High-Tech Black Electric Scooter Hoverboard Segway Product Review

Hey buddy, Are you looking to purchase High-Tech Black Electric Scooter Hoverboard today? Want to know from where to buy and is it useful and working properly or not? How much does it cost and if any discount available upon purchase? I’m writing this review on this product because I’ve bought it from online and found nicely working and got shipped before the date they’ve invoiced me. I’ve asked either it is good or not to some of my friends who also bought it for their personal use in home.

Today in this short review I’ll share about this product features, whether it is useful and working or not, where to buy this and how much the price will be. So stay tuned till the end and keep reading before buy…

High-Tech Black Electric Scooter Hoverboard Segway Product Review

High-Tech Black Electric Scooter Hoverboard Segway Review

This new electric scooters include adjustable handles and are self balancing. By shifting one’s weight and by using the handle, one can effortlessly maneuver in a desired direction.

What makes these segways unique is that their hoverboard-influenced style allows for precise turns & even full 360 degree spins. This allows the rider to have more control & creates a more exciting experience.

Ideal for kids to adults of nearly any age, the electric scooters also include large tires, allowing the rider to glide over bumps and other obstacles smoothly. Advanced Control. Superior Experience.

Features of this product:

– Two keys, a bluetooth speaker, a kickstand, and LED lights
– Crafted with quality materials: aluminum alloy, high-strength ABS, and polycarbonate
– Large 9.5-10.5 inch tires (may not be exact)
– Adjustable handle suits riders from 4’0″ to 6’5″
– Max weight: 240 lbs (10 inch) 265 lbs (10.5 inch)
– Max speed: 9.4 mph
– Max distance: 9.3-12.4 miles
– Charge time: 2-3 hours
– Motor: 350W*2=700W
– Lithium battery: 36V 4400mah (Samsung Cell)
– Manufacturer: F.J.W. (advanced Chinese tech innovation group)
– Extras: Charger, user manual
– Includes a 1 year warranty

Where to buy this product?

I, myself and all of my friends bought this item from WayUpGifts.com during SALE period, still few days should be left. You can find out this item here.

Is there any discount available? How much does it cost?

Discount is available during their promotion period. You can get up to 40% discount. It will cost about $799 or less but in promotion period they’re selling it below $560. You can check out now WayUpGifts or from somewhere else.

Some of the reviews shown below on the image from Official shopping site:

wayupgiftscom electric scooter product review

Disclaimer: This product’s hoverboard-influenced style requires one to become familiar with balancing, steering, and controlling its movements. Learning to ride this item may take some practice for those that have never used a hoverboard before.

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