Samsung Galaxy S20 series review

Hey guys, We are going to be comparing the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and of course the S20 ultra. As you know, Samsung has released three new flagships. And I want to make sure I give you crisp precise details, so you make the right choice because even though there’s a lot of similarities between these three smartphones, there is also a bunch of differences that you have to carefully consider before you buy the right product.

So let’s dive in and get started. And let’s be very clear. What I’m gonna do is first I’m gonna talk about everything that’s the same on all these devices. And then in the second portion of the post, I’m gonna talk about everything that is actually different between these devices. And then finally, we get to a conclusion and I’ll let you know which one you should choose based on your needs and based on facts.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series review: Comparison between S20 vs S20 Plus vs S20 Ultra smartphones

One thing is for sure all three of these smartphones come in different sizes. We’re gonna be talking about that in a minute but first, let’s quickly concentrate on every single thing that is the same that should not be considered when you’re making a choice between these three smartphones.

The similarity between Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra:

The very first thing that’s the same is the actual screen quality, not the screen size. All three of these smartphones have a Quad HD + dynamic AMOLED screen with the same exact resolution. All three of these phones do in fact support the 120 Hertz refresh rates and finally, with regards to the actual screen. All three phones actually support HDR 10 plus capability. So that’s all the same stuff with the actual display.

The next thing that’s the same as these smartphones is the actual performance they all have the same exact processor if you’re in the U.S. You get the Snapdragon 865 processor. All three phones are gonna be equally amazing when it comes to performance. When it comes to software experience and software fluidity every single one of them also has 12 gigabytes base RAM that’s a lot of RAM for any phone today.

All three of these as their base Ram have 12 gigabytes and all of them have microSD expansion option so if you want to add extra storage to any one of these, you can expand your storage with a micro SD card and that’s up to 1 terabytes of extra storage on top of what you already have.

All of these phones have wireless charging. They all have wireless power share that’s reverse wireless charging so you can charge other phones using the back of any one of these devices and of course, one more important thing all of they have a built-in fingerprint sensor. It’s under the display, it’s invisible. All three of them have their ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and face ID.

When it comes to multimedia, they have stereo speakers that mean they have two speakers and they all come with Dolby Atmos sound. So you get exceptional listening experience from those stereo speakers on all three phones.

One thing that might be important for some people all of these guys come with 5g compatibility ok that doesn’t mean you need 5g service but if you have 5g service in your area all of them will be able to connect to 5g and if the 5g is not available they’re going to connect to any other band such as 4G or 3G or whatever is available in your area.

They all come pre-loaded with 5g capability so that’s everything that’s the same between these devices I’m gonna put a quick summary on the screen so I can look at it and digest it.

Differences between Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra:

Now let’s go ahead and talk about the differences that are gonna make you decide between one or the other. Now the very first thing I want to talk about is the price of the Samsung Galaxy S20, which is $1,000. This is smaller with a 6.2-inch display.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, which is $1,200 with a six-point seven-inch display, and finally we have $1,400 for the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. This one has a massive 6.9-inch display. Remember the quality of the displaced is, all the same, it’s the size that matters. So that’s the first thing you will take a look at.

Do you want the largest possible screen or do you want something that fits into your hands properly? If you get this one I have average-sized hands I can hold this but it’s gonna be hard to use this with one hand. The smallest S20 is the easiest to use with one hand. So that’s one the difference you want to concentrate on.

When you’re making the choice in my case I’m gonna I like that to have the largest screen possible. So I’ll be getting the S20 plus for a maximum multimedia experience. So displace as important and how you handle the phone
is very important.

Now let’s move on to one of the major differences between these two smartphones and that’s the camera and that’s where you want to really focus on because of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the S20 plus have a similar camera setup but the S20 ultra isn’t a whole other level.

First, I want you to understand is the Samsung Galaxy S20 has three cameras. An ultra-wide and a telephoto camera can do up to 30 times hybrid zoom so you can zoom in on a faraway subject is subjected all the way to 30 times hybrid zoom. Then remember you have that 12 megapixels main camera which is the standard camera most people use all the time and then you have the 12 megapixels ultra-wide camera for wide sweeping shots and then you have that sixty-four-megapixel telephoto camera that’s gonna be able to zoom in 30 times now.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has the same exact three cameras same exact tree cameras as the S20 but it has one little extra camera that’s not a big deal that’s the depth vision camera and all that camera does is when you take a portrait shot of somebody you get a nicer background blur so the subject remains in focus but the background gets blurred out that’s all this fourth camera does. And it’s not a big deal it should not matter when you’re trying to decide between the S20 and the edge S20 plus now.

When we jump to the S20 Ultra is where things get very interesting which also has four cameras. It’s got the same depth vision camera that you get on the S20 plus but everything else is on a whole other level so the main camera is gonna be 108 megapixels okay that means you’ll be able to take crisper shots with more the detail in them with the main 108-megapixel camera.

Then we have the 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera and then we have a magical camera. This is a 48-megapixel telephoto camera it’s gonna allow you to zoom 100 times hybrid zoom so if you want to really zoom in too far away subjects you to want to get this on top of that if you want the best camera you want to get because it has even the main camera on this one is a hundred eight megapixels.

The main camera on the other two is 12 megapixels all right so this is gonna be better not because the megapixels are higher because they made this camera better. Then you also have the telephoto that gives you a hundred times hybrid zoom on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra; S20 and the S20 plus you get 30 times hybrid zoom. So if you are into the camera you should go with the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. It’s something that should matter to you a lot. Remember, you’re paying extra money for that camera it’s $1,400 the other two are 200 and 400 less respectively. So the camera is gonna be a big deal.

One more thing that might be a big deal for some people is the front camera. The Samsung Galaxy series S20 front camera and the S20 plus are 10 megapixels but on the S20 ultra, it’s 40 megapixels. It’s not gonna be a big deal but you’re still gonna get slightly better quality with the S20 ultra especially. If you’re somebody that uses the front camera all the time to take selfies or maybe do video conferencing or even blogging then Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra would be the best choice.

And there’s one more thing when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus is you get 128 gigabytes internal storage. But when you get the S20 Ultra you have the option to choose either 128 gigabytes internal storage or 512 gigabytes of internal storage this may or may not be a big deal because all three still have the microSD expansion capability.

So just something to our focus on about what’s different between these three smartphones is the battery capacity. You will have four thousand milliamp hours on the S20, 4500 milliamp hours on the S20 plus and five thousand milliamp hours on the S20 ultra.

Most likely the ultra is gonna be the longest battery life but that does not mean the other two are gonna be bad the only thing is the S20 ultra is probably going to give you a little bit more juice compared to the other two.

And there’s only one final thing with the battery when it comes to fast charging, only the S20 ultras is going to support 45 watts super-fast charging. The other two only charge at 25 watts.

To be honest, but the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series S20 ultras 45-watts might give you charge phone-in five to ten minutes faster than the other two. So those are all the differences.


If you want the best camera and the largest screen size you must get the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. The only two major things that are on this phone that are not on the other two. It’s all the same on all of these Samsung Galaxy S20 series but the camera on the S20 ultra is better. But if you decide to go with the S20 or the S20 plus you’re saving a lot of money. You’re saving $400 compared to the $1400 with the S20, $200 compared to $1400 with S20 Plus. So that’s all you want to look at. If you do have any questions comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know and for now, guys have a fantastic day I will see you in the next review that’s coming up very soon.

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