Stream Rewards Review: Investing Opportunity Legit or Scam?

Stream Rewards Review: Investing Opportunity Legit or Scam?

Why Stream Rewards? Are you an Investor or Looking to grow your account with a big international project that offers open opportunity to get financial stability? If you’re searching a project that is offering money making opportunity comfortably working from your home job and would like to know more before step in the team then I am here to help.

Today I’m gonna share with you about a project that is called Stream Reward. And many of you here because you want to be confirmed whether Stream Reward is legit or scam, right?

In this review, you will learn about what is Stream Reward, features of this project, how does it works, how to make money online with them, how to deposit and withdraw, is this company legit or scam and final words about its payment proof and legitimacy.

So read this post till the end so you don’t miss out any information…

Stream Rewards Review: What is Stream Rewards?

Stream Reward is an infinite rewards based project that is launched in the early January in 2019. Robert Benz is the founder of Stream Reward project; he is having more than 12 years of experience in IT project management. Stream Reward found at

Jon Greenham is the Co-founder and Caroline Warneforf is the designer of this pre-launched project. They have dedicated customer support manager who support upon request by you.

How does StreamReward project works?

Stream Reward decide to make some major development process before the end of 2019 which is as follows:

Stream Reward Development Plan for 2019
Development Plan of Stream Reward

5 Dollar for Financial Freedom:

Investing only US 5 Dollar open a built in passive income system to turn it into US 10000 Dollar. You’ve opportunity to earn this and it is possible in their built in system. You also can start with US 15 Dollar or 20 Dollar to start making more money as well as other benefits.

Advertise Your Business

Activating your account investing US 5 Dollar or more, you will have opportunity to advertise your own business as follows:

Stream Reward Advertise Beneficial Opportunity upon activating account with us 5 dollar

Passive Income Opportunity

You will have the opportunity to get spillover throughout the project, superior members and leaders. So your team still grows while you don’t do anything. If you want to make money fast then work hard and don’t quit.

Partnership Bonus Program

They have a great partnership feature plan which gives you up to 50% bonus commission if your personally invited partner remain active on platform. So takes the advantage of it too.

International Finance Project

They have opened this project internationally and you will have the opportunity to understand and read anything you would like to know in your own language. They have added 12 language now and more will be in future.

Stream Rewards in Future

You will have more money making opportunity in future as they’re going to expand their business. They have a plan to build a blockchain project as well social network from where you can start make money without inviting anyone too. So sound looks good and you should take action now.

How to make money online with Stream Rewards?

Making money online is not an easy task if you don’t spend something from your own hand. Stream Reward is not any difference also. To get financial stability you need to work hard and focus on what you’re doing right or wrong. If you think its not right for you just leave, if you believe and can afford to loose so you can take action to be successful.

Top up US 5 Dollar via Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other payment available method and purchase the position early to have advertising bonuses as well secure or lock your position. You will then receive commission from both your referral as well random member when they become active partner.

I recommend you to start with US 20 Dollar package so you will have the opportunity to earn US 60,000 Dollar in a single month and advertise your business or referral link through banner impression and other advertising bonuses got received for package purchasing.

As example if you start with US 5 Dollar package and have 32 active partner that is working within your team then the commission comes out for you will be like this.

StreamReward 5 usd level up commission

Stream Reward is a unique platform for those who are looking to earn more money and more opportunity to advertise their business without any extra cost. Your partner also get paid for what he does so you too.

Opening an opportunity to get financial stability is not a difficult task if you do follow the guide to be successful.

Who can participate in Stream Reward program?

Anyone from around the world having at least age of 1 years can participate in Stream Reward money making program.

What is the minimum withdraw threshold?

Once you’ve reached minimum US 10 Dollar threshold, you can withdraw earnings upon request. There is no maximum. Within three hours of payment request you will be paid. Payeer payment instant but Bitcoin payment delay due to blockchain confirmation (not more than 3 hours).

How to deposit and withdraw money from Stream Reward program?

To deposit in Stream Reward, log into your account and you will be appeared in dashboard. Go to ‘Wallet’ from payment tab. Press on the ‘Top up’ and deposit via Bitcoin, Ethereum and Payeer.

how to deposit in Stream Reward

To withdraw from Stream Reward, follow the same step and when you reach in your wallet dashboard, just press on the ‘Paying Out’ button and select the payment button from drop-down and type your payment address and submit for withdrawal.

how to withdraw from stream reward

How to create a passcode and why should I use it to withdraw my money?

Go to ‘Profile section and create a passcode. A passcode is for secured payment process. It is required when you withdraw the money to your Bitcoin and Payeer account. Don’t forget the passcode or you will charge US 10 Dollar for passcode restoration.

How to Join in Stream Reward?

To sign up with Stream Reward click here and verify your email. Then logged into your account and go to profile section and update your personal information and payment wallet as well create a passcode for payments withdrawal.

Is Investing Opportunity on Stream Reward Legit or Scam?

Stream Reward is in its early stage and in this particular stage it is very difficult to find out whether it is scam or legit. I will update my this part after proper analysis about this project. Meanwhile I can say this is a good project as its future plan is very good though it will take time to judge them upon payment proof. If you’ve already working with them and earned or loss some money then please share your experience and payment proof in the comment box or mail me at

Final Words

I strongly believe this gonna be a good project than any other short or long term money making programs as it is going to be a multi way based money making platform if the development plan they’ve mentioned goes nicely.

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