Is Downloader safe to use?

Is Downloader safe to use? downloader is a website that allows you to record and download MP3, MP4 and GIFs file from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and as well among other places. You can search for any video you want and it will do the rest to gather all the information related to your query. You can use any keyword to find a video.

Jonathan Nader is the founder of Yout downloader website. is called DVR for the Internet from his point of views. He created this website after finding that his existing tools weren’t user-friendly or fast enough.

Is Downloader safe to use?

Yes, it seems safe to search and download videos, MP3, MP4, GIFs and more.

It has the my Norton security green check mark and there is no threats reports found on this site.

I am using this site a while to download specific video files to watch later without Internet. And I haven’t found yet any reports like any viruses, malware or other intrusions in my PC. So it seems very safe to me. downloader site has been active since December 2015 so I had plenty of time and also for people to encounter problems if they existed.

How to use downloader?

There is a free and paid version of Yout. I use free version because there is no information require to enter.

The paid version or Yout Pro requires an email address. You don’t have to provide any other personal information which can be compromised later on.

So I can tell you it is not risky.

You can simply go to and type anything you want or search any keyword to find thousands of videos from Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud or any other sources to download. It is very quick and easy.

You will see results gathered after search as like below: You need to click on Record MP3 or any file you want to start downloading.

How to use downloader

The free version don’t give you access to download all types of files so if you want more go for paid version.

Is it illegal to Download content using,/h2>

It’s not illegal to download file that is copyright-free and are ready for commercial use. You can download videos and watch on your PC. It is legal to download material that is in the public domain, that has a creative commons license.

Keep in mind that it is not legal on some point, if the files you’re going to download are not copyright free or you don’t have any permission to use.

You can download and views on your PC but things like TV shows, movies, music videos or any other footage that are copyright protected productions can not be used on any commercial or personal purpose.

Making copies of these things is illegal.

What Youtube terms say about it?

There is a strict terms of service from Youtube. Downloading or copying of any material without permission from other creators creation are prohibited.

If Youtube found you downloading from their site, you will get banned as a creator of this platform but not for audiences.

But if they’ve found you to do that they could take legal action against you if you are creator or anyone for illegal activity.

If you are creator on Youtube and copying videos from other content so your Google Adsense earnings account could be banned or they could cut earnings.

But of course, nobody cares about this except they might only care if it affects a small creator.

How to download content from other source like Youtube?

It’s a simple and quick process.

Open a video on Youtube or Facebook that you want to download from Yout.
Copy the video URL and paste into “Search” bar in the

How to download content from other source like Youtube

Choose a file format and quality to shift into the downloading process. That’s it.

The Bottom Line is an easy to use file downloader that can be used to download files in any format from any sources you wish. Yout downloader appears to be free of any online threats so you can download the legal videos or files using downloader. I hope this post was useful. If so please share this post to your friends and mates. I love my readers who shares because sharing is caring. đŸ™‚

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