Is Instagram the Fiefdom of Teenagers

Is Instagram the Fiefdom of Teenagers


Is Instagram the Fiefdom of Teenagers

Instagram For Teenagers

It is no secret that teenagers love Instagram. 76% of American teenagers regularly use Instagram. On average, a teenager accesses Instagram 3-10 times a day to check how many likes, comments and shares their posts have. They also share posts, stories, keep up with their friend’s posts and follow their interests.

Teens not only love Instagram but have also figured out a way to use it better than adults. Whether it’s getting the most likes, engaging with other users, or posting beautiful images, teens do Instagram better than adults. Here are five reasons why we think teenagers rule Instagram.


They know how to get around the system

The ever-changing Instagram algorithm has made it harder to get organic reach.  But teens have figured out a way to get around this and get the follows, likes and comments they want. They have created a secret technique of getting more likes by using FB, LB and CB. You may be wondering what this is. Well FB stands for follow back, LB means like back and CB means comment back.

Teens notoriously use this technique on celebrity posts like those of Kylie Jenner to get follows, likes and comments from other Instagrammers. For example, if you see an FB comment and you follow the user, you can be sure they will follow you back. This applies to both CB and LB comments.

While Instagram’s algorithm may be limiting your reach, teens have figured out how to use it to their advantage. Instead of showing users posts in a chronological order, Instagram’s algorithm displays posts that you will most likely find interesting. It determines this based on a number of factors including engagement and timing. So the higher the number of likes and comments a post has, the more likely it will reach your target audience.


Teens are extra

Extra behavior can be defined as an excessive or over-the-top emotional reaction to something.  While adults can be afraid to frankly express how they feel and temper their posts, teens don’t hold back when sharing how they feel.

Emotions play a significant role in engagement. Emotion-filled Instagram posts make your content more authentic which social media users love. Most teenagers have unrestrained emotional reactions and aren’t afraid to take risks. Whether they are upset or celebrating, teenagers don’t try to hide their reactions, and this is what earns them more engagement.


They self-edit ruthlessly

Most teenagers have a theme for their Instagram page. Although teenagers love to share authentic posts, they make sure it fits their overall feed. This refers to how the Instagram feed looks like. Their posts aren’t random but are carefully selected and edited.

They won’t post a photo or video if it doesn’t match the feed’s overall theme. Or if a photo they have posted doesn’t look great in the feed or doesn’t fit in with other posts, they will take it down. Teenagers go for consistency in style which makes their Instagram feeds looks amazing.


They work together

Teenagers on Instagram are tight-knit and work together to help each other get likes, comments and follows. They work in groups called pods where friends come together in group messages to support each other by commenting and liking each other’s posts. For example, if a member of the pod posts something on Instagram, he will notify others so that they can go like the post or write a comment.


They know when to post

Timing is everything for teenagers. The prime-time for posting on Instagram for teens is between 5-7 PM as that’s when they’re going to get the most likes and comments. So if they have an awesome picture they took during the day, they will save it and post it within this window since more people are more likely to see it.

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