Studio Apartment Ideas: Top 7 Space Saving Ideas for Apartments

Studio Apartment Ideas: Top 7 Space Saving Ideas for Apartments

In this post, I’m gonna share with you my top 7 space-saving studio apartment ideas that would be great for you.

About two months ago I made a tour of my apartment and I got a ton of comments and questions from people asking how can you manage to live in such a tiny apartment? It’s pretty safe to say that I have mastered the art of living in tiny spaces.

My Top 7 Studio Aparment Ideas

These are my Top 7 space saving ideas while living in a tiny apartment that I use in my everyday life.

My Top 7 Studio Aparment Ideas

1. Space Saving Idea Number One

My first idea is everyone’s favorite party trick. I use Murphy bed that’s really good for me. If I had a normal bed in the studio that takes up a lot of real estates when you’re working with the place that’s around you know 300 400 square feet. The bed takes up a lot of room and I was thinking about this the other night if I didn’t have this Murphy bed I don’t think I would be able to live in a place small like that’s how much of a game-changer.

This is looking at all this space that becomes available when we fall up the Murphy bed having all this space opened up. I’d say this is almost a third of the apartment is taken up by the bed. So the Murphy bed is the go-to the only real drawback that I can find for.

The Murphy bed is the fact that they’re pretty pricey my specific model was from a company called great of beds and it was just about $1,700. I have the white on white which is nice because it pretty much disappears into the wall and you can’t really notice. It a lot of times when people come over they think that it’s a dresser or some storage unit and then I take down the bed and it’s kind of a cool party trick. You know not many people expect you to have a fold-up bed.

2. Space Saving Idea Number Two

My second idea is the hanging bike rack. A bike in the apartment can take up a ton of space. I have here this industrial bike rack made from some metal piping with some leather accents that I mounted to a piece of wood and then put my wall the amount of for space that the fight. Actually it takes up is a lot more than you would think bike on the wall kind of adds that New York aesthetic to the apartment a little bit of a confession.

The other night I’m sitting at my desk getting some work done. I kind of hear like noise like something’s like I the world-famous bike mount rack kind of wall device thing it fell out of the wall while I was working the bike almost fell on my head luckily. I have cat-like reflexes and I got out of the way really quick so the bike rack rests in peace.

I’ll have to reinstall later this week the bike rack has go-to for saving space when you live in a tiny apartment and you have a big white wall there are a few things you could do with it, you could hang a huge piece of art, you
could get a massive TV or you could get a full-length full-body mirror that you put right by the bed. It will make the apartment seem double the size like the first thing I do.

3. Space Saving Idea Number Three

When I wake up is actually look into the mirror and I can see the skyline of New York from the mirror which is pretty amazing. I got this mirror from a company called Ballard Designs for just about seven hundred dollars when you live in a space this cozy having a full-length full wall mirror can make the apartment seem double.

The size also it’s important for getting ready for that meeting that day you gotta have that full-body mirror to see how you’re looking before you head out the door normally a coffee table is something that is really big. It’s just ready from the couch and it doesn’t move. It collects dust and crap and it just sort of sits.

They’re a great space-saving solution to that in a tiny apartment is having multiple lightweight and tables. These end tables were all handmade, they are reclaimed water they make the perfect coffee table. If you have friends over I have this one off in the corner which acts as a more permanent table and then I have a 24 by 24 pub table which serves as my dining room table and breakfast note they’re easy they’re clean and when you’re not using them just move them right out of the way.

4. Space Saving Idea Number Four

The next idea might be the most important one on my list, this is how I normally keep my apartment very clean. I’m gonna just throw my dirty wash everywhere so you can see a tiny apartment that can amplify the mess so as you can slip here put stuff on the couch. Is this messy enough? yeah, now it looks disgusting. This is a huge tip and it’s so underrated.

When you live in a small apartment, you have to keep it clean like there’s no I mean unless that’s your thing and you don’t mind living like this but for me, I mean everything has its set place because it’s very easy for it to get very cluttered and super messy very fast.

5. Space Saving Idea Number Five

You know most people they wait till the end of the week, the end of the workweek and they clean everything at once which can kind of just be a hassle and ruin your weekend. What I do is I clean a little bit every day. I get done my workout and I don’t throw my gym clothes on the windowsill here like this you know I fold it up right away and put it in the closet.

So normally your apartment does not look like this I’ve never seen your apartment. This mess no it’s trash okay but this is just for an example to show that a mess is a huge way to save space in a tiny apartment or a lack of a mess all right. I have yet to meet someone who has a smaller kitchen. It’s one of the coziest kitchens in all of New York City.

6. Space Saving Idea Number Six

The next tip for saving space and a tiny apartment on our list is kitchen utensils. This tip is very simple only have two of everything, two plates, two bowls, two forks, two spoons because honestly, you can’t comfortably have more than two people in the apartment at a time for a meal.

7. Space Saving Idea Number Seven

The number seven tip I have for saving space is utilizing your closet. I’m very lucky and I have a pretty large walk-in closet. In this apartment, the closet came with this bar for hanging and I actually put in these shelves so I can put all my clothing in there.

I have all my electronics stored here, miscellaneous things, my air mattress. This one’s out of necessity because I don’t really think that I could fit a dresser in this apartment. I mean there’s not really too much room anywhere in here that I could put a dresser.

The Bottom Line

I was wondering how many of you actually live here in New York. If you ever have lived in New York City or if you’ve ever spent time living in a tiny apartment or tiny house.

I hope these top seven space saving studio apartment ideas for you would be very useful. If you enjoyed the post, make sure to leave a like if you’re new here make sure to leave a comment.

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