P100 Mask Respirator Review

Hey, What’s up, guys? I’m gonna do a review of the P100 mask respirator. I got this respirator I bought off Amazon with my own money. It has worked pretty good for me and I want to share my experience with you. I’m gonna tell you how I got it the pros and cons of my experience with over the last few months. Let’s do this okay.

P100 Half Mask Respirator Review

The air quality in some parts of the world is bad that is the reason I bought this respirator. It’s probably great for like construction and painting stuff but that’s not why I bought this because of the fine particulate matter in the air where I’m currently living due to pollution here.

There are many days where the air quality index is over 150 like you can taste this nastiness in the air scripts so I got off Amazon for about thirty-five bucks. It looks like it’s around twenty right now with Prime and me on the same as a sale you can buy one unit for 130 bucks. I don’t I wouldn’t spend that. I don’t think it’s worth that much.

P100 Mask

Let’s do some pros and cons.


The filter rating is great. The filter elements are replaceable which is good and I’ve actually replaced them already. It’s pretty easy to do and it’s fairly inexpensive as well. They hold just fine like when it’s on your face but sometimes they’ll like to fall out of the holes. When it’s not on your face, it was just like come on done. It’s easy to put on the face. It’s fairly comfortable. If you have glasses on you’re not gonna be fogging them up. The one-way valves were great and that’s good.

The great things that go over the filters that seems like it’ll break fairly easily. So far they’ve not broken on me. It looks weak, okay that’s it. I’ve had it for several months and I have worn it outside like when the air quality is bad or really bad and I’m pretty happy with the results of the mask.


If you are riding a motorcycle or a bike or like a scooter with a mask on the straps like the slack there gets caught in the wind and just like slaps you in the face. It’s kind of funny but it’s also really annoying.

If you’re breathing pretty heavy and you’re like puckering your lips some the intake valves like on the inside behind the filters they’ll stretch it like particularly your face. So it feels kind of weird. It doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes throws me off you know.

I’m not happy with the fact that we buy liquid and then explode it and then put it in the air that we breathe but that’s a different story.

How do I use P100 Mask?

The main test tool I have for this mask is my face. I have no other like test equipment so I can’t do a particular count, okay but when the amount signs the air is like super nasty and I put this on the air it changes like drastically and breathing is much smoother and the air feels super clean. It does cause some resistance to your breathing but it’s not that bad perhaps.

It simulates some sort of like increase in altitude and as for exercise I have gone on a few runs with it and it does get like a little sweaty but it still works well. Overall it’s good for the runs I think.

The Bottom Line

There was a warning on the paperwork something like regarding exercise and to be careful because of the low oxygen supply. So don’t do this in a low oxygen Blaze’s all right. If you need a respirator I think you should consider this one it’s pretty decent for the use. It seems highly effective all right well I hope that helped see you later.

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