The Benefits Of Having A Tesla Powerwall 2

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The Benefits Of Having A Tesla Powerwall 2


When installing a Tesla Powerwall 2, it’s crucial to hire a legitimate firm. It should have vast experience in making sophisticated installations. Besides, it’s advisable to look for one which supplies certified EV charging and solar PV products.


How to Install Tesla Powerwall 2

Searching for a certified Tesla Powerwall installer helps in minimizing over-reliance on traditional sources of energy including fuels. Also, it allows you to have better control of your energy supply and consumption. Moreover, its power backup assures you of constant energy supply in your home.

After reaching out to a certified Powerwall installer such as Freedom Solar Power, the firm dispatches several technicians to your home to perform a field survey. It enables them to know the type of appliances and electrical equipment necessary for the installation to be successful. Also, the installer offers post-installation support in case of any complications.

Most firms focus on enlightening their clients on different home battery and solar PV options available. It enables you to make a wise selection of an ideal home battery. Besides, it also allows you to pick a configuration that is compatible with your Tesla Powerwall 2.


Features of Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall has different specifications including;

• Intelligent switch charge, discharge and load shifting.
• Low-rate charge
• Discharge during high-use sessions
• A nice battery backup
• Ideal battery supply for off-grid buildings
• Efficient Tesla inverter
• Indoor, outdoor, floor or wall mounting devices
• A single usable capacity of 13.5 kWh
• Guaranteed ten years warranty
• A Continuous power of 5 kW and peak power of 7 kW
• 90% round tip efficiency


Benefits of a Tesla Powerwall 2

When sunlight reaches your solar panel, Powerwall harnesses the energy and stores it in a battery. It enables you to use the power to illuminate your house at night. Besides, solar energy is renewable.

Skilled installers usually install the Powerwall within three hours. They ensure that your system design is appropriate. A faulty design may limit your Powerwalls’ performance. Furthermore, all Tesla Powerwalls can fit on any floor or wall.

You can use the Powerwall within or outside your home. After installing it, it’s critical to connect it to your primary power grid. It will discharge excess electricity which your sola boards generate. Unlimited power supply usually limits the battery’s lifespan.

A typical 14 kWh Powerwall battery comprises an integrated inverter, a liquid thermal system, and software which efficiently utilizes the stored energy. If you are keen on increasing your battery storage capacity, you can easily customize a solar-battery solution. It will allow you to harness sufficient solar power and cut down your monthly expenditure on fossil fuel.

Furthermore, you can install a Tesla application on your phone to get real-time updates of your home’s electrical system. In case of a malfunction, it’s advisable to contact an experienced technician promptly.

There are a variety of techniques that you can use when installing Tesla Powerwall 2 in your house. First, you need to understand your household’s energy demand and consumption rate. Also, the home’s design dramatically influences where you will place your Powerwall battery.

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