SX Mini Q Class Firing Problems and Solutions

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SX Mini Q Class Firing Problems and Solutions


For those who have purchased a new SX Mini Q, you might have run up against some frustrating issues. The SX Mini Q Class was meant to be a high-end vaporizer that lived up to the hype. Some owners have posted complaints online, and VaporFi is here to help put your mind at ease. We’ve read the complaints and done some testing of our own to find solutions, as well as getting feedback and updates from the manufacturer. Here’s what you need to know.


Firing Button Stuck on SX Mini Q?

The bulk of complaints regarding the SX Mini Q have to do with a stuck firing button. This can present itself in one of two ways. On some units, it appears that way when you press the firing button, the screen shows that power is being used and everything looks normal, but the power never makes its way to the coils themselves, so it doesn’t produce any vapor. The other problem is that some vapers have witnessed their devices auto-firing on their own when not in use.



We’ve come across several solutions to these problems. First of all, if the device is brand new and you are experiencing problems, it is best to take it in for an exchange. Yihi is aware of the issue and has been working with consumers to fix it. However, the return process can be a little fuzzy if you have to ship your device overseas.

If you’d prefer to hang on to your advice, there are a few things you can check on your own. First, remove the batteries before you begin working. Then, use a tiny Torx bit to remove the screws near the 510 connector. You will find that underneath is a small washer that connects to the ground of your chipset. That washer needs to be snugly in place, and the ground needs to be connected. You can visually inspect both.

Then you need to screw your 510 connector back into place and tighten it all the way down so that it is making good contact with the washer to pass the power up to your coils. Some users were finding that their 510 connectors were sitting above the washer, and only making intermittent contact, causing the unit to look like it was working without actually firing.

Finally, use a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to gently clean your firing button. This device is especially finicky around spilled liquid, so you want to make sure the firing button doesn’t have buildup around it. Those two fixes should be enough to get your SX Mini Q class problems solved!


If All Else Fails

If all of the aforementioned solutions to a non-working SX Mini Q firing button fail, don’t forget that new vaping devices come with a limited warranty. The Q series comes with a limited six-month warranty. Simply go to the company’s website to learn how to send your device back and for additional resources. Hope you’re back to using your SX Mini again soon!

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