How To Use Search Engines To Increase Traffic

How To Use Search Engines To Increase Traffic

How To Use Search Engines To Increase Traffic For your Affiliate Business?

Search Engines To Increase Traffic

There’s no denying the reality: Search engine traffic is a huge cornerstone of your business.

After all, without search engines, you could have no traffic to your website. And, the traffic you do get may not be enough to survive the market.

At least 90 percent of the traffic on your website is the result of search engines – mainly from the well-known sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing and MSN. These search engines can bring you thousands of visitors looking for the product and information you provide. Of course, search engines are not the only way you’ll get traffic.

You also have the following methods:

  • Links from articles and other websites
  • Traditional marketing links and addresses
  • Word of mouth

However, if you were to combine the traffic amount, this just translates to 10 percent of your visitor traffic. While 10 percent is nothing to sneeze or laugh at, your best bet (your focus) needs to be on search engine traffic.

When you put forth the effort to optimize your site, it leads to more links and exposure that allows your website to be found through the other methods. Thus, search engine marketing is essential for a business to thrive.

On top of that, search engine traffic is regarded as organic, which means it comes from actual human beings that are actively looking for a product/service that you have to offer. They look for these things to serve a purpose.

They may need to buy something, learn about something new, solve a problem, conduct a business promotion or whatever. The commonality is that that actual human beings are looking for somebody like you.

Link clicks or typing in your web address from a business card doesn’t mean an active buyer. It just means a person is curious about who you are. People who use a search engine are using it for a reason – for a particular goal. Even if that goal for them wasn’t to buy something, you could convince them that you have what they need and convert them to a buyer.

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