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Technology Trends 2018


New yea, new technology . Yes, some technology gadgets in 2018 may leave us with the face of WTF and probably their journey does not go much further, but others will star on the covers and will become our object of desire for the next few months. Do you want to know what they are?

Here is a list of some of the latest technology trends in 2018


The 5G revolution

Although consumers will not benefit from 5G this 2018, 5G data transmission will have to say thanks to new drivers, large telecommunications companies and manufacturers of mobile devices. Intel, Qualcomm, Verizon, etc., among others will talk about this fast and reliable network that will enable smart cities, autonomous cars, health and leisure.

The 5G will be 10 to 100 times faster than the 4G

But as we say, 5G technology has not yet been implemented in consumer gadgets, but its progress will allow you to see some tiny flashes of it in 2018, all its potential for security, cost, privacy and of course, data transmission speed: between 10 100 times faster than the average of current 4G connectivity , according to iPadizate .


Autonomous cars

It is an open secret: the future of the automotive industry is autonomous driving. With this in mind, it ‘s no wonder that major manufacturers are engaged in a relentless battle for offering this service the most innovative possible practical and Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford and of course , the firm Tesla ‘s ínclito Elon Musk , who seems to have taken the cat to the water with his electric cars.

And although the company of the South African guru is the tip of the iceberg of sustainable cars , since CES 2016 several car companies have been presenting projects of fireballs with alternative fuels, such as Chevy Bolt.


A truly intelligent home

If last year we could already see some gadgets that worked with Amazon’s virtual assistant at CES 2017, this year Google Home enters the league of the Internet of things. Thus, Alexa and Google Home was seen during CES 2018 with more intelligent fridges, security cameras, speakers, vacuum cleaners, etc., which will make use of computer vision and Artificial Intelligence to make our lives easier .

Although Apple and its environment HomeKit captained by Siri also have the potential to give that talk, they will also make their fleeting appearance even as a spectator, although they will miss HomePod, which is not yet for sale.


Your doctor, closer than ever

2017 was not a good year for wearables: it is not that it is finished, much less, simply the sector is evolving. Jawbone is out , Fitbit remains but the consumer seems to opt more and more towards Apple and its Apple Watch. In general it is a market that grows slowly but continues to increase because health and well-being is a rising value.

At CES 2018 we were able to see health technologies that bring health to our gadgets using augmented reality and cloud services, so that patients and health professionals find new ways of interacting .


The TV of the future: 8K!

We may be fascinated by some colorful gadgets, but in the end what triumphs in the Consumer Electronics Show are usually televisions, where Samsung and LG are the real authorities in the matter.

If the first OLED screens were seen a decade ago, at CES 2018 we saw the MicroLED, a very similar technology that will become inorganic and much smaller . The microLED has several advantages over OLED: better contrast, brightness and more energy efficiency, as well as greater resistance to the burn-in effect. At the moment it is known that Samsung intends to present a 150-inch MicroLED macrotele.

LG presented an 8k TV. Mashable

And if you have already become familiar with 4K, it is time to forget something so mainstream and focus on the next level, the 8K: 7.680 × 4.320, that is, about 33 million pixels.


Augmented reality is already a reality

In 2017 Apple managed to bring the augmented reality to the general public thanks to ARKit and now it will be difficult to find a camera or screen that does not implement this function.

Of all of them, probably the one that arouses more interest is the augmented reality glasses. Probably not sweep among consumers, but they will find their place for tasks such as controlling drones or commercial applications.


Smart headphones arrive

Now that Apple’s AirPods are an unquestionable success, all manufacturers are looking to get their piece of the cake. Of course, do not expect to find some devices that simply serve to listen to music because the CES 2018 presented some edition of smart headphones with sensors to monitor the heart rate, for example.

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