The Benefits Of A Mixed-Use Mecca

The Benefits Of A Mixed-Use Mecca


Mixed-use refers to a place (building, street, or neighborhood) where several different activities take place. A mixed-use Mecca incorporates a wide variety of uses, which include commercial, residential, entertainment, cultural, and institutional uses. These uses work to complement each of Benefits of a mixed-use Mecca include:


Greater Housing Variety

In a mixed-use Mecca, there is a wide range of housing options. From affordable smaller units to life-cycle housing that includes starter homes, larger homes, and senior homes, there is virtually some form of housing for everyone.


Social Development

A mixed-use Mecca creates a community where people can benefit socially. It focuses on a shared community space that allows interaction among residents and learning how to accommodate people from different backgrounds. This strengthens the social ties all through the community. There are also several places like parks and plazas where residents can gather for fun. Or various restaurants and boutiques for residents to enjoy.


Saves Money

Everyone wants to save as much as they can. Living in a mixed-use Mecca translates to monthly savings on transportation costs as residents depend less on using their cars and focus more on other means of transportation. Municipalities can also save on infrastructure costs when servicing a mixed-use Mecca compared to large-lot subdivisions. And, with services being shared, a mixed-use Mecca will also reduce long-term maintenance costs.


Local Economic Growth

The different uses integrate each other thus working in synergy. For instance, office workers can easily get food from restaurants, hotels can host business meetings, and residents can easily shop for whatever they want, the list is endless. Moreover, more walking translates to more foot traffic to businesses. Pedestrians tend to spend more at a business level compared to those driving. On the other hand, developers face less risk due to diversity since risks are spread across several different markets. A mixed-use Mecca offers a higher cash flow, less competition for business owners, and a safe bet for investors. In addition, a mixed-use Mecca offers several work opportunities, especially for low-income earners.


Efficient Resource Use

Resources such as trash disposal, parking, energy, sewage, and much more are used more efficiently in a mixed-use Mecca.


Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

The close proximity between housing, commercial places, and other destinations encourage walkability. This shifts the residents focus away from cars, promoting physical health through exercises, and more towards people, promoting a healthy social lifestyle. Also, with everything in proximity, residents can easily access fresh, healthy foods that encourage clean eating.


Increased Levels of Security and Safety

Security in a mixed-use Mecca is attributed to more people around. This is because people are always on the streets, day or night, thereby offering natural surveillance. Both tenants and businesses benefit from this form of security.

People in a mixed-use Mecca appreciate the wide variety of facilities and experiences that these places have to offer. Creating communities where people can access everything offers convenience together with several social and economic benefits. While experiencing a more modern and fluent sense of neighborhood and community.


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