How to set up Any Operator APN Internet Manually?

How to set up Any Operator APN Internet Manually?

Having trouble to connect your android phone with mobile network to browse Internet? No issue anymore. In this post, You will find out how to set up any operator APN settings.

If you’re a customer of Robi, Grameenphone, Airtel in Bangladesh or Vodafone, Airtel in India or operating any mobile network from anywhere in the globe then now worry. You can easily set up your Access Points Network (APN) to connect with Internet to browse, download or upload anything.

As of now, I do use Robi internet service from Bangladesh so I’d show you via image and teach you.

Set up Robi or Any Operator You Do Use

If you’re from Bangladesh and using Robi or using any other operator from outside of Bangladesh then also this instructions gonna working for you.

Follow these step by step procedure to set up your mobile network through APN settings for faster Internet connection.

Open your Android smartphone, click on the ‘Settings’ icon on your phone device. Next, click to the ‘Connections’ or ‘More Settings / Connections’, a new page will be appeared where you need to click on the ‘Mobile Networks’ as shown on the image below.

Set up APN settings for Internet connection

Next, Click on the ‘Access Point Names’, Now select the mobile network you want to use and click on ‘Add’.

Set up APN manually

Now ‘Edit Access Point’ filling the required field as follows:

Name: Robi (Use your own operator name here).
APN: Internet (Robi-Internet /or Your Operator Name-Internet).
Proxy: Not Required.
Port: Use if you know or leave it empty. (Not compulsory).
Username: Not Required (If you want to keep your connection private you may use it).
Password: Not Required (If you want to keep your connection private you may use it).

(Note: Other section is not required but if you wants to use MMS then you should know MMSC and Multimedia Message Proxy of your operator. If you don’t know this just ask your operator customer service or find it on their official website.)

Authentication Type: Select ‘PAP or CHAP’ (Must Required).
APN Type: Default. (Write ‘default, secure’; if you want secure connection).
APN Protocol: IPV4/IPV6. (Select it and keep).

How to set up any operator apn internet settings

Now click on to 3 dot marked on the corner of your android device, select ‘Save’ and save it. Now ‘Restart’ your android phone device for uninterrupted Internet connection.

Automatic Internet Connection

If you can not set up your APN settings manually after following these steps then go for Automatic Internet Connection. To get your connection automatically set up by Operator you use then call to operator Customer Support.

If you’re from Bangladesh and using Robi Mobile Network operator for Internet connection then follow these steps given below:

1. SMS ‘All’ from your handset Message function and send to 8738.
2. For Internet, SMS ‘Internet’ and send to 8738.
3. For WAP, SMS ‘WAP’ and send to 8738.
4. For MMS, SMS ‘MMS’ and send to 8738.

If still this options not working for you then Dial *123*3*1# for final solution. You’ve got your Internet sets up and now can browse Internet, download and upload or do anything you wants to do. Hopefully this system will work for you as it is proved method to set up your APN Internet manually.

Final Words

In my opinion, your problems will be 100% solved if you follow these above steps to set up your Internet connection. If you find this tips helpful please spread your love sharing this post with your near and dear one so they might be helpful too. Thanks for read.

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