Japanese Care Giver Job in Japan for Bangladeshi

Looking for a job? Willing to travel, work and live in Japan? If you’re one of the interested individual then this post gonna help you to learn step by step how to train up yourself first and apply for Japanese care giver job as well how much does it cost to be eligible to earn over one lakh monthly salary working in Japan.

Brief About IM Japan and JICA that co-operates BMET Bangladesh to recruit skilled Care Giver:

“IM Japan” stands for the “International Manpower Development Organization” “JICA” stands for “Japan International Cooperation Agency”. Both are governmental agency from Japan collaborating Bangladesh Manpower Employment Training (BMET) on demand care giver skilled workers from Bangladesh.

Japanese Care Giver Application Requirements:

To apply for Japanese care giver job from Bangladesh, you must be qualified and having:

  • Minimum H.S.C (Higher Secondary School Certificate Passed).
  • Your age should not be less than 20 and more than 28 years of old.
  • You must be passed Japanese Level N4 language course.

How to complete Japanese Level N4 language course?

There are more than 40 plus Technical Training Centre in all over the Bangladesh that offer Japanese, Korean, English language course where you can contact via phone call or directly through the following address.

Japanese language course

You can complete Japanese care giver course from TTC Pabna in 4 months period. Then you will be selected primarily by IM Japan and later you need to pass Level N-4 exam held by IM Japan.

If you get passed so you will be selected and can fly to Japan as care giver without any money involved. There is no hidden charges neither any fees. So it’s completely free of cost. You can earn approximately one lakh fifty thousand taka per month depending on your experience.

Is Language course offers by TTC free?

No, it’s not free. You need to pay BDT1000 Taka (for course fee you can ask your nearest TTC) for primary language course. But If you get passed in primary language course and get selected by IM Japan. In next stage, Level N4 course and other activities as well everything will bear by Im Japan itself. So start your career today.


I am very hopeful that it is gonna be very useful information for you guys. You should start and complete the course immediately and apply for Japanese care giver program as soon as possible. Your success is our success. If you feel this post was helpful then please leave your valuable feedback in the comments. Also share your thoughts and ask any questions regarding Japanese care giver job.

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