Most Creative Ways to Spy on Your Competition

In the world of ecommerce, facing strong competitors should never deter a newcomer. In fact entrepreneurs and marketers can see this as an opportunity to succeed!

Most Creative Ways to Spy on Your Competition


Confronting other players in your industry validates the fact that there is a market for the products and services you offer and that there are methods that work. By identifying these methods, you can improve on the strategies of your competition, apply them to your company, and move your business to higher grounds.

Though having competitors is indeed good news, you must know that stalking alone does not guarantee you a one-way ticket to success. It is just one of the crucial pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that you need to solve. Along with other useful and white hat techniques, you can achieve rankings to strengthen your spot in your selected industry.


Monitor Website Content

Undoubtedly, content is king! This is one of the first things you need to check on your competitor’s page. See how they construct their landing pages and how they present their content. It is also a good idea to check their articles and find out their top performing posts.

Take a look at their subscriber and reader comments and the number of their social shares. Not all websites show this information, but some do. Carefully checking these can educate you about your competition’s background, culture, target audience, and service line up.


Check Their Keywords

The next thing to take a closer look at is their keywords or key phrases. Indeed, successful players run AdWords. We can easily assume that every serious webmaster and digital marketer uses AdWords campaigns because of how useful they can be to their bottom line. This tool can also help you determine the keywords that your competition is using to get traffic, particularly on search engine ads.

It helps you find your niche keywords without going overboard with the cost. You can definitely do this on your own. For other companies that want to be sure, some of them acquire this information by paying for software or hiring a reliable third party marketer.


Check Their Social Media

Nowadays social media marketing is an essential part of a business’s marketing campaign. This is after all the quickest way to get to your target market. This is a great place where you can spy on your competitors as well. There are automated tracking tools that you can download to show your competitor’s social media activity, their posting behavior and how they interact with their followers.

Manually monitoring all their social media accounts is still equally valid. The downside here is that manually checking everything would consume too much of your time, and it is highly likely that you will miss vital information due to human error. That’s where automated monitoring tools come handy.


Check Their Backlink Profile

The more you study search engine optimization and become an SEO expert, the more you will learn that backlinks keep you at the top. Get more quality backlinks, and you will acquire a higher score from search engines. When search engines such as Google establish that your site provides relevant information for specific queries and should be trusted, they will position you at the top of the search engine results pages (SERP).

The good news is you can easily extract the data that shows your competition’s backlink profiles, and this tool is AHREFs. It will be an advantage if you subscribe and learn how to use this user-friendly tool.

Spying on your competitors is not exactly a bad thing in itself, far from it!

Moreover, it is not something you should be ashamed of. Identifying the successes and the failures of the competitors in your market will not just make you a stronger competitor yourself, it will also make you a smarter entrepreneur and webmaster.

As a final tip, try to be discreet when analyzing the competition and follow proper etiquette by never duplicating their strategies exactly. Just take some inspiration from them and devise your own plan to achieve the same success level or better.

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