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Are you blogger? Have a Blog? Would like to earn online extra money promoting sponsored post working at home from the comfort of your home?

Many people start a blog as hobby though after doing blogging for few months they will quit it and some others who want to keep continue writing posts according to blog topic on their blogs want something which will motivated them writing quality reviews in future.

If its because of money that help them keep motivated to writing on blog which are they more passionate about then I can help those blogger about how to make money online promoting sponsored post and brand reviews.

I am gonna share an interesting work at home-based opportunity and easy way to make money online from your blog in the form of sponsored reviews.

At first I would want to clear one thing about the term of paid or sponsored reviews that use often in this post. When we accept money, any gifts or freebies promoting on our blog writing about a website, its products or services that is known as paid or sponsored reviews.

I will share here about a popular marketplace where anyone could buy and sell products and services reviews about any brand and its products as well services on a blog to earn good amount of money that is known as SponsoredReviews.com


SponsoredReviews Review – Blogger Opportunity:

SponsoredReviews.com is a popular sponsored reviews buying and selling marketplace platform for both advertiser and blogger. As an advertiser, you can advertise your services to promote on a blog by paying some money for being reviewed honestly by blog owners with SponsoredReviews.com.

As a blogger, you no need to put much effort to make money online with SponsoredReviews.com.

All you need to get paid for the topics of your choice by writing reviews about an advertiser brand, products and services with Sponsored Reviews marketplace platform.


Sign up as a Blogger to make money online promoting Sponsored Post or Reviews

To start making money working at home from the comfort of your home you need to sign up as a Blogger with SponsoredReviews writing quality reviews for their advertisers. But you have to follow their blog accepting guidelines to be approved into their marketplace. Follow the instructions below to enter into SponsoredReviews.com marketplace……………..

  1. You must have at least one active blog with minimum of 4 months age old and 10 posts high quality posts published.
  2. Your blog should have indexed in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing search engine.
  3. Your blog must have good page rank, alexa ranking and organic traffic, social media connection to be accepted into their marketplace.
  4. Your blog should contain original contents only.
  5. You should have an active Paypal account to accept your account earnings from this marketplace.


If you think, you have fulfilled requirements to be accepted into their marketplace then you should sign up for a blogger account with SponsoredReviews instantly.


How to Make Money as a Blogger with SponsoredReviews.com?

Once your blog has been accepted into SponsoredReviews marketplace, you will be able to make good amount of money while writing sponsored posts for their advertisers available on their site. Simply edit your blog details by browsing Mange Blogs section from your SponsoredReviews.com blogger account. You can change your blog details, category, pricing etc. in this section.


Two ways you could possible earn money with this website and that is as follows below…..

  1. Some advertises used to browse blogs mentioned in their advertising categories on SponsoredReviews.com. When an advertiser finds your blog good and fits to advertise their brand, products and services, they will offer you good amount of money making opportunity in the form of sponsored posts or reviews. If you get such request, you have to decide whether you want to write for that advertiser or not. There can be many factors to think about consideration while making such decisions like as follows:
  • Advertiser’s Brand popularity;
  • Money being offered to your review;
  • Type of topic writing about advertiser website.


  1. Most of the important thing would recommend to you that only write about the advertiser website if its related to your blog topic. If its related to your blog niche then accept the opportunity or reject the review from the advertiser. As a blogger, you should only accept those opportunities which will be related to your blog topics and will be liked by your  blog followers and readers. Right honest reviews about the Brand or services offered by advertiser for which you get paid. Advertiser also looks for honest product reviews and feedbacks from blogger they choose.


  1. You can use bidding system available on SponsoredReiviews.com marketplace site. Once your blog is accepted into their network, go to Find Advertisers section in your SponsoredReviews blogger account to start making bids on available opportunities. While making any bids, make sure that you are sending bids for opportunities which are related to your blog topics.


By writing for relevant websites, its products and services, you will be able to get quality posts on your blog for which you get paid. If you don’t want to lose your blog readers and their interest then don’t accept the opportunities your blog are not related to. Keep your pricing for reviews is reasonable for advertisers to win bid. In some cases, you will receive counter pricing bid from advertisers which you can accept or deny and back with another price.

When a bid accepted by advertiser, start writing reviews for their website, products and services. Before bidding on any opportunity keep checking the requirements needs for an advertiser. So you should start working on its topic. After winning a bid, you will have one-week time available to submit a winning opportunity. Once you have posted reviews live on your blog, share link on SponsoredReviews.com website. If everything goes fine per requirements then your review post will be accepted or otherwise declined by advertiser. You will be paid only for accepted reviews by advertiser.


SponsoredReviews.com has been keeping a ration of 50 by 50 with all bloggers in its marketplace. If you end up writing a review for $50, you will be paid $25 and rest of the amount will go into their account.


When and how do I get paid?

They are sending payments to all its bloggers into their Paypal account. You should have an active Paypal account to receive payment from SponsoredReviews.com. They are sending payments automatically in every two weeks time to the all eligible bloggers.


You can earn as much you want depending how many reviews opportunity you have completed successfully. Share your experience with our readers so they can share their experience with you.


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