SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs Should Embrace in 2019

SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs Should Embrace in 2019
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For any business owner, advertising on the web is an important marketing goal. The Internet is where consumers seek products and services. With more people using mobile devices to search for products and services in 2019, it’s vital to establish an outstanding online presence so you can reap the rewards. Search engine optimization is the only way to get noticed by Google when people are searching for your type of company. Be an online authority! Read on:

Here’s how to stay on top of today’s SEO trends:

Use Mobile Indexing

Because so many people make purchasing decisions online, Google recommends making your website responsive and mobile-friendly. With “mobile-first indexing,” Google only looks at the mobile version of your content for indexing and ranking. Therefore, the search engine will not crawl the desktop version of your site. Google prefers to rank mobile-friendly sites. Those that run too slowly on a smartphone, or aren’t easy to scroll fall by the wayside.

Optimizing your site for mobile devices will improve your ranking among various searches. It’s recommended to move from an “m.version” of your site to a responsive web design that works on all platforms. Creating a responsive design is also beneficial for your brand. If users face difficulties when browsing your pages, they will bounce to a competitor’s website.

Having a responsive, mobile-friendly web design increases the likelihood your business will get more online traffic. Mobile-optimized pages have a faster loading speed than desktop versions. Computers and laptops have bigger processing engines (which takes them forever to load certain pages).

Web developers are adapting to these changes by developing more phone-friendly sites. WordPress themes are also converting most of their designs to responsive versions. Your online marketing should also accommodate to this strategy to attract a wider audience. Mobile-friendliness can provide a jump on your competition.

Invest in Long-form Content

Content marketing continues to be a king for the year (and probably many years) to come. Providing quality, engaging content educates your readers about your brand. If they feel that you care about your customers and community, you have greater local credibility.

Creating long-form content can gather customers without selling a single product or service. It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to understand what users and search engines love. Simply put, SerpIQ shows that longer content dominates the first page on SERPs.

Top 10 results among search queries, by content length
Photo Caption: Top 10 results among search queries, by content length

The graph shows how well long-form content works with search engines. However, Google doesn’t determine rankings just by counting the number of words on a page or in a blog. According to Hubspot, long-form content is more likely to earn quality backlinks, which improves search rankings. One single, long-form piece of content is more useful to readers than several short ones.

Google alleges that most users enjoy long, comprehensive articles. When users are looking for information, search engines list sites with longer content (where people can find what they need in one place). Be aware that quality, long-form content takes a great deal of research, effort, and time to write. However, the cost of purchasing great writing (or the time investment) will pay off for any business.

Prepare for Voice Search

Statistics have shown that mobile searches are 47.2% of the world’s web traffic. Experts predict that by 2020 at least 50% of searches will be conducted via voice search — it’s a dominant trend that will grow in power.

The facts:

⦁ 76% of smart home speaker owners perform local searches once a week. 53% of them make daily voice searches.
⦁ Technavio expects the voice recognition market to hit $601 million by 2019.
⦁ 27% of voice users visit a local business after making a voice search.
⦁ 58% of consumers used voice search to find local brand information in the last 12 months.

Voice search is important because it’s gaining in popularity and is accessible to users who have difficulty typing, or sight challenges. It can help anyone search Google and get comprehensive results.

Optimizing your website for Voice Search may require a unique approach. For example, when people make voice search with terms like “when,” “how,” and “where,” your online language and keywords should reflect those ideas. For instance, if your focus keyword is “dental clinic in Ontario,” optimize for long-tail phrases like “look for an affordable dental clinic in Ontario.”

Focus on user intent and local searches to adapt to Voice Search technology. When users utilize vocal searches, their queries are different from written (i.e. typed) words. The way a person talks is different from the way s/he writes.

Establish Search Intent

There’s ongoing debate about the intent of web searchers when they type keywords. SEO cannot be successful you’re using old, “black hat” techniques like if stuffing keywords on your website pages. Incorporate keywords that deliver value to your audience. By doing so, potential customers and clients will find your business online when searching for your products and services.

When users search a specific phrase, Google wants to provide the most accurate and helpful results. Their algorithms weigh the intent of the search and not just by the keywords. If a user searches for “SEO service provider in Canada,” Local SEO Search will be among the results. Why? Because they’ve established those keywords on their page. A website with comprehensive content that answers current (and potential) clients’ questions is a necessity.

Meet the needs of your target audience, boost engagement, and increase your rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Pay attention to the quality of your website security and site speed as well. This year, websites that take longer than 2 seconds to load will be penalized. Google AMP can help you speed up slow-loading pages.

Use hyper-targeted localization - SEO Concepts Entrepreneurs Should Embrace in 2019
Photo Caption: Use hyper-targeted localization | Credit: Templune

Utilize Local Geo-targeting

Local search has the greatest impact for finding neighbourhood customers. If you’re a tree removal service in Newmarket, Ontario, you want to appear on the top results for “tree services in Newmarket.” Optimize your company’s online presence by optimizing local searches. How do you do that? Read on.

As of 2019, local search geo-targeting became more accurate. To continue with the previous example, rather than targeting a suburb of Newmarket, a local searcher’s cross-streets will factor into the equation. A precise target improves the accuracy of your potential customers’ funnels to your site.

Proximity is now crucial to searches. When someone looks online for a restaurant, SERPs may offer an establishment blocks from where they are currently, rather than a mile (or miles) away. In this case, the consumer is most likely to give their business to the closest location.

Highly targeted SEO efforts are needed for business success. When people find you online, you have the chance to convert their website visit into a sale or booking. “Near me” searches are increasingly popular, whether the user is on foot or in the car. They grew 130% between 2014 and 2015. Locally-targeted structures impact your SEO. Today, most consumers expect Google to automatically take their location into account in its results pages.

Consumers want local solutions. SEO techniques change and adapt to the search engine algorithm alterations. If you run a local business, use SEO to find the customers who want to find you.

Change is in the air, and online competition is stiff. If you need search engine optimization assistance for your business’ website, contact an expert team to help. Google “SEO” “company” and your location. Then check their references and read their client testimonials. Choose a team that is transparent and wants to see you succeed. Improve your online presence this 2019 and get more clicks, calls and conversions.

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