Promote Reliable XM Broker To Earn Huge Money

Got stuck or amazed reading this title of this post? Then Ok, I’m coming to the point. My question is:

  • Are you professional forex trader?
  • Got successful forex trading strategy?
  • Already trading on a reliable broker like XM?
  • Are you affiliate marketer?

Wants to share your successful trading strategy with newbie who are suffering to make any money from trading while you make money becoming an affiliate with a reliable XM broker?

Then this post gonna help you to take you into next step where you’d learn how to earn money from XM referring your friends, family and communities while exchanging strategy they you’re using successfully.

Now the question is –

how to develop a community, where to build up that community?

If you’re a professional trader with experienced in your basket then teach others to become successful while they make profit and you earn commission. If you’ve a good follower based on Facebook and other social media including WhatsApp then you can start from scratch.

Create a WhatsApp account if you don’t have one. Open a WhatsApp group naming ‘Free Forex Signals’ or something new like that. Share your WhatsApp group link with your Facebook followers or community as well other social media channel too.

If you don’t have community just develop and build a community on these social media to expose yourself. As example: create a Facebook group or join as many Facebook group as you want which is related to Forex trading. Then ask these people through an amazing post or offer them free signals under special condition to join in your WhatsApp group.

Now ask them to join in a reliable broker; XM with your affiliate link to get unlimited benefit of your free VIP forex signals to make profit up to 50% – 200% in each trade. Also instruct them about their trading account how should be and how to place order nicely on given signal as well teach them different trading strategy if they wants to learn. If they’re happy with signals then stay there.

Who will Join as my affiliate on XM?

People from all around the world who are interested to trade with your signal and follow the direction as follows:

  • New forex trader who already learned basics of forex.
  • Who need trading strategy that winning rate more than 95% and accurate.
  • Who wants to make good profit in every week or month.
  • Who can take minimum risk as financial market always is a risky platform to trade on any asset.
  • Have knowledge that nobody in the world can predict 100% profit.
  • Need to understand that if they wants 100% profit in each trade then there is equal risk to loose.
  • Can manage trading account as per direction by signal provider like you.

How to promote XM broker?

Many ways you can promote XM as a reliable broker to your friends, family and communities which one of them is adding them to your WhatsApp group and ask them to join via your affiliate link to get the VIP forex signal benefit.

As well, you can promote through paid or free traffic in different ways –

– Google PPC Ads.
– Bing Ads.
– Facebook Ads.
– Create a blog and write a post about XM.
– Offer Forex signals benefit in a public forum related to Forex.
– Promote in other social media including YouTube.

How much can you earn from XM affiliate program?

There are no minimum earnings limit. You can earn money as much as you can. To earn long time and huge commission, you need to trained up your affiliate how to trade on forex to make profit because as long as they stay and trade you make commission. So the first priority should be your affiliate who trade, not a specific broker. We have just promoting XM here because we’ve got it very powerful and reliable. As well, XM is a regulated broker which you can trust.

You can earn $1000 every month depending on your affiliate how many lots they’ve used to make profit. You can earn up to $10 per each lot while your affiliate make good profit out of each trade. You don’t earn any commission if your affiliate stopped trading.

If you have 100 active forex trader using XM via your affiliate link and making at least 10 lot trade each month means they’re making huge profit and you’re getting huge commission. As example: 100 * 10 = 1000 means 1000$ from 100 active traders.

Commission comes from spread where both broker and affiliate earn money. Just exactly this is the scene behind broker business too.

How to withdraw money from XM as an affiliate?

XM Payment Method withdraw commission

First you make sure, you’ve submitted ‘Proof of Identity’ & ‘Proof of Residency’ documents and validated by XM customer manager to withdraw your commission. You can withdraw minimum $50 via Skrill, bank wire and Neteller.

You also can transfer your commission to your XM trading account if you wants. That’s it.

Final words

XM affiliate program is very powerful and profitable. I highly recommend you to join as affiliate partner and make the best profit out of it.

If you wants to learn how to trade and more information about forex then subscribe us. If you need signal follow WhatsApp and for more knowledge about forex and money making online follow me @YouTube. Thanks for read.

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