Nutella Biscuits Free Gift For Italy

About Nutella

Nutella is a biscuits company which has started its sales activities in Italy, following its successful sales promotion in France.

The rolls are filled up with the notable hazelnut spread and are relied upon to get similar deals approval it did in France. To create the product, it takes ten years of research and €129 million was invested by the company.

Ferrero Italia, the CEO of Alessandro d’Este expected a sales worth of €80m in the first 12 months of the release will be happened. Currently, the Italian biscuit market sits at €1.2bn, with Ferrero targeting a 5% to 8% market share for Nutella Biscuits.

Nutella Offers Free Gift Package For User of Italy and France

To expand their market in Italy and France, they’re giving away free gift of their product. The reason behind that is to promote their product to customer directly and get feedback from.

To get this free gift, you need to register here by your email address. Winner will be chosen by lottery and people gets selected and give their product delivered to home.

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