LED Technology: The Effective Lighting Source Of Future

As the awareness grows of their many benefits and advantages over the traditional incandescent lighting, LEDs or light emitting diodes have become more and more popular lately.

One-tenth of the energy which is used by the traditional light bulbs is typically used by the LEDs. They are also far more durable and will be outlasting any traditional light bulb which is currently available since they are solid state.

By offering the complete spectrum of benefits which would help us in any sort of emergency, the LED light bars now takes it to the next level.

The wattage could also be lowered to 6 watts reducing its power consumption as these LED lights can usually operate with 12 watts – 6V circuits. To ensure that there is no undue pressure on limited resources such as the rechargeable batteries, these LEDs are therefore used in the emergency vehicles.

Knowing the features of these LED lights

Making them a far better choice in scenarios like bad rainy weather, flood situations etc., the emergency LED lights are usually waterproof. By their impact resistance and their ability to remain switched on in operation for a longhouse, the resiliency of these lights is also demonstrated.

To stay operational for more than 100,000 hours compared to the meager 10,000 hours promised by the best of the halogen lights, most of the light emitting diodes used for emergency lighting is tested.

For the emergency lighting, the compactness of the emergency LED lights is another reason why they are used a lot. As they are lighter in weight they can be easily carried along.

An added benefit is provided by the durability of the thermoplastic. Sometimes, the polycarbonate material is also used. These LED can be mounted anywhere to signal an emergency or caution as they are portable.

It is possible to conjure several different colors like red, blue, amber and green as the LED light strips and bulbs also offer great aesthetics. Allowing you to alter the special effects and enhance the visibility of the lights depending on the situation at hand the flashing patterns can also be varied.

The LED lights or the mini LED Light bars have also been found extremely efficient as they are also used as exit signs. It is easy to use them when there is an emergency with the fact that the circuits can easily be controlled through the control boxes.

You can feel well equipped with these emergency lights as all they need is a few minutes of testing every quarter year.

The uses of these LED lights

  • One of the most common uses of these LED lights is in the flashlights and headlamps. From tiny models which fit on a key chain up to 12v rechargeable spotlights as they come in all shapes and sizes.  
  • Even in the automobiles, these LEDs are also used. Especially as tail lights and for decorations too. These LEDs are nearly perfect for use as tail lights since they are efficient and durable.
  • To avoid a replacement entirely one set of LEDs can easily last the life of the car. As they only produce light in one direction as opposed to lighting in every direction where it can be focused by a reflector, it is more difficult to use LEDs for the headlights.
  • A popular application of this LED light bars is as decorative lighting for the cars and motorcycles. Particularly in tight spaces since they are too small, they can be easily installed.
  • They are also commonly used for under car lighting, dashboard lights and even on the door handles as they come in a wide variety of colors.

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