How Quickly Get Ranked Researching Keywords on Google Trends?

How Quickly Get Ranked Researching Keywords on Google Trends?

Have you heard about Google Trends? Do you know what is Google Trends and how does it works? Do you know how to get ranked on search engines researching keywords on Google Trends writing an awesome article and publishing on your blog? If you don’t know but searching for information then I’m here to help.

Google Trends

Google is one of the largest and popular search engine who help to rank website in their searches. You might have heard about Google Trends but do not know how to use it properly to find a top class keywords to be ranked quickly on their searches then this post gonna help you step by step to teach you how exactly we do it.

Website Owner or Blogger can gather data from Google Trends and find out the best keywords from their respective categories to write for their audience to get top quality traffic from Google searches to be ranked quickly.

So read to know more…

How to Find Most Popular Trending Keywords?

If you’re a blogger or business owner you might need most popular trending keywords to write a blog post or news report or article to get quickly searched by millions of readers. And I’m sure, you’re here to learn this how to do it and get the best results from it. So follow these steps by steps instructions to start writing an awesome article based on trending keyword.

Google Trends – Get Started

At first, Go to your address bar and write down ‘ or search on Google writing ‘Google Trends’.

Google Trends - Get started

You will see a new page appeared through your search as shown on image below.

Google Trends - Get Started to Find right keywords

Now click on to ‘Google Trends’ title and it will take you in a new page as shown below.

Google Trends - Explore the world is searching

Next, select your desired country from right corner of Google Trends new page and write down your search term in empty field to see which keywords now on trending. You can choose the category, past hour, past day, recent week, months latest trending stories, news and keywords that is going viral and receiving millions of traffic. Now it depend on which category your website or blog related to produce the content on the same topic.

Google Trends - Latest Trending Stories

You also will discover the top talking topic of the day and recently trending topic from Google Trends.

Google Trends - Recently Trending Topic by Keywords

Also check the previous day Google Trends stats as shown image below.

Google Trends Recent Trending Topic

There is two search option: One is Daily Search Trends and Two is Realtime Search Trends. You can choose any of these to find out the most popular topic including keywords as well you can find geographical and category based popular topic selecting your region as shown images below.

Google Trends Daily Search and Real Time search trends

Choose any of the category related to your website and get the best keywords to create content.

Google Trends Tech Trending Keywords in past 24 hours

I’ve collected few Trending keywords for you guys so you can focus on these keywords and write content in your blog.

Popular Trending Keywords For Avengers Endgame

avengers endgame trailer, Danai Gurira, Endgame Trailer, avengers endgame release date, Endgame, Avengers, avengers, endgame tickets, end game trailer, Kate Bishop, avengers endgame trailer 2.

These keywords are getting searches on Google more than 1M+ time and still counting.

Popular Trending Keywords For NewZealand Topic

new zealand shooting video, new zealand shooter, christchurch shooting, new zealand shooting, PewDiePie
Christchurch, new zealand mosque shooting, new zealand gun laws, mosque, Brenton Tarrant, mosque shooting, new zealand shooter video, christchurch new Zealand, new zealand shooter manifesto.

These keywords are getting searches on Google more than 2M+ time and still counting. So write about this topic using these keywords to be ranked quickly on search engines like Google and others. There are many keywords on different category and topic which you can manually choose yourself and write content on your own.

Final Words

This is how you can find the trending keywords using popular Google Trends too. Hopefully this is helpful and this post will be useful to write and find out high volume searches keywords to write better content and get ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Thanks for read. If you find this helped you please share with your friends too.

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