How to find Google Jobs for Students and Graduate?

Million of job seekers dream to have a job at Google. But do you know how to find Google jobs for Students and university graduates? You might be knowing that it is not too much difficult neither easy to find a position at Google giant technology company. If you’re seeking a job at Google as students or graduates then you are in right place to know how to find Google jobs and apply for to have a dream job at Google.

Here in this post, I’m gonna share with you how to search for a job at Google, is students or graduates are qualified to find a position, what is the minimum qualification need and how to apply for a specific job at Google? So let’s start…

Google Jobs for Students and Graduate: How to search for a job?

You might be dreamed off to find a job at Google in your own reign or abroad. To find a job at Google in your own reign, you need to use keyword “Google Jobs” when you search on Google search engine. When you will use that specific keyword, you will be showing search results where you will see two jobs pages indexed by Google called as shown below.

Find a job - Google Jobs

Here are the official Google jobs to your career dream, You will be able to find a good position using their career portal but this jobs listings will be available for graduates and professional having vast of experience in specific department.

To find Google jobs for Students, you need to scroll down your search results page and click on to the following site (; vary depends on reign) shown below.

a href=”″ rel=”attachment wp-att-4362″>Google jobs for students

Clicking on the page above you will redirect you to Google careers main homepage as shown below.

Google careers for students

If you’re already in Google careers homepage then you can search for all students job available using search button on this portal. You will be see many jobs position available to apply for.

How to apply for Google jobs as Student?

Are you ready to apply? If so then you need to submit the following documents to apply for any specific job position or others as mentioned below.

  • Your current resume in PDF form.
  • Your transcript (an unofficial one will do fine if you don’t have an official version).
  • For some position, they need a cover letter, short essay, or some additional information. For others, they don’t. You need to check the job listing to find out if anything extra is necessary to apply for a job.

That’s it. Now you are ready to apply for Google job you’re looking for suitable for you. Now you need to how to submit an application, right?

So read…

They only accept application online. Once you’ve found a job listing that you’re interested in you can follow these steps below.

  • After clicking “Apply Now,” fill out the required fields on the application form. If you’re logged in with Google+, some fields may already be filled out. Make sure to upload and attach your resume as a PDF.
  • To submit a cover letter, paste the text into the appropriate response field.
  • Upload and attach your transcript (they’ll take it in whatever format you’ve got).
  • If you’re applying in the U.S., you have the option to fill out some information about gender, race and ethnicity according to the federal labor guidelines.
  • Next, you need to click to submit and do the “I just finished my application”. That’s it.

How do I know that I’ve got selected for an interview and what is the final process?

If you get selected as shortlist applicant, you will be in their hiring process. You will participate in a series of interviews to assess your skills. The interview process might be done over the phone or on Google” Hangouts and others in person.

Keep in mind, if you’re applying to a technical role, you need to demonstrate your technical abilities. So get prepared when you start your application so you become a successful candidate to find a job position at Google.

Tips: How to turn on Google job alert to get updated Google jobs in your search?

Google jobs alert feature for updated jobs

Simply follow the above image. To turn on Google job alert to get updated jobs simply click on the red covered button. It’s so simple.


Google jobs for students and graduates is the truly a dream for everyone nowadays. But only few of students might get opportunity to have a job at Google. I highly recommend students and university graduate who are interested and dreamed to have a job position at Google, just keep applying because you don’t know when you will be called off to assess your skills and finally successful to get a job and be a part of a giant technology company in the globe.

If you have any questions feel free to leave in the comments or share your thoughts. Thanks for read.

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