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Interview with Karima Ramadan: Benefit of VIP Traders and others

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Karima Ramadan – Account Manager/VIP Services Department

Please introduce yourself. What is your education, what are your hobbies?

My name is Karima Ramadan. I studies in finance St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. I like to travel, read books, sea diving and snorkeling.


What specifically do you do with the company? Who do you call, what does our job involve?

I am a personal account manager. My job is to make sure that traders assigned to me
understand how the platform works, feel that they are heard whenever they need assistance or help.


What are the benefits of VIP traders?

Our VIP traders are able to learn how to use indicators that are available on our platform. We have educational materials in case the trader would like to study independently or he can request a training session (it’s when I call the trader and we practice trading using the indicator on live chart). Moreover they receive a higher profit with certain assets.


Where the company keeps the money of traders?

The funds received from traders are kept in major European banks.


How can I withdraw my money and what problems can I face?

Traders withdraw funds in two ways, it depends on the deposit source:

1) Deposit from a credit/debit card – a trader first refunds (withdraws a available amount)
to his credit/debit card.
Profit can be withdrawn to an e-wallet or a wire transfer.

The main idea of a refund – is making sure that the funds deposited from a credit/debit card are returned back to the source. It helps the company adhere to the AML Policy (Anti Money Laundering) and also to make sure that no one else can use the funds except for the card owner.

Thus, when the trader withdraws to credit/debit card and the status of withdrawal request is
“completed” it means the money is transferred by the financial department. The rest depends on the client’ bank to process and receive.

2) Deposit from an e-wallet – traders can withdraw to the same e-wallet without any restrictions.
IQ Option is evolving very fast.


Tell me, what is new on the platform?

Our platform continuously offers new features such as:
Sell button – the trader can sell his option after buying it before the expiry time.
Mobile Apps – all indicators are available on the IOS mobile app version.


What are tournaments?

Tournaments are a great opportunity to improve the trading skills.
Traders get registered in a tournament and receive a certain amount of virtual money.
The objective is to make that balance large enough to be on the list of the highest balances
(9 to 30 depends on the tournament’s conditions) and keep it till the end of tournament.
The top traders will receive a prize which is real money that can be withdrawn.


What questions you get constantly from traders?

One of the most popular questions is “What is the most successful strategy?”.
Honestly, if such magical strategy existed then as soon as I understood how is works
I’d stop working at all and become the richest person on earth.

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