The Public school advantage: Why you should choose a public school for your child?

The Public School Advantage

Most people have a false perception regarding public schools that these schools are second rate schools and if you can send your children to a private school then you should do so. But what if I say your assumptions are completely wrong and what if I say that public schools are better than private schools.

These days, the biggest question that parents have is that “which school is a better school for their child”? Most parents take education very seriously for their child and look for better schools at the early age of the child. That is such a great sign that people know the importance of education. Parents have several numbers of options to choose from, they can choose a public school, a private school or a home school for their child.

How home school is not a good option?

The biggest reason why parents choose a home school for their child is to keep their child protected from bullying or outer activities. Right? Yes, protecting your child should be your priority but one day your kid will have to face the world. If you keep your child constrained to home then you can’t prepare him/her ever for the world. Your kid should be aware of the situations and dangers across the world and should be prepared for the same. That is why the home school can’t be considered a wise decision for your child.

This makes public and private schools better options to send your child. Because here your child will face the social situations of the world and learn to handle them as well. Your child will learn to make friendships.

How public schools outperform private schools?

Public schools are for everyone

Public schools serve everyone in the community. Everyone can take admission to public school. There are no criteria which one has to follow to get admission in public school.

Thus when you attend a public school, you will get to know the people from every corner of the community. You will meet people from a different religion. Public school is for everyone. The one, who born without any power or money can make their lives better with the help of the public schools.

The students at public schools perform better than private school students

Several politicians say that charter schools are a better option than that public school but when it comes to the results then public schools perform better than charter schools. The charter schools don’t have to follow the same rules and regulations that public schools need to follow thus charter schools are more flexible as compare to the public schools.

According to research, it has been proven that the student’s performance at charter schools is worst when compared to the performance of the public school students. So, as a parent, consider the performance of the schools at first and then choose the right school for your child.

Private schools are not always better

However, private schools portray them as a better option when compared to the public schools but it is not always the truth. It is very easy to show off the scores of the students with the support of family and lots of available resources. Right? When we compare similar students with same backgrounds and same family income, then the result shows that public schools perform well than private schools. The statistics prove that your child will get an excellent education in public school as millions of other students are getting. If you want overall growth of your child rather than just seeing their scorecard, public schools are a better option.

Public schools works

Statistics show that students that learn and studies in public schools take admissions in the world’s top colleges and universities. So no one can deny the fact that public schools do not work. The parents who can’t afford to send their children in private schools and can’t help them in their increasing homework at night then sending your children in public school is an ideal option. Public schools decrease the gaps between the students whose parents can help their kids in all subjects such as algebra, science and can help them in their homework to those whose parents can’t help their children.

Students whose parents don’t have time, whose parents are doing multiple jobs, whose parents can’t speak English and whose parents can teach their children don’t have to worry because in public schools all students can learn and can make their future brighter.


Considering all the above-given facts, if you want to choose the best public school for your children then Academia Avance Charter is the right school for them. It is a public charter school where the school has the flexibility to change a few rules if there is a need to offer a better education to the students so that they can grow well and can have a bright future ahead.

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