How to make money online for free? No Investment Opportunity

How to make money online for free? No Investment Opportunity

There are over 74k searches on Google every month to learn how to “make money online” for free. Most people use the terms of ‘how to make money without paying anything or without any investment’ but did they find? I think, ‘No’ because of many fraudulent activities over the Internet where scammer shows fake hope to people who are looking to earn money online.

I believe there are many true opportunities after my research. Today I came to tell you a true opportunity that might help you to earn about a thousand dollars a month if you work hard. Believe me, if you read this post till the end and trust me then you will find it true after all I’ll put some of my friend’s payment proof in the end so you can decide yourself what to do next.

So let’s dive into the post now…

How to make money online for free
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How to make money online for free?

Making money online is never easy and without investment is almost impossible if that is not related to any freelance task. But there is hope and belief and that’s why people searches to find an opportunity that is paying real money without paying anything.

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GramFree is one of the projects that come off with a plan and paying real money which is unbelievable to many but truth is they are paying and paying BIG. Now you may be asking your mind, What is and why you’ll be paid without any investment? And your question is true and realistic.

And for that, I’ve written a ‘ Review‘ post so you can check it out to learn more. Or you can simply join to their official website here to start making money online right now. But I’d highly recommend reading this review once to clear yourself about this project.

What is GramFree

Germfree is a free Gram cryptocurrency earning website similar to The difference between these two websites is that you can earn free Bitcoin in and you can earn free Gram crypto in

Germfree has many domain extensions as follows:,,,, etc.

You can use any domain address to enter into the main official website because they’re using all domain extension into the same server and you don’t need to worry about that.

How to make money online with Gramfree?

Register on with your Facebook or Google account. Check your email that is registered with Facebook (if you’ve signed up with Facebook) for ‘Activation or Confirmation Link’. If you’ve got it then just click on to confirm your registration. If there is no ‘Activation’ mail then leave this step and look for the next step.

Now you’ve already logged in. You will see the ‘User level’ icon on top of the dashboard of your Gramfree account. Complete it to reach a new level. 2.0 Gram will be rewarded for each level you complete.

One Gram is equal to 2 dollar and the price can be up and down due to its market value. Now you’ve got to understand what is Gram and its value, right?

So next, check the left sidebar on your account dashboard –

Free – Go there and play FREE ROLL game to earn some free Gram crypto. If you are lucky you can earn 100 to 1000 Gram in a roll lottery game. The minimum is 0.10 Gram for a win-win roll.

If you decide to take risks your balance then you can play without a win-win Roll which gives you a chance to get 100 Gram nicely but you can lose too if you don’t win.

Deposit – You can deposit ‘Gram’ crypto from your Gram wallet. You can use them to buy ‘Lottery Tickets’ to give you a chance to win BIG. There is guarantee winning tickets if you use the maximum of 1500 Gram. If you don’t have one create one.

Lottery – You can purchase lottery in this section using Gram from your account balance. You have a chance to win up to 5000 Gram if you are lucky enough.

Videos – You will earn Gram crypto watching videos. For each video, you will earn 0.10 Gram. You can upload your own tutorial or payment proof video to earn a maximum of 5.0 Gram cryptocurrency. If you are looking to more payment proof then watch each video every day where you will earn free Gram while watching real people payment proof.

Smart-Contracts – A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow you to earn 0.5 Gram cryptocurrency from each.

User Level – You can see the graph of your Gramfree account activities.

Referral – You can see your referral activities.

Withdrawal – You can simply withdraw if you reach a minimum of 500 Gram crypto in your account balance (the pending balance will not be counted). You can request a withdrawal via Bitcoin, Payoneer, PayPal, Payeer, Mastercard, Visa card, and American Express. You will receive equal amount of money which will be converted from Gram.

If you withdraw 500 Gram so you will receive the same amount of money in the US dollar. That’s it.

Payment Proof

The Bottom Line

This is probably the best make money online opportunity in 2020. I believe that is paying without any investment. If you are not able to make money online with Gramfree then I don’t think you will do anywhere else because it is easy but a hard-working opportunity to earn a few US $1000 dollars a month.

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