How to Invest Wisely on Right Time?

If you are going to open trade in Stock or Forex market; its obvious to know the fact how is the present situation and why should invest wisely and invest on right time.

In this post, I’m gonna give you an idea how to invest wisely and how most of the trader do it to make high profit and don’t fall victim of loss and finally why should you invest and to which asset you should to make profit.

When should I open a trade?

First thing is first, before opening a trade on any asset; you must gather most of the knowledge where you’re trading, why trading and latest news and update about the asset going on. You can simply find more information regarding assets news and update at

Why Should I open a trade and how to make maximum profit?

You open a trade only once you see there is high probability to make maximum profit. You trade only on long time frame. Always ignore short time frame as it has higher risk than longer time frame. Deposit not less than $200; if you’re professional. If you’re beginner then use $10 deposit or no deposit bonus to learn how to trade practically in the forex market.

News for Forex Trader

The United States and Iran have not been getting along since Donald Trump decided to end the nuclear deal a couple of years ago. Iran has since faced sanctions on its oil exports and has been suspected to be responsible for a number of explosions and other disruptions in the Middle East over the past year. Over the past ten days, the US and Iran exchanged missile attacks on each other, the most significant casualty of which was Qasem Soleimani, the highest-ranking military officer in Iran.

How Are Things Currently

There were threats and fears that the conflict will escalate to an outright war. However, things appear to have calmed down significantly. The United States will not retaliate further and many expect that Iran will not act out again without US provocation.

However, things within Iran are growing more unstable. There have been protests against the political regime of the country in the past, but now, with the Supreme Leader’s right hand eliminated, people are taking to the streets again.

The cause for the protests this time is the regime admitting that it is responsible for the Ukrainian plane crash that killed 176 people recently. Most of the passengers were Iranians traveling to Ukraine. The plane was accidentally shot by a missile around the same time Iran was launching an attack on a US military base in Iraq.

If the protests increase in magnitude and severity, we could see civil conflict in Iran not unlike what happened in Egypt and Syria, which would further increase volatility.

How to Profit from Conflict?

Whenever there is conflict budding, it is a good idea to invest in safe haven assets. These include precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, as well as some currencies (Japanese yen, Swiss franc). When the trouble takes place in the Middle East specifically, a region known for its large-scale oil extraction and transportation activities, crude oil also becomes a relevant asset.

For instance, at the onset of the conflict, oil jumped dramatically in price. The spike was caused by an expectation that oil supplies in the region might be interrupted. However, as those fears died down, now oil is back to the lower levels we saw it trade at in 2019.

Though it seems that the United States and Iran will not be at war with each other, it is worth paying attention to the developments in Iran. Any sign of instability will likely increase the volatility of oil prices and boost the value of safe haven assets. Don’t miss your chance to profit from these lighting-fast developments!

Note: We are not any financial adviser. We only share our own experience and tips you to make maximum profit. We request you to make your own decision when you trade on any financial market as it is dangerous and risky. So be careful. We are not responsible for your loss as we only offer information and share ideas. Thanks for understanding.

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