Tips to create appealing Instagram Stories

Tips to create appealing Instagram Stories that the audience love

Instagram has become a great medium for branding and marketing exercises due to its visually appealing format and wide popularity, especially among the young generation. One of the best ways to highlight your brand on Instagram is to create great Instagram stories. However, in order to create appealing stories, you need to be highly creative as Instagram is already full of engaging stories with high-quality content and appealing formats.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right content for your Instagram stories and various graphics functionalities to improve the overall character of your Instagram stories:

How to choose the right content for your Instagram Stories

In order to connect quickly with the audience, you need to create the right type of content that is liked by the Instagram users. Here are a few best content types for your Instagram stories:

Promos and Schemes

Instagram stories are an excellent medium to publicize your short term promos due to their short life cycle of 24 hours! That is why many online lifestyle brands use Instagram stores to popularize their promos and leave a positive impact on internet users. Designing a great Promo story needs professional skills.

Content: Use very crispy, short and appealing content. Make sure that it should create urgency among the audience and also offer quick buy button to help them buy fast.

Design: Make your design to represent your brand identity. You can also include the colors and visual elements to highlight a specific occasion on which you are providing the schemes or discounts like red color for the Christmas promos.

Discount Schemes

Another best type of story content to be shared on Instagram stories is special Discount codes and coupons.

1. Take help of a professional designer to create appealing discount coupons in order to enjoy a unique identity and stand out from the crowd.

2. Clearly mention the deliverable on both the sides, i.e., what are the discount offers and what are the deliverables expected from the audience in order to enjoy the discounts.

3. For instance, you can ask them to react to your stories indicating that they have gone through the entire story by typing some text or picture like “I liked your awesome story” or a symbol of like (Thumbs up) or Emoji (a smiling face).

4. You can also get experimental with the scope and particulars of such discount schemes. For instance, you can offer a fair discount to everyone who reacts after going through your Instagram stories or offer a really huge discount to a selected winner (or a few selected winners. Likewise, you can also replace the discount with freebies.

5. Don’t forget to keep on sharing the names of the past winners and the discount/freebies they won.


Listicles are generally short, crisp and loaded with diverse entertaining and informative pieces which make them appealing to a massive number of internet users and increase the possibility of people sharing them with their friends. However, create listicles that directly relate to your industry or brand.

You can use a milestone journey of your company/brand, achievements, in the past year or the different unique ways your products or services can benefit the buyers.

For the industry related content, you can present various interesting facts supported by stats or interesting historical facts of the industry.

Techniques & Tools to enhance the visual character

Here are a few tools and techniques that will help you to further enhance the overall appeal of your Instagram stories without a complex process:

Use Brand colors strategically

For a great Instagram story to promote your brand you need to give it a strong brand identity by using your brand colors strategically.

• The easiest way to find your brand colors is by using the color presets of Instagram. In most of the cases, you can find your brand colors there.

• Just keep your finger pressed on a color suggestion for some moments and an extended color wheel with a huge spectrum of different hues will be opened from where you can choose your brand specific colors.

Use Rainbow colors for text

1. If you have a colorful Brand logo then it could be a great idea to design a rainbow text including all the different colors of your brand in a rainbow format.

2. After typing your text in a video/image tap it and select it by highlighting or choosing select all in case if you want to give a rainbow effect to the entire text.

3. While your text is highlighted, press and hold one finger down on the color palette tool at the bottom of your screen. It will open up the entire color spectrum.

4. Open the entire spectrum of colors by tapping on the color palette tool and holding it for a few seconds.

5. Without lifting your finger from the color palette, tap on the right of the highlighted word.

6. For deciding the color effects you can aptly move both the fingers that will result in color variations to suit your taste. Keep in mind to move both the fingers at once to the left side.


Videoshop offers strong video editing features along with advanced functionalities like new clip recording through word go. You can even import any clip directly from the camera roll that saves time.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post enhances the appeal of your photos by adding awesome animated effects to them. The best thing is it supports desktop, iOS, and Android so you can use it one nay of the three platforms.

Filmmaker pro

This great tool facilitates editing video clips in three different formats landscape, portrait, and square. You will also appreciate other functionalities like installation of custom fonts without a complex process.


Instagram stories are regarded as one of the most appealing ways to widen your reach and enhance your marketing and branding strategy.

However, in order to maximize the ROI of your Instagram stories, you need to be very careful about the format and flow of the content and should equally be serious about the designing strategy as Instagram is all about leaving a visual impact.

In this blog, we have presented information on how to create engaging content and the best designing techniques and tools to offer great appeal to your Instagram stories.

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