Top 4 list of toll free numbers companies

Top 4 list of toll free numbers companies

4 Best way to get a toll-free number

Toll-free numbers have class. No not that kind of class, this kind they establish a bond of trust & help establish your brand but not all toll-free number providers as we have mentioned in our list. So you want to find the white fit to help your business grow.

We have gone for your enjoyment of the best ways to get a toll-free number and we’ve created a top 4 list of toll free numbers here. Let’s get cracking with the list. Toll-free number services or operate in tears and offer different amounts of minutes with each level. Some services provide all their features at any level you choose which can really help the little chaps get a leg up though others are more protective of their special provisions and aren’t afraid to target your cash. our number four choice. It’s a fully-featured service even at the lowest tier, faxes and voicemails are
transferred to email and they offer custom quotes for larger businesses. When you get there to search for the best ways to get a toll free number, cheap among these features is voice mail transcription which translates voice mail into readable text. Some services also take faxes you may receive and send them straight to your smartphone because faxing alas is not long for this world.

Cloud Phone

Cloud phone is our number three selection. It’s a simple interface that’s easy to set up. It’s a great mobile app
for call tracking and it offers up to 5,000 minutes at the top tier. Since we’re all slowly becoming cell phone zombies having a mobile app for your toll-free service is like a warm blanket. Especially when set blanket can arm you with crazy business our which will help eliminate the competition and elevate you to superstar status.

Freedom Voice

Freedom Voice is our number two pick. They provide unlimited voice mailboxes at every tier. You can customize your customer hold music and you can also produce comprehensive online call reports. You might find yourself feeling tempted by some companies extra services such as vanity numbers for a one-time fee or unlimited users. All of which can help you see your business to the promised land. As long as you don’t go overboard with features you don’t need.


Our number one solution is Ringcentral. They give you up to 10,000 minutes at the top tier. Their customer support is based in the US and they have an incredibly intuitive mobile control app.

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