Tarot Court Card: Tarot Spread for Your Love Partner

“A good Tarot Reader never gives false hope or leave a client feeling disturbed,” 
― Leslie Anne Franklin.

The personality cards are often referred to as the Tarot court cards. 16 in number these cards are grouped on the basis of similar families.

As per love tarot card reading for singles, these cards are divided into four groups of four cards each compromising fours of each Queen, King, Pentacles, and Swords.

Each group different of characteristics, but that does not mean that free tarot reading for love life can predict the specific traits of a person but to a certain extent they can provide a substantially accurate idea of the dominant one.

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The Kings of Tarot cards with the love Potentials

Often considered the top of the deck, the kings are physically and intellectually powerful as per tarot card reading love predictions.

These cards have defined set of preferences, behavior, habits and are highly focused and attentive.

  • Kings of Wands: People falling under this category are highly passionate and attentive. You get irritated easily with a sudden flare-up in your temper; however, that does not last long. Charismatic, strong-willed and assertive, you love trying new things in life.
  • King of Cups: Your open-hearted and gentle nature makes you a thoughtful and sweet personality. Out of your harmful habits, drinking is the most prominent one. You prefer a routine love life and avoid trying anything new.
  • King of Swords: Your authoritative and focused nature makes you a highly sharp and witty person. You are excellent at expressing your emotions and usually end up making lifelong relationships. Depending on the circumstances you can either take or lose control for a better love life.
  • King of Pentacles: You enjoy others company but tend to show-off at times. Working hard and partying harder is one of your life mantras. As a lover, you are highly considerate but have difficulty in displaying your emotions towards your partner.

The Queens of Tarot cards with the love potential

This mainly consists of women of all ages including the married ones and singles. Your energy is highly likable and is reflected with equal intensity.

  • Queen of wands: Your extrovert and aggressive nature make you a big personality. You are destined to be in the spotlight and achieve professional success. If reciprocated well, you can become a loyal friend, and as a lover, you are highly passionate and romantic.
  • Queens of cups: Loving, creative, good listener and attentive are few of your prominent characteristics. Your decisions are usually based on how you feel rather than being rational. Your emotional quotient helps you connect easily with people around you.
  • Queen of Swords: With your intellectual and perspective nature you are not readily available for everyone, but those who can cross the walls will discover your true nature, often loving and well-balanced. As a lover, you are exceptionally needy.
  • The Queen of Pentacles: You are highly practical and helpful in nature. At work you are one of the strongest support pillars and are highly reliable. You make a pragmatic and enthusiastic lover with a particular inclination towards your sexual needs.

The Knights of Tarot cards with the love potentials

As per, free love tarot reading, this category comprises of single men in their twenties/thirties.

  • Knight of Wands: Highly liberated and lusty, the knight of wands cannot be faithful to anyone and are always seen jumping from one relationship to another. Well, like a lover you desire for each and everything, but at times you go way ahead.
  • Knight of cups: You are the most romantic types of all. For you, a good impression always helps in building a long-lasting and sustainable relationship. You are both adventurous and tender.
  • Knight of Swords: Characterized by your impulsive nature, you will fall in love very quickly and will come out of it even more rapidly. As per free love tarot, you will have a series of romantic relationships, but if you learn to apply breaks, things might turn in your favor.
  • Knight of Pentacles: Believed to be the sexiest of all court cards, you enjoy a natural inclination towards sex. Your ruling element earth makes you a highly dependable, faithful and loyal lover. He always ensures doing things which makes you happy and content.

Tarot pages and their love potential

This category usually comprises of young individuals who have just started to learn about their love potentials.

  • Page of Wands: You have just started with your journey of romantic adventures and are enjoying it thoroughly. However, as a lover, you are always seen hopping from one relationship to another so be sure of your choices before you get into a relationship with them.
  • Page of Cups: Mostly virgins, you are never in a hurry when in a relationship, and choose your partners very cautiously. Your emotional and immature nature makes you quite nervous. Try and learn to be confident to experience a fruitful relationship.
  • Page of Swords: Being the most logical, you think rationally before starting a relationship. You know what exactly you want and choose your partner very wisely. However, your young age put you on the trendy-edge with low experience.
  • Page of Pentacles: With your common-sense, you are the most likable partner. You ensure that everything is in place before you get involved in a potential relationship. You are quite enthusiastic, but patience will help you go a long way, feels your free tarot reading for love life.
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