Smart Translator Review: Intelligent Speech Translator for Travellers

Smart Translator Review: Intelligent Speech Translator for Travellers

Hello everyone, what’s up? This is Sohel again here. This is a note from gadget learning a new language is not an easy task and no matter how much you try you will make mistakes and struggle a lot. In this post, I will tell you this unique gadget which will make your life easy and help you to understand and speak different languages.

So let’s find out more about this gadget. We have here is the intelligent speech translator and we got this from
TomTom and the price of this gadget are 45 US dollars which are somewhere around 3000 Rupees.

The intelligent speech translator has the user guide and it’s a detailed user guide that has the information on how to use this translator both in English and Chinese language and then here we have the translator it’s the Smart translator which can do a real-time translation of 40 different languages.

Smart Translator Review: Features and Pros and Cons

I find this gadget compact and the build quality is also very good. It has the micro-USB charging cable and the quality tech sticker. This device is really small and lightweight but definitely made up of good quality material and weighs just only 65 grams in terms of physical overview.


This device has two buttons in the front which are red and blue. The top button is for a language or you can say primary language and then the blue button which is for secondary language on the left side.

It has a mic and a charging port on the right side also has a second mic and the buttons which are power and the volume up and down and at the back. It has a speaker in order to use this gadget.

Smart voice translator needs to connect it to your phone via Bluetooth connection and also need to download an app. The app is available for both Android and iOS but you will have to download the app using the QR code as it’s not available officially on Play Store. So you need to install the app.

Smart Translator Review: Intelligent Speech Translator for Travellers

Now let’s connect it the connection is simple as you just have to power it on and then you will see the translator in the app under the available devices once connected.

This is the interface you will get on the app you would need to set up initially with the language of your choice in Language A and language option. The device offers translation in lots of different languages and it has almost all the popular languages available.

This gadget works without any problem and the translations are also accurate there are different ways you can use this translator. First is stand-alone where we just have to connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth connection and then by pressing the buttons on the top, you can start your conversation.

There is one more way where you can type in the app but you will hear the translation through the device itself no scar I have tried different languages and to be honest, I find it pretty good the real-time translation is fast and the mics are also very good.

There are a few things that could be improved to test the speaker. The speaker is not that loud and it’s okay for indoor use but outdoor. The volume will be a little low and one more thing that I’ve tried using this device without the internet connection but it says that network is required in order to work.

So keep in mind that it requires an active internet connection apart from these couple of things I really like this device and according to me it’s a must-have gadget if you travel. A lot we know that the same functionality is available using the google translator but with this device, it will be more convenient as it’s compact and you can have a continuous conversation.

There is one more feature that I like about this gadget then you can listen to the translation again by pressing the volume up and down key.

Overall I find the ABC translator very helpful and it offers a lot of options and features such as it can translate in 40 different languages real-time translation. It’s portable and has high translation accuracy. The device has a battery capacity of 800 million power and offers a standby time of 20 days and uses the time of 8 hours.


The Bottom Line

As we said earlier that if you travel a lot then this is a must-have gadget which works very good and definitely value for money and we give this gadget a big thumbs up and as usual, if you like it and want to buy one then don’t forget to buy clicking on the button above. Thanks

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