Google Added new features to get real time transcription on Android

Google Translate: Live Transcription on Android Update:

Google Translate is a very useful app to translate from one language to another language. It help users to learn the basics of written text of a language to another as well to understand the long-tail sentence good way.

In their recent update, Google says, they have plans to add a live transcription feature to its Google Translate app for Android in the future.

Google Translate is already been used all around the globe. Billions of user daily use this app and it has very high search volume on Google search engine as well on other top search engine.

To make Google Translation tech more powerful, they are going to add live transcription feature which will help users to record audio in one language and rendered it to other in real time.

This feature still in the prototype stage. Google gave a demonstration about its technology during a series of artificial intelligence demos at its San Francisco office on Tuesday.

The feature will be likely how the real time Google transcription works in Google’s “Recorder” app. It is require an internet connection at launch, Google says, which means it will differ from the AI-based and on-device translation features that are in Google Translate today.

It is a real-time multilingual transcription which would be more complicated than simply translating written tex from one language to another or inputting single sentences of speech and rendering them into text in a different language, says Google.

At first, it won’t work with audio files for sure, at least at first. But It will have to be live audio captured through a smartphone microphone, although Google says you could always play recorded audio through a speaker and capture it that way, the report added.

About Google:

Google LLC is one of the top American multinational technology company.

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