SEO risks To Avoid And Take

Many people have a tough time to set up their business, comprehending the value of SEO because of a lot of information and misinformation available out there. It creates more confusion and makes it difficult to make final decisions. While an effective SEO strategy takes a lot of time to show positive outcomes, but it can make a significant impact on online exposure and profitability of the business.

Not everyone is familiar with SEO risks, so they are naturally nervous about trying something out. However, some SEO risks are good to lead to favorable growth and others need to be eluded. Let’s discuss which SEO risks to prevent, and take for the betterment of your business:

SEO Risks that are worth taking

– Giving and getting backlinks

Backlinks are an essential part of a good SEO strategy, and companies mostly focus on getting as many as possible. They help in building domain and page authorities and also upsurge rankings on search engine results. However, SEO is not all about getting as many backlinks as possible, so you can give a little back too. You will indeed lose some visitors when you provide the link to another site on your webpage, but that helps you to show Google that you are using referencing with sites with established authority.

– Making and testing substantial changes

The main objective of doing SEO is to get more traffic and, eventually, client conversion for your business. It is difficult to attain this goal if nobody visits your website. So, if you want your website to rank higher on the search engine, then you can make optimal changes on your site. These changes can be big or small; you can test the SEO of your website using SEO Site Checkup and keep the changes that are working for you. It is just a trial and error approach; you can choose the combination of changes that result in maximum benefit to you in terms of traffic.

– Buy available or expired domains

Many people don’t renew their domains, so they are available for others to buy and use. Buying those expired domains and redirecting it to your website is a quick and easy way to get some link juice. Though there is some risk involved with this tactic, the results are worth taking those risks.

– Enhancing URL structure

Preferably, your homepage URL should be short, only with your company name. Subsequent pages can have targeted keywords and should be specific about the content on the web page. Do not make your URL too long and descriptive as the search engine will truncate it.

SEO Risks to Avoid

– Disallowing Backlinks

You only need good backlinks for your website, not the bad ones. Good backlinks mean links of the sites with DA above 30. You might be thinking what about the neutral ones, and they neither help nor hurt your website ranking. They don’t give your website the SEO boosts it needs, but they won’t levy harsh penalties to your site.

– Using exact keywords in anchor text

It may seem appropriate to have precise keywords in your anchor text, but unfortunately, this practice has been considered as black hat. Google has understood this tactic and will punish websites that overdo it. Don’t risk using the exact match keyword in your anchor text to link your site.

– Deleting entire pages or content

Many people think it is no big deal to delete a full page from your website, especially if it’s about a service or product you discontinued. When you delete a page, the keywords that were ranking on that page will be gone. The same happens with the URL of the page. Instead of risking the loss of ranking, consider keeping the page.

– Low-quality pages

Low-quality pages are generally known as doorway pages in SEO. They are comfortable and simple to create to target specific keywords. SEO experts avoid low-quality pages because Google dislikes them the most and penalize the sites that use them.

The Bottom Line

A good SEO strategy is essential for any business to succeed in today’s technology-friendly world. There are risks associated with every business, and some are worth taking, and others are better to avoid. You can produce favorable results for your business by avoiding the risks that can hinder the company’s online presence and marketing strategy.

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