Review 10 Best Captcha Typing Jobs Sites

Review 10 Best Captcha Typing Jobs Sites

Review 10 Best Captcha Typing Jobs Sites


Searching for 10 best captcha typing jobs sites to make money online typing simple data or captcha entry task working from comfort of your home? I have set this post title as Review 10 best captcha typing jobs sites and the reason behind it to get you details about these captcha entry sites so you can choose which one is work best for yourself to make extra money beside your day time job.

If you have come through Google search then the reason coming here to read and understand about how you can make money typing captcha with one of these top 10 best captcha entry job sites. And you are in right place. I am going to review here about top 10 best captcha data entry jobs sites with brief details so you can be helpful and immediately can tap into this online jobs named by captcha entry as your online part time or full time captcha entry job.

Captcha entry job is one of the simple job in the online data entry job industry where anyone can earn from $2 to 5 daily and $60 to $150 per month depending on performance, accuracy, hard work and patience you put behind this. If you don’t know what is captcha data entry work please follow our read this article here where we have provided detailed explanation about captcha entry job.

So read this full post and take action what next you want to do either want to work on captcha entry jobs sites or not it’s up to you. Check out the top captcha entry works sites and start making money online.


Top 10 Best Captcha Typing Jobs Sites That You Can Started With:

The most important requirement to make good income from this industry is your typing speed. If you have more than 30+ word per minute typing speed then you can earn better daily income than others.


Find here the names some important information about the best Captcha entry sites –


1. Kolotibablo:

Kolotibablo is the largest Captcha entry job provider place where they pay $0.35 cent to upto $1 for every 1000 captcha word you type correctly. If you check the latest payments stats of top 100 members, will easily find out; they earn between $100 to $200 every month. They are very strict and ban member accounts if they found repeated mistakes made by a worker.

As well there is a referral program available in this site which means more you refer more commission you earn for your referral activity.

Kolotibablo pay you through Payza and Webmoney payment process. You can sign up here and login to start working. Minimum payout is $1 for WebMoney, Payza & Paypal.


2. 2Captcha:

2 Captcha is an another popular captcha entry jobs provider who offers you opportunity to earn up to $1 for solving 1000 Captcha and receive bonus as well for solving complicated Captchas. You may earn by referring your friends, family and colleague and people who also do the same you are doing in 2Captcha.

Once you sign up here and login to the site, you can start working and get paid.

2Captcha pay their members through Paypal, Payza & Webmoney Processor and minimum payout for WebMoney is $0.5, for Paypal is $5 & for Payza is $1.


3. CaptchaTypers:

Captcha Typers is one of the best captcha entry work or job provider in the online data entry industry. There are many scam sites and people who ask money as registration fee for admin panel of CaptchaTypers. Please don’t pay any fees because admin panel is fully free upon request and availability.

Leave a reply typing “I want to get accesss of CaptchaTypers software. If you are serious only will send you login details with your personalized demo password that can be changes later on.

You will be paid $0.8 to $1.5 per 1000 images or captcha word you type correctly. The  of $0.8 is applicable between 9 AM to 9 PM & the rate of $1 is for between 9 PM to 9 AM. Minimum payment you can request is $2.

For faster work please Download the latest CaptchaTypers software from this link. You can get paid upto $1.5 per 1000 for confident captcha images.


4. QlinkGroup:

QlinkGroup is one of the top captcha job provider to work with. To work with this program, you need to have their software downloaded. Don’t pay money for any fees people or any sites ask you because QlinkGroup admin panel is free. The rate is also higher than any other job provider.

To start work with QlinkGroup please mail us at for login details. You will get paid by Paypal. Minimum cashout is $2.


5. ProTypers:

ProTypers is one of the top Captcha work provider. ProTypers is free to join.

Most of the experienced & top typers earn between $100 (BDT 7800) to $200 (BDT 15,600) per month. Beginners can earn $0.45 per 1000 word images typed & experienced people earn $1.5 per 1000 word images typed.

They pay through PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union. You need an invitation code to signup this.

Mail us at for your invitation code and sign up to start work with ProTypers.


6. MegaTypers:

MegaTypers is same like ProTypers. Most of the details on the site are the same. Here also, you can earn between $0.45 to $1.5 for each 1000 Captcha images you solve.

You can withdraw your payment through PayPal, Payza, Western Union etc. They pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union. You need an invitation code to signup this.

Mail us at for your invitation code and sign up to start work with MegaTypers.


7. FastTypers:

Send your scanned copies of your photo ID & the utility bill in order to join FastTypers. You can refer this link for further information.


8. Captcha2Cash:

Captcha2Cash has been one of the good captcha entry work provider where many people are working to earn money. You need to download the latest software once you signup & work through the software.

Once you are logged in, you can find useful information like FAQ & other which help you to work smoothly with Cash2Captcha. You can receive your payment by Payza & Perfect Money.

Captcha2Cash pay you $1 for every 1000 text you type from captcha images. You can signup Captcha2Cahsh here.


9. PixProfit:

Although PixProfit is good site but the registration is closed at present. We will inform you if they open the signup again. You can follow the site at


10. VirtualBee:

VirtualBee is one of the oldest company exist since 2001 for proving different types of data typing work other than Captcha typing. Once you signup with the site, you have to give Evaluation Test that scores from 0 to 100 & you will be provided the work as per your score in the test

Visit the site here & signup.


These are the top 10 captcha entry job provider site listings where you can earn money. To get started work first choose your favorite sites that you would like to sign up and work. For more information please read our other article in this website.

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