Titcoin Review: An Adult Entertainment Cryptocurrency

Titcoin Review: An Adult Entertainment Cryptocurrency

Titcoin Review:

You probably looking for Titcoin is why type of cryptocurrency and how is performing now. If so, then you are in the right place to learn more about Tit coin. Here I am going to explain what is tit coin, for what purpose it has been created, its price and how to exchange it. So read this post till the end, because it is going to be very special for many reasons.

What is Tit coin?

Tit coin is a type of digital currency that was created and designed for the $10 billion adult entertainment industry where privacy and anonymity are the main consumer factors. In short, it is called as TIT.

Edward Mansfield, Richard Allen and a third anonymous individual is the founder of Tit coin. They are called cryptocurrency advocates. They’ve developed tit coin as a cash alternative payment system.

Titcoin was started in January 2014 as one of the first altcoins after Bitcoin and one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. It was created for fun and it does not aim to be of a serious general-purpose digital currency.

The main purpose of Titcoin cryptocurrency was:

  • Tipping amateur pornography creators
  • Buying content from premium porn sites
  • Tipping on webcam sites
  • Buying Titcoin merchandise with Titcoin
  • Buying sex toys and lingerie
  • Enabling women to pay for drinks by showing their tits
  • Incentivizing women to show off their tits on social media
  • Promoting the use of cryptocurrencies within the adult entertainment scene

In most countries pornography is not allowed even Bitcoin is not allowed and it is called illegal which breaks laws and regulations. As I personally do not support pornography as it is an adult industry which is the caused behind youth are being down on their mindset and raping increased that is the reason why most countries government already banning porn sites.

As of you know that Tit coin cryptocurrency main focus in this industry is one way good for investors but other side is not good as if each country of world ban pornography so this currency going to be destroyed if not it can be a solid investor sector to double or triple their money.

How to buy Titcoin (TIT)?

To buy Titcoin (TIT) from an exchange you need to add funds through your bank account which might be required a 2-step process. You need to buy BTC or ETH from Coinbase first that accept deposits from a debit card or bank account. Then you can simply exchange your newly bought crypto to Titcoin.

Here is a three best exchange sites that can be used to exchange BTC or ETH to Tit coin:

– novaexchange.com
– cryptopia.co.nz
– global.bittrex.com

Titcoin Cryptocurrencies current stats on 31.01.2020

Price: $0.0001777
Market Cap: $261,776,213,175 2.4%
Coins: 6664
Exchanges: 403
Last 24 hour Volume: $100,028,982,984

Dominance by cryptomarket in last 24 hour:

BTC 66.3%
ETH 7.65%
XRP 4.03%

Tit coin cryptocurrency official website is: https://titcoin.github.io/

Should I Invest on Titcoin (TIT)?

It is a billion-dollar industry but surely not good for investment from my perspective. I would recommend to buy BTC and keep them in your Coinbase or Blockchain account to see it grow soon.


Titcoin is an adult entertainment industry based cryptocurrency that is good for those who are amateur pornography creators and wants their online privacy-focused by an alternative payment system that is what Titcoin offers to its consumers. But probably it is good for investors and pornography creators but bad for society. So I’d recommend not to invest on something you really feel not secured and feeling not interesting. Research more and make your own decision as it is always risky to invest in cryptocurrency which is growing very slowly.

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