Sponsored Blogging Opportunity For Bloggers


Sponsored Blogging Opportunity For Bloggers


Blogging is a passion for some people to share their daily lifestyle and things they do while there is bloggers who took it professionally and living happily making good cool cash grabbing each opportunity required to take action. But if I ask what is your main purpose behind blogging? Then most of the people do blogging would say that they are looking to make good money or build their career as professional bloggers.

Is that so simple?

Then I would say definitely not.

If you’re expecting making good money beginning your blogging career  then you should realize some important facts to achieve your goal and that is:

  1. Start a blog – buying unique, short and a meaningful domain and buy a shared or VPS hosting. Recommended domain and hosting buying platform is Inithost.co.uk, Bluehost, Web4Africa and Dreamhost.
  2. Make a plan and strategy which topic are you going to write that your audience interested in.
  3. Focus on your blog SEO and do little things by yourself. Without proper SEO your blog is nothing on the web so make sure you’re doing it correctly or hire a developer or SEO company to do On/Off site SEO for your blog. Buy high quality backlinks from SEOClerks.
  4. Research in depth on topic you’re going to write, research keywords and write one or more unique article daily and publish it on your blog.
  5. Accept Guest post from guest post writer and publish onto your blog (Recommended if you can not write an article).
  6. Create social media profile or page, share your blog article daily and communicate with your audience through your blog and social media and make feel them that you’re going to help.
  7. Sign up for Google AdSense or Media dot net when your blog are ready to monetize. Or Sell Ads directly from your website putting ‘Advertise’ page.
  8. Keep writing, engaging with your audience and enjoy benefit many ways from your blog.


Now come to the point of main topic of this blog post and that is Sponsored Blogging Opportunity For Bloggers and Let’s find out about Sponsored Blogging Opportunity For Bloggers.


What is Sponsored Blogging?

Sponsored Blogging is a way to get paid for each post you write for a client or company, provide them an unique backlink from your post related to their business for lifetime, publish sponsored content on your blog and share this post on your social media page and profile.


Where can I find Sponsored Blogging opportunity?

There are many third-party websites that working as middle-man to bring clients and bloggers together and they cut small fees for each assignment completed successfully by bloggers.

Two ways you can find the Sponsored Blogging opportunity as follows

  1. Blog  – Write an effective post that you can write sponsored content and publish on your blog and share this through your all social media. Even you can promote this post via Google AdWords or Bing Ads to reach more client or business.
  2. Influencer Network websites – You can sign up with each influence network and complete your profile adding all social media profile and blog.


I went through a detail research and find out 5 top quality influence network websites that connects clients and bloggers and pay bloggers for each successful assignment and these networks as follows:


1. PayPerPost:

PayPerPost is a influencer network websites that helps bloggers to create specific content for advertiser and publish it on blogger own blog. This is a platform chosen by thousands of bloggers to make money working for their respective clients.

The advertisers play vital role here providing requirements for their content (ex: blog post, article, social media influence, buzz and video) and create opportunities for bloggers to bid on their project and get paid completing a task successfully.

Bid a Sponsorship offer from PayPerPost marketplace as long as its available to your region and start working upon requirements of advertiser to get paid. Sign up here if you’re not a member yet.

PayPerPost paying through PayPal currently. There is minimum threshold required to cash out earnings as long as you pay $3 cash out fees as a free member. Basic Membership deduct $2 and Pro Membership deduct $1 cash out fees.


2. SponsoredReviews:

SponsoredReviews is another popular influencer networking websites that connects bloggers with SEO’s, marketers and advertisers. It is pretty much similar as PayPerPost; but the advantage of being a member on their website is absolutely no cost. Find more details about SponsoredReviews Blogger Opportunity.

Sponsored Reviews has some requirements to add your blog on their database to be eligible to find advertiser to work with. Once you sign up with SponsoredReviews.com, you will find their rules and regulation when you start adding a blog. Before submitting your blog read their rules and requirements.

After submitting your blog, you will be informed when you get approval. It takes 7 business days and sometimes more. You will not need to bid for advertiser sponsorship. Advertiser will find you out and buy reviews, content, video or any other service related to bloggers you’re expert in for their business.

You will be paid only when you complete a review or blog post after 15 days of completion via PayPal. There is no minimum threshold required to cash out from SponsoredReviews.


3. Blogdash:

Blogdash is another top influencer network website that connects bloggers and advertiser. Advertiser post their requirements through Blogger Outreach campaign to reach bloggers who’re interested onto their topic and related category.

Bloggers required to apply for a project if they’re interested or decline if they don’t. If you as blogger wants to be approved by an advertiser for a blogger outreach campaign then you must follow the rules and regulation required by.

Blogdash is paying through Check and PayPal. There is no minimum threshold to cash out.


4. Tomoson:

Tomoson is one of the best and top quality bloggers and social media influencer network website that connects advertiser and influencer. This marketplace are bigger than other influencer network but the reason I kept this into 4 position is because it’s mostly a social media influencer platform but bloggers who have largest social media audience also effective to participated in and get paid cash or product reviewed by writing a blog post, sharing advertiser content with social media audience etc.

Tomoson has different types of offers and campaign provides by advertiser to choose right bloggers and social media influencer to get best service from their campaign. You can simply make good amount of money, a product gift, deals and freebies writing a blog post and sharing with your social media audience.

You can bid on any project as a blogger or social media influencer and charge as you’re willing to get paid. But I recommend to charge appropriate am ount of cash or gift of product depending on your audience interest and engagement onto advertiser campaign.

Tomoson paying to your bank account directly anywhere in the world you’re living in as long as you earn money from any of campaign offer by an advertiser. There is no minimum threshold to cash out money to your bank account.


5. SocialPubli:

SocialPubli is another top quality influencer network website which connects bloggers and advertiser. This platform accept bloggers and social media influencer to reach target audience required by advertiser.

Learn more about SocialPubli Review – How does it works and how to make money.

SocialPubli paying through PayPal to its user who writing content and sharing content with their social media audience. As a blogger, you will be paid when you reaches minimum $50 payment threshold via PayPal.

There are many other influencer network websites for bloggers you can find out searching online. I would update this post as soon as I get response from you guys.



As earlier I told, blogging is a passion but which passion you should take into profession, write blog post daily and do SEO for your blog  if you want to be a successful blogger. And when you feel you’re ready then start working for advertiser, find blogging opportunity from above mentioned influencer network website list and make money handsomely.

As a Blogger, writing for advertiser is the simplest way to make money online while advertiser also get benefited by many ways. The influencer network website listed and detailed above basis on our research so hopefully this website is not scam and trusted for bloggers. If you’re experienced and already worked with any of these network then share your experience with readers so they’d be helpful.

If you’ve any query regarding this post, feel free to write a comment so I can interact with you to share and learn more.

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