Sweden Schengen business visa application process for Bangladeshi

Sweden Schengen business visa application process for Bangladeshi

Looking to travel in schengen Area like Sweden for business purpose and searching for solution? Also wants to learn how to make plan and what documents might required to get your visa application approved? Then this post will guide you to help you so you can start your schengen visa application process easily.

One thing keep in mind that we don’t process any visa but guide you how to apply for schengen visa, where to apply, which documents you need to submit, how much would be visa application processing fees, insurance coverage for your Europe visit and idea for your business and personal bank statement requirements and more.

If you’re seriously looking to travel in Europe then must know that there is no guarantee for visa. If you follow our guide, we feel you have a high chance for your Schengen visa approval. So lets talk more about it…

Note: If you want to travel in Sweden and then visit any other Schengen country without any issue and wants your visa get accepted then you must apply to embassy that will be your first destination or your visa will not be accepted.

How to apply for Sweden Schengen Business visa?

To apply for Sweden business entry, you need to have Schengen visa to visit Sweden and 26 other European country without any issue. But if you wants to visit for business purpose in Sweden then you must obtain Schengen visa from Sweden embassy from your country. Here are the application process you need to do fulfill with:

First, Download Schengen visa application form, filled it correctly and signed on it to submit at Sweden embassy in Dhaka.

Second, you must have a valid passport which have minimum six months of validity. Also you need two blank page without any other country visa stumped on it.

Third, you must submit a cover letter with your visa application. In cover letter, you should mention about your present conditions, your profession or your business, why do you want to travel, plan for trip etc.

Fourth, you must submit an Itinerary letter too. You will have to write about day by day report, travel report, if you travel into other European country that’s report too.

Fifth, you must submit a hotel booking document (You don’t need to purchase). You can simply book a hotel from Booking.com.


Sixth, you must submit an air ticket documents with visa application form which can be booked via booking.com. You don’t need to purchase before arrival. So don’t worry. Also you can book a air ticket flight from flightexpertbd.com too.

Seventh, You need Euro 30000 for health insurance coverage which can be bought by 2 or 3 thousands Taka at different Air office. You can simply visit Sweden Embassy official website at https://www.vfsglobal.se/Bangladesh for reference.

Eighth, you need to submit trade license, income tax and chamber of commerce certificate. Also you need to submit business & personal bank statement.

Ninth, you need to submit one passport size photograph which should be schengen size (35 * 45)mm (70% to 80% head should be visible and an official invitation is needed from a partner living in Sweden.

Visa Fees & Others

To process your visa, they would charge you from BDT 4500 to BDT 10000 including other expenses.(may be less than that). Once you got visa approval from Swedish embassy, you can fly to travel in Sweden and follow the rules and regulations.]


Once you have fulfilled all necessary requirements, it would take up to 30 days to have your visa from your nearest embassy where you had an interview for visa approval. Hopefully this guide will assist you to learn how to process your Swedish schengen visa application by yourself. Hope you have a successful visa application for Sweden.

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