influencer.

The Bottom Line

I personally believe you’d be making a good amount of money from Tomoson. It is highly recommended to join in Tomoson; if you’re interested to make money as an Influencer. I am honestly saying, I did not get paid for this review, and this review only from my loving of Tomoson. I hope you will enjoy it and be helpful. You can watch the above video if you’re from Bangladesh to learn easily.

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